10 House Rules for Sissies and Feminized Males

10 household rulesI’ve updated my old list of 10 house rules for sissies and feminized males. I invited a lovely feminine sissy to my home in May for a day or so to assist Alice in serving me.

I wanted to be clear what my rules were so sent these to her. In the process I updated what I had.


It was a very useful exercise to update my 10 house rules as things do move on and it will help to keep Alice on her toes.

So you may ask why would I need another sissy around when I have Alice? Well firstly Alice isn’t really a sissy, she’s a feminised male. So I fancied having someone more feminine to serve me. Secondly I just love the idea of a couple of feminised males serving me.

Before I get deluged with requests to come to London to serve me, I’ll say that I have only invited this sissy as I know her and I know others who know her. Therefore I’m comfortable with her and that she is really submissive and well behaved. It wont be a regular thing or offer to others.

So here are my rules, Lady Alexa’s 10 commandments.


1. Sissies and male girlies must obey my instructions without question once I give them. I’m friendly and I sometimes like to discuss things but in the end I make the decisions or give the order. I don’t like backchat or ‘suggestions’ unless I ask for them. You must ask for my permission for things.

2. I’m to be addressed as Mistress. Your Ladyship or Madam is also very appropriate. I don’t like to use first names for sissies or male girlies at home, it implies a lack of hierarchy. I don’t actually call Alice by her female (or former male) name but I call her girl to her face. I therefore use a name that indicates a sissy’s position or role such as maid or servant. Or girl.

3. I expect to be curtsied to after I’ve given a command, when I’m served or if entering a room.

4. Sissies and feminised males are not permitted to wear trousers or male clothing of any kind in my house. Even feminine trousers are not permitted.

5. Sissies and feminised males must wear short mini skirts or dresses in my home. Any skirts I consider too long will be removed and the male will have to wear nothing below the waist.

Knickers/panties should be very pretty and in feminine colours; pink or white for example. They must be small, g-string, crotchless or not at all. Panties that are too large will be removed.

A bra will be worn at all times.

A nightie will be used for bed; pyjamas or boxers are forbidden. Nighties will be short and fine in pretty colours such as pink, white or red.

6. Sissies and feminised males are not permitted privacy in my home (apart from one act of nature as I really don’t want to see that). I may enter any room at any other time without restriction and without warning. Doors must be left open and unlocked except by me. Sissies will shower and pee (sitting down) with the door open.

7. Sissies in my home will assist Alice in doing all the housework, cooking and cleaning. They may be told to clean or massage my feet too, comb my hair or such things.

8. After serving me dinner in the evening, I generally allow them to sit with me at the table. I enjoy a friendly chat over dinner. They must not forget I’m still to be addressed as Mistress or Ladyship and conversation is through me.

No side conversations between sissies is allowed at the table except to discuss arrangements about what they are doing for me. I may allow them to discuss feminine matters.

For lunch and tea breaks they may have to sit on the floor at my feet.

9. I do punish for poor behaviour but I don’t enjoy giving too much pain. Stinging rather than hurting. It would be spanks with a crop or wooden spoon on the bum cheeks or clitty.

10. I expect a sissy’s clitty and pussy balls to be shaved clean. A nice feminine pubic triangle is excellent but it must be neat. The rest should clear of any hair. I expect clitties to be very clean and washed well.

Cock cages are acceptable although not necessary. If not in a cage and when on show, clitties must always be decorated to look pretty. A pink bow is a minimum. A cock ring and jewellery is necessary for an evening dinner party for occasions when their clitty is on show or visible beneath a short skirt.

I often clip dangly clip-on earrings on either side of Alice’s pussy balls for example or tie a necklace around her clitty and balls if I decide to have her clitty on show.

I like sissies to have a butt plug in for the evenings but I know that’s difficult as Alice’s often slips out.


Household rules like mine are important for a female leader as they set the tone and hierarchy. There is no equality and the rules in any society will set those structures and levels.

The rules also allow submissives to understand what they have to do without me needing to keep telling them. I much prefer not to have to give any orders and for things to run smoothly around me.

Every female leader will have their own requirements and these rules are just what I expect as a minimum. I suspect thought that there are similarities in all dominant women’s households

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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38 Responses to 10 House Rules for Sissies and Feminized Males

  1. Sally Blonde says:

    Perfect rules Mistress
    Curtsey Sally

  2. Ian Elliott says:

    Thank you for this description of paradise.

  3. Pat atkins says:

    Lady Alexa. May I respectfully ask how you would treat a husband/boyfriend/ sissy who due to work may not be around every night of the week. I did take exception to your post recently where you intimated that guys like me are only allowed to dress up on a Saturday night. The kind of sex that my Mistress and I indulge in may horrify or offend you but each to their own. I have always been a follower of your teachings, but please understand we can’t all emulate You and Alice. When you’re stuck in a truck hundreds of miles from home in sub zero temperatures, the last thing on my mind is slipping into my girdle and worrying if my mistress( in her central heated luxury) needs her ass wiping. Nuff said. Love to you both.xx

    • Lady Alexa says:

      My comment about some men playing on a Saturday evening was not intended for those like you but for men who play at being submissive but are really not. The woman then has to play at being a domme to satisfy the real dominant man who is getting off at times by pretending to be a submissive sissy. If however that suits both then there’s no problem of course

  4. sillyGirl says:

    If a butt plug is falling out, it simply means it is too small. A larger diameter is needed. I can wear a three inch diameter for long periods of time.
    Of course, it takes time and increasingly sized ones to make it work, but then, we do have time.

  5. jim says:


  6. Pat atkins says:

    This is a difficult situation. Men seem to instigate these flr’s, not understanding their ultimate “fate”? I remember your recent comments regarding the fetshow at W.Brom I think? Too many subs leading the Doms. Hmm. Very common I think. I sometimes wonder if you and Alice have a proper TPE Contract but I would never have the impertinance to ask directly. In the meantime, thanks for replying, I’m always pleased to hear from you.

  7. corsetjane says:

    As ever Lady A…you hit a button that makes us sit up and imagine…and feel jealous!….
    Having a sissy supplement your feminised hub at home is a very erotic thought..and i read the list of rules with increasing excitement (and a tightness in my little cage)….and following your suggestions, i will be decorating the cage with a little ribbon this week…
    Wishing you luck with your new arrangements.
    Your fan from the provinces…
    jane …curtsy..

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You for sharing Your rules, Lady Alexa. Reading the rules in another’s household provides guidance for a sissy’s conduct even if she is not in Your household…

    I love how You refer to Yourself (and other Women) as a Female leader…because that is truly what You are!

    Yours humbly and respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  9. Cathy Peterson says:

    My husband “Mary” is the only girly-sissie at my house, but Lady Alexa’s rules are very close to what I have put in place: 1) Mary always obeys and does what I say, 2) Mary always calls me “Ma’am” or “Me dear”, 3) Mary does the sweetest little curtsies all throughout the day whether entering or departing a room, 4-5) Mary wears skirts and dresses probably 80% of the time, but also looks so demure-feminine-passive in casual female attire, BEST part is she now prefers to wear cute panties, bras all the time, and always a lacy/crepe/sheer nightie to bed, 6) We do have a 100% open-door policy throughout the house for me (and Mary) so I can come and go as I please, including all activities in the bathroom, 7) Mary is a great “homemaker” (I prefer that to housekeeper), 8) We love to chat at mealtimes, but I pick the topics, 9) it’s really amazing that my punishments are actually taking feminine time/things away from Mary, which she does not want to happen, so it’s very few and far between, and finally 10) Mary is always super silky smooth all over, and no need for any devices as she is tiny, soft, and flat in her panties under her maxi-pad everyday and with zero reactions/responses when dressed so it’s not an issue with us. In the end it’s like having the very best, perfect female roommate and our home is free from any disagreements, tensions, and/or confrontations ……. just me in charge leading this docile, cute, relaxed, kind, gentle feminine friend.

  10. Sophie says:

    Thank you Mistress Alexa for the rules..They are perfect and define the control which you possess Mistress.. Curtseys Sophie

  11. Selina says:

    Hi Lady Alexa, being new to the FLR life, I am learning so much from reading your blog and the responses to your posts. What started as a contract between Selina and myself has been changed to Katrina’s Rules. We start and end each day with Selina reading my rules out loud. Selina must abide by my rules or face consequences. I do believe she is surprised at how much I’ve embraced feminizing her. The key is it’s feminization by my terms, not hers and it’s so exciting to me thinking that I’ve gone from grudgingly being willing to try this to wanting to feminize her completely. I now understand that the more I feminize her the more she will comply with whatever I desire.

    For 20+ years of marriage things were on my husband’s terms, I followed his lead, I did the vast majority of the housework, he controlled the finances, sex was primarily for his satisfaction and on his terms, he did what he wanted in his free time, etc. This has changed and everything is now on my terms, to satisfy my wants and needs. I need to learn and improve my leadership skills and will do so. This new way of looking at and living life is so exciting!

    Tomorrow I am having my two closest friends over to meet Selina and fill them in on our new lifestyle. Her feminization will be escalated and I have a couple humiliating things planned. I do this out of love and to reinforce our new life and her compliance.

    Thank you again Lady Alexa for your blog and for opening my mind to how wonderful my life can be! Katrina

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’m pleased I could help a little. I started this blog because I couldn’t find much online that dealt with real-life loving FLR. Do let me know how it goes with your friends

      • Katrina says:

        Hi Lady Alexa, the evening my friends Donna and Jackie came over was a huge success. I’ll share a few of the highlights. Selina was busy doing laundry when the doorbell rang. She was wearing bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels, full makeup, (makeup lessons are in her immediate future!), and two pretty bows in her hair. I have her wear lingerie because she was always wanting me to wear lingerie around the house. The look of fear in her eyes was priceless when I told her to answer the door.

        Donna and Jackie were very surprised at first but once I explained our new life wanted to hear more. Selina served drinks and snacks as they asked me many questions. Donna is divorced and very well off from the settlement. She offered me $3000 to purchase clothes, shoes, wigs, makeup, etc in exchange for 2 days per week of Selina’s cleaning services. Having known her my entire life I completely trust Donna. I made Selina get on her knees and ask Donna for the privilege of serving her. Jackie is newly married and was much more quiet than Donna but took great interest in everything.

        When I told the girls that Selina gives great foot massages they both wanted one. I had Selina suck and kiss their toes as part of it. I had Selina remove her panties and we discussed what I should call her winky, which was erect the entire time. I decided on calling it ” My cute princess”. We also decided to call her “Precious” or “Blossom” While Jackie was getting her foot rub Donna found a website that sells maid dresses and all kinds of sissy clothes and bought two maid uniforms for Selina to wear while serving at her house. Donna made her beg to wear the uniforms while serving her.

        Donna and I scheduled our shopping excursion with Selina and Jackie told me she wants to learn more about about FLR. I told her to start by reading your blog and we are getting together to discuss this in a few days.

        What a fun night we had! As Selina and I got ready for bed I could tell she was overwhelmed by the events of the evening. We discussed our new relationship and she expressed fear and concern about how fast things were moving and where they might be headed. She practically begged me to not make her go shopping or serve Donna. I told her that I am doing everything out of love and to teach her obedience. I told her that feminizing her excites me and that I don’t know how far it will eventually go, but it’s completely my decision. Living full time as a woman just might be her future. The night ended with Selina satisfying me to 3 orgasms. After I made her beg me to let her stroke her cute princess. I gave her a pair of my pink satin panties and had her read my rules as she brought herself off. It was the first orgasm I allowed her since starting our FLR while I have had multiple orgasms every day.

        This new power I have in our marriage is like an unquenchable thirst. I am excited about where this is going and so loving my new feminized subservient husband!

        • Lady Alexa says:

          Excellent, wonderful story of your evening. I particularly like that you call your husband’s little thing a princess. I haven’t heard that before but I may just copy that.

          • Katrina says:

            All day yesterday I felt like maybe I was pushing things too fast/soon on my husband. I took time to read a number of your old entries and realized that in order for this to become our new lifestyle, I must keep moving forward and not give up any gained ground. Her male ego could easily come back and attempt to reverse some of the wonderful progress I have made. Selina was so obedient and seemed resigned to her fate, but inside her mind could be planning to rebel. I do think she is enjoying a lot of this even though things have escalated at a rapid pace. We are entering out third week of our new life and I am planning some things that will push things even further. My friend Donna and I are working out the details of the shopping excursion this weekend which are sure to make my husband very uncomfortable.
            I am learning so much from your blog Lady Alexa, thank you!!

          • Lady Alexa says:

            Great work Katrina. You’re exactly right. Move your man forward into more feminisation, maintain that progress and then onto the next stage. Incremental improvements and maintain the gains.

        • Patti says:

          That is so Delightful. What you are doing with your husband is what many women need to be doing with their males. A feminized male is the Best husband or boyfriend. Female Empowerment matched with Male Feminization is the future. I would invite you to look at me WordPress Blog and see what many women are doing with their males. The name of the Blog is “The New Age Lifestyle”. Many of the stories and insights have been based on Lady Alexa’s Great work. We all need to work at Feminizing men and Empowering Women!

        • Mistress K says:

          Sounds like your doing a great job Katrina. I entered my then fiancée into a FLR/ Femdom relationship in July 2015 , married her last July 2018. The power will only get more unquenchable. Love the shopping trip idea. I’ve had my Stephie on many such excursions, lingerie, shoes, dresses, nail salon always fully dressed ! The more I emasculated, humiliated, feminized ” her” the more she craved, became submissive, obedient. I keep her now clitty locked for long periods of time , it’s a must imo, 3 months in I started her on butt plugs, regular enemas , and began breaking her in almost every night with a strap on… talk about true arousal, power… when she’s been in chastity long enough she can cum from strap on fucking alone, begs for it now! Of course she has to service me to multiple orgasms first😊

          • Katrina says:

            Thank you Mistress K! The 3 weeks of living in our new FLR have been an eye opening and wonderful experience! My husband is quickly learning that this is not a game, how to serve me, and that his feminization is on my terms.
            I am learning how to be a better leader and experienced mistresses like you and Lady Alexa help and teach me. I am not sure about chastity because its so fun to see Selina’s arousal when serving me and during the feminization process. I am open to the idea.
            I am trying to instill in her the idea that serving me, pleasing me, being obedient at all times, being feminized on my terms is it’s own reward. Last night during our bedtime routine I told her that this is going to be permanent and not a 90 day trial. I could tell she wanted to protest but her response was, yes Maam as you wish. We had our first shopping trip over the weekend and it was so much fun! I am building a new wardrobe for her and there were some humiliating moments as well! She has the week off from work and there is much to do in the house and more training in store.
            This is the life!

        • Mistress K says:

          Your doung fine Katrina, each Femdom/ FLR realationship is different. I strongly recommend chastity at some point but as you sissy submissive Mistress that’s your decision. I also definitely recommend starting to break your Gurl by using a strap on on her. It’s emasculating, plus eventually when broken in and you associate it with her being able to cum , she ll beg for it! I have started a blog here in WordPress, experiences of a Femdom wife and her sissy tho Stephie is the wife.Its private by approval only but I will approve you. Keep doing what your doing, it’s very rewarding😊 PS I unlock Stephie a lot during a long sexual service session, doesn’t mean I let her cum but it’s fun watching her little clitty get hard in her panties, she loves all things feminine now since In the beginning I associated femine dress, hygiene with sex. 😊 As I’ve said if she’s allowed to cum it’s by my strap on or letting her rub her clitty through her panties😊

        • jim serdut says:

          ohh my GOD! gasp x 100 = nirvana!!

    • whyguys says:

      Oh Selina…

      How exciting is Your story of how vast a change made in your relationship. Seems You have fully learned the joy of correcting male pretense. Such total exchange of power between your male girl and Yourself is exhilarating and shows how simple it is for Females to be the true natural masters in sexual relations. LOVE the way You redefines ‘Selina.s and Your agreement’ into KATRINA’s RULES!!!

      Women such as You and Lady Alexa are prototypes of what most or all Females my someday be. One bets, at times Your increasingly timid male girl wife quakes in ladylike awe beneath You – poor dear may get more than she bargained for. Especially exposing her before Female friends to widen the ideal of Female supremacy – brilliant move for advancing the philosophy…

      Even i must give timorous fearful respect before Your increasing sense of Empowered Womanhood… please keep reporting further *curtsy*

  12. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa… You are magnificent in the progress we see made reading your exploits over the past few years. Sense that You’ve both developed, evolved and spread Female Led theory into true social paradigms where finally it is the Female who is emerging more and more as designer of such instead of we males who may have entered merely as fulfilling fantasies.

    Suspect many of us (male girl) and ultimately society in general shall awake some decade and wonder how have Female and male exchanged previous roles and power so fully and NATURALLY! And PERMANENTLY!

    Your rules here, whether they formed as a plan or only tools in making “Alice” are cornerstones that all emerging Female Masters are learning to use as building blocks to establishing eternally Women as the primary sex. Eventually it may be all or most males shall wake up bewildered at how they have become the more subservient and , yes, even the nore ‘feminine’ sex. Believe me, eventually those who thought it a game they created shall see their previous ‘wives’ and ‘girlfriends’ becoming actual clear-thinking superiors demanding obedience and service BECAUSE THEY ARE FEMALE! It shall be a shock when this occurs as a social norm… when it does… male girls may in fright and confusion shed a tear or two at what they have lost in power and false self-image…

    But Females shall be feel full flush the empowerment and amusement that is the due of Their Sex.

    ps. Truly laughter-inspiring is cleverly not allowing serving male girls discuss in the slightest anything other than subjects concerning serving or feminine activity. This along with having multiple male girls performing together roles proper to their sex reaffirms the new roles demanded of them collectively, so that they learn to internalize the secondary status of males as girls in general.

    *sigh* Lady Alexa …. sometimes when i comment on Your exploits i wish there were a “CURTSY”-key on the keyboard!

  13. Mistress K says:

    I’ve been following your blog, wisdom on feminizing males, FLR etc since my Sissy Stephie found it almost 3 yrs ago! I required her to learn everything about FLR/ Femdom and feminization. I think she posted recently we finally married last July. I have her trained, feminized quite well now but always more to do, fun lol! Love your rules list above, Stephie is in a bra almost all the time now , plus her forms.More women should try this lifestyle especially if they suspect they have a submissive male on their hands, Stephie took to the life, feminizing quickly😊

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Nice to hear from you K. Yes there’s always lots to do. I like to keep Alice on edge a little at my latest ideas😂

      • Jenn says:

        How nice to see your sissy accept his feminization with such enthusiasm Mistress K, I read Stephie’s post along with photos of him and he is very proud of his FLR not to mention he obviously enjoys giving you a pedicure. You have trained him very well but as you say there is always more for us to learn and do.

        Congratulations on your marriage to a very devoted housewife.


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