A Very Feminized Man

You have lost your job; made redundant and replaced by a younger man. You’re now in middle age, a job is difficult to find, especially one at the senior management level you used to have. The bills are coming in faster than you can pay them and your wife is complaining. Your financial situation is desperate. Then your wife finds a job advertised in a female magazine for a marketing assistant.

What would you agree to do to get that job?

This is the situation facing Stephen Hayley as he goes for an interview at FemFirst, a marketing agency run by women for women. The advertised position is several rungs below his experience and knowledge but times are hard and his wife insists they have no choice.

However, FemFirst’s policy is to recruit only women as only females can understand and use the products the agency promotes. The problem is they have been unable to find a suitable candidate so they decide to interview Stephen for the post.

One woman is less concerned about the female-only policy of the company: Aretta Ademola. Aretta is the newly appointed VP of FemFirst and comes with a history. A history of being A Very Dominant Woman. Aretta makes Stephen an offer. He can have the job if he agrees to her stipulations; he must agree to use only the products they promote for their clients. Female products. Those products include clothing.

A Feminized Man

Aretta makes life easier for Stephen by allowing him to wear female trousers, flat shoes and plain white blouses although his underwear must be very feminine. He accepts reluctantly, so desperate is he for the work and to placate his wife’s demands and salvage their marriage.

But Aretta has that history. She has been in this situation before and her male employees didn’t remain male for long. Little by little she demands Stephen adopt increasingly feminine products including changing his name to Stephanie or Steffie. Aretta argues that he needs to understand and feel the female market in order to market and promote those products. He needs to think like a female.

But how far will Aretta push Stephen into femininity? What will Stephen’s wife say to his new feminine look?

Find out what happens in A Very Dominant Woman.

To be honest I should say find out how it happens as I guess it’s not that difficult to guess what happens to Stephen/Stephanie as he becomes a very feminized man

This was one of my earlier and much-loved books – 5 stars average on Amazon UK and 4 stars average on Amazon US – one person gave it 1 star after saying they loved the book but they didn’t like the fact that the sequel wasn’t in paperback (eh?).

A Very Dominant Woman tracks the rise of Aretta Ademola from poor beginnings to a senior business role in a major corporation. The second part of the book switches to the perspective of the desperate Stephen as he become her junior employee, unaware of Aretta’s past history and demands.

Available in Amazon in ebook or paperback

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I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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9 Responses to A Very Feminized Man

  1. Michelle says:

    Lady Alexa,
    I think this sounds so wonderful.If I were in this position I would take this job in a heartbeat.In fact I only wish this would happen to me real life. How darling would it be to work in a totally Female environment? To support and use all the lovely Female products they make not to mention dressing completely en femme! What a beautiful way for a sissy’s femininity to blossom. I can’t possibly imagine a more beautiful life! I believe all Ladies should stand tall in their heels and trample everything male.The future is Female! Thank you so much beautiful Mistress. I wish you and all Females a happy, healthy and feminine new year. Curtsy,Femforever,Michelle.

  2. Ian Elliott says:

    Very exciting story line. I may go for this one after reading Becoming Joanne.

  3. colly says:

    A very poignant tale and a timely reminder for me at the moment…. x

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