Five Male Changes for a Successful FLR

successful flrI receive many emails and comments from males wanting to know how to find a strong woman for a successful FLR or how to convince their wives to take charge of their marriage.

Here’s my advice on the five changes men must make to live in a real-life successful FLR.

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So What is an FLR?

flrI would hope to have answered the question in the title from my own perspective by now. That said, I have one type of FLR and there are many other types. It’s a spectrum with a vanilla marriage with the wife in charge all the way through to a BDSM / slave type relationship

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Two Feminised Valentine’s Nights

I’ve been a bit occupied lately so this is a belated feminised Valentine’s night post. Belated by about five weeks.

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Free Feminization: Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel

free feminizationA free feminization story exclusive to all my newsletter readers: Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel Chapters.

If you’re not already a newsletter subscriber then join up today to get your free copy of The Mistress (the prequel to Becoming Joanne) and now Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel Chapters.

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Living an FLR Feminization Lifestyle

flr feminizationA question I’m often asked is how does an FLR Feminization Lifestyle work? I had a variation on this very question asked by Curious Georgina and rather than just reply to her I thought I’d expand it into a post for all.

So, how does an FLR Feminization lifestyle really work?

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Another Pretty Reader


Chloe Cashmere

You know how much I prefer males to be feminized and dressed in pretty clothes. It’s therefore always so nice to receive photos from one of my pretty male readers. And to hear their stories of how they came to be feminized.

This post is about one of my regular readers: Chloe Cashmere. What a fantastic name, I love alliterations. I think I need to find something similar for Alice – Alice Apron? Alice Anorak? Alice Angora? Maybe not.

Here’s Chloe’s story.

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The Feminizing Your Husband Bucket List

feminizing your husbandWhen you’re feminizing your husband, a documented routemap can be useful. A kind of forced-feminization bucket list. I never thought of this but it could be very useful. It helps to consider the goals and the implications for both of you.

My FLR email friend Cathy has her own check list which she discusses and acts on with her feminized husband Mary. Here’s her list:

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A Real-Life FLR and Feminized Husband Story

real-life flr

Cathy’s feminised husband

Away from the fantasy femdom blogs and Pinterest’s photoshopped and staged images, real-life FLR and feminization thrives. Whilst the lady of the house is very much in charge, the relationship is always loving and caring. That’s the whole point.

Recently I have been in communication with Cathy from the USA. She lives in an FLR with her feminised husband ‘Mary’. Her story is very similar to my own.

This post tells Cathy’s real-life FLR and feminized husband story. Continue reading

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De-Maled by a Vengeful Wife

de-maledClara stood by Patrick as he put his pink jacket on ready for the short walk to his next appointment. He was a twenty-eight-year-old man dressed as a schoolgirl: short grey box-pleated skirt, tight white blouse and little white socks with a pink frill.

He had no make-up on, his male facial features were obvious despite his long platinum-blond hair. A man inĀ  schoolgirl clothes was bound to get looks and comments.

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Feminized and Pretty Too

feminized and prettyLike me, Elizabeth Remington wanted a feminised husband. Someone to mould into a submissive girl. Unlike me though anyone would do. She wanted someone pliable, small-framed and with no ambition.

Patrick Ashleigh fitted her requirements perfectly and he was quickly forced into pretty female clothing and publicly humiliated by his new wife. Continue reading

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