Feminization Progress Beyond the Blog

Feminization progressFeminization progress on all fronts (pun intended). Alice has finally got my newsletter working how I want it, I’ve written a short story about my favourite fictional mistress, there’s a report on Alice’s breasts and finally, her increasingly luxuriant hair. Continue reading

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Feminization Progress

My recent hiatus with regard to my posting on this blog is no reflection of any hiatus in Alice’s encouraging acceptance of her feminization progress. On the contrary, things are going very well. Breasts, hair and clothing are the areas I’m going to discuss and I’ll also expound on why I think this progress is going so well. Continue reading

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Breasts for the Feminized Male

feminized maleI’ve learnt that it’s extremely beneficial for me to meet other mistresses who have a feminized male as a partner. The reason is that I can always learn something new, even after five years of feminising Alice.

For today then, I turn to how a mistress’s advice helped me to solve one of the problems of how to give a feminized male real breasts without using hormones or invasive surgery: Continue reading

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Bending the Bookshelf

femdom booksSally Bend is a reviewer and an author of erotic books, particularly around transgender, crossdressing, femdom and so on.

It’s a fantastic resource and I say that not just because she gave me a great review here recently for the Becoming Joanne Series. Continue reading

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Should Feminisation and FLR be Forced?

flrThere’s a big question; should feminisation of males and female-led relationships be imposed on males through coercion? As someone who writes about loving female-led relationships this is an important point. At what stage does your love stop you from making the improvements to your partner and marriage because you don’t want to upset him? Continue reading

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My Feminized Sissy Readers

sissy maidI’m very pleased to know that there are many males around the world who understand their position in life is to be a feminised and submissive sissy. And many women who expect this.

I recently received some photos from a sissy called bianca who lives over in Europe. I really do prefer to see men in skirts and pretty dresses obeying strong women. So using bianca’s photos I’d like to show you just how men should look. Continue reading

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Housewifing Your Husband

Housewife husband

Your husband should become your housewife

It’s my opinion that a Female-Led Relationship or Wife-Led Marriage requires the husband to be housewifed.

I guess I could say that I believe that in any relationship the husband should be feminised and housewifed but being realistic not everyone is on that page yet unfortunately. Continue reading

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Femdom Books

All my femdom and forced feminisation books are now also available on…

Kobo Continue reading

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Femdom Events

femdom eventsMy last post speculated about fetish events which I compared unfavourably with femdom events. Not because the events are any better but rather that I prefer femdom. And forced feminisation of course.

So with that in mind, off we went with Alice’s tartan schoolgirl skirt on our 2 1/2 hour trip to the Midlands to attend Miss Treat’s Femdom Devotion event on 10th September. Continue reading

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Fetish Events

fetish events

I’m not sure I’m a great fan of fetish events. I went to a fetish event in Central London at the weekend with Alice and our friends who live our lifestyle too. I’m not sure. I don’t really consider Femdom and FLR to necessarily always be Fetish. It’s a lifestyle, just a bit different from most

Is femdom a fetish if you live it as a lifestyle? Continue reading

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