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Chloe Cashmere

You know how much I prefer males to be feminized and dressed in pretty clothes. It’s therefore always so nice to receive photos from one of my pretty male readers. And to hear their stories of how they came to be feminized.

This post is about one of my regular readers: Chloe Cashmere. What a fantastic name, I love alliterations. I think I need to find something similar for Alice – Alice Apron? Alice Anorak? Alice Angora? Maybe not.

Here’s Chloe’s story.

Chloe Cashmere is a feminized sissy sweatergirl who feels especially submissive, feminine and adorable in cute soft cardigans, She has trained herself to be obsessed with Women’s clothing and make-up.

Here on this post are some selfies from a dressing room in a department store in the USA after she nervously confessed to a sales assistant about my love of all things feminine, She even told her that her name was Sissy Chloe! The assistant picked out a few outfits for Chloe to try after she told her of the styles she admired.

Next time Chloe why not ask the assistant to take the photos?

Chloe Cashmire’s feminisation started out a while ago after having the passing urge to try on a satin slip that was hanging in the bathroom and developed over many years to full feminine dressing. She has developed an understanding that the true nature she was born with was to be a submissive and provider to superior real women.


Chloe Cashmere

She dreams of the day when feminized males are so widespread and accepted that she could be walking through mall and a female stranger could snap her fingers and call out, “You girl. Carry my bags to my car for me.” Chloe would comply without a second thought she says.

It’s an honour for her to wear women’s clothing and she tries to find new ways to further her emasculation each and every day. That’s how it should be I would say. Chloe’s latest ventures have seen her confessing her true nature to female sales assistants so they can help her to find feminine outfits and give opinions on them when she tries them on.


Chloe Cashmere

Her goal (bucket list item?) for later on the year is to go on a date with an alpha male. She can think of nothing more emasculating than having a real man’s strong arm around her whilst dressed in a feminine outfit. She would first go for a makeover at the cosmetics counter before her date in public with him.

I do hope Chloe tells us all about that date when it happens and maybe some photos of how she looked? Yes the world needs more males like Chloe to embrace femininity. If not then maybe a few women should ‘gently’ push them in that direction.

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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7 Responses to Another Pretty Reader

  1. Ginger says:

    Our journeys are varied and yet so often similar. It is wonderful to be a girl!


  2. Nicola says:

    I’m not seeing the photos of Chloe, but it sounds like we have a lot in common, I too feel especially submissive, feminine and adorable in cute soft cardigans, and am definitely obsessed with women’s clothing.

  3. charlie says:

    There are many males out there but don’t have the courage to express their willingness to dress feminine..Do you think male sex and feminine gender will become more synonymous in the future ? I see lots of women and young girls starting to do weight training and gain more physical power too which sometimes is getting more common, just wonder since women have surpassed all barriers in education, business, profession and emerged more successful than men if given the right opportunity, you think they will physically prove stronger one day emerging as true stronger sex both mentally and physically ?

  4. slave sindee says:

    i love her dream and have the same dreams ” the day when feminized males are so widespread and accepted that she could be walking through mall and a female stranger could snap her fingers and call out, “You girl. Carry my bags to my car for me.” Chloe would comply without a second thought she says. ”
    i live to serve all Women

    • another sissy says:

      Oh yes…that is a wonderful image…a sissy gurl in a mall and some Woman just snapping Her fingers and the sissies do as told…carrying bags…whatever. That is the kind of world i so hope for … strong professional Women using sissies for service and laughing as they do it.

  5. Cathy Laura Peterson says:

    For my husband Mike, these last few years have seen such huge progress for both male and female TG expression out in public here in LA/southern California – especially since Caitlyn Jenner. It used to be quite an “adventure” to have him out as Mary for shopping, lunch or dinner, seeing a movie, walking around the 3rd St. Promenade. But WE now see so many TG people out who really have no interest in trying to pass as the other gender, and no one really cares, stares/notices, makes any fuss at all. Several restaurants have a TG hostess who doesn’t pass as a woman, but “she” is really no big deal to anyone coming in looking for a table. Same with sales people on the floors at Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Talbots, WhiteHouse-BlackMarket, and the like. So he is much less concerned about 100% (or close) passing as a woman, because even if people know or suspect, it’s become no big deal. Mike does pass quite well when we’re both out just looking like two late 50s gal friends in very average-everyday clothing, but it’s very safe and vast majority of people are either very supportive, or just very nice/friendly, or simply don’t care so it’s a non-issue that he’s completely dressed like a woman. Sometimes the only little thrill I can get when we’re out is to quietly (without Mike’s knowledge) whisper to a saleswoman that “I’m with my husband, and this is so fun” as the gals give me a smile, a wink or nudge, and get wide-eyed as they give him a second look and then say “So, how can I help you gals, are you looking for anything in particular?” LOL

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