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Becoming JoanneJoseph’s descent into forced femininity increases dramatically in Becoming Joanne 3. Coming very soon to Amazon and Kobo

He thinks his feminisation is about to end and he will soon return to his old male life with his wife Julie. Instead his forced feminisation and humiliation is about to get a whole lot more intense in the third book in the series Becoming Joanne.

Coming soon in e-book and paperback. See below for a preview from Becoming Joanne 3, feminization his path, trangender his destiny


Becoming Joanne 3

In the latest book of the series Becoming Joanne, Joseph faces a whole new set of trials at the hands of the imposing dominant Mistress Melissa and her assistants Madam Imogen and Melissa’s housekeeper Maja. Joseph believes his ‘punishment’ of feminisation and domination is about to finish. He’s surprised to find out that he is reluctant to let go of his new found femininity. He needn’t worry as Melissa has far more humiliation in store for Joseph and to make his feminisation deeper still. His worries now are whether there’s ever any going back to being Joseph.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2

The Hello Kitty electronic clock in my room said 11.00am Saturday morning. Thirty minutes had passed after Melissa had told me I was to remain as a girl. I was not being released back to my wife after all. Melissa had told me to return to the front room once the thirty minutes were up as she had instructions for me about my future. She said she didn’t want me around her feet for much longer as Maja’s assistant and I was not unhappy about this.

I was nervous as I stood up from the bed. I repositioned my pink silicone cock cage ring around my balls. I was naked but for the cock cage, bra and stockings. The ring still pinched at times. I’d never got used to the cage but it was mandatory when I was alone. No touching. I straightened myself on my six-inch heels and looked down at my legs, encased in fine dark stockings. Long and slim. I would have loved to look at them if they had been a real girl’s legs. My heart missed a beat at the sight of them being mine. That new feeling again, pride at my femininity. I walked to the doorway, my heels catching in the light-white lush carpet. The bedroom door had long since been taken away to remove my privacy. I clomped down the bare varnished stairs, I still hadn’t yet mastered the art of treading delicately. Now there would be time to remedy this.

I entered the front room from the hallway. Melissa, Julie and Imogen were still sitting together on the black low sofa, set against the back wall.

Becoming Joanne

The door I entered was at the far end. The dull light from the dreary morning fought its way in through the original six- foot high Edwardian sash windows. No double-glazed plastic for Melissa. They would have provided more insulation from the English winter but Melissa preferred the originals for their authenticity. She had the money to turn the heating up to compensate.

For a short moment I considered not curtseying but I was in no position to rebel. I stood in front of the three seated women and held out my hands and genuflected deeply before them. Almost naked, my eyes to the original wooden floorboards. Stripped and varnished. Like me.

Melissa told me to stand directly in front of her so I shuffled over. I put my hands together in front of my cock cage, my eyes still fixed on the floorboards. I couldn’t see the three pairs of eyes bearing down on me but I felt them. Melissa breathed in before unclipping my cock cage and my cock and balls burst out with a flow of relief before jutting into an instant erection. Melissa clipped my little cat’s bell onto the ring pierced through the end of my foreskin and flicked it to make it tinkle. As much as I hated this humiliation, it was exhilarating at the same same time. I wanted Melissa to fondle my penis, to caress it, not treat it as worthless. Melissa wasn’t finished with my penis though and produced a wide pink ribbon. She tied it around my balls into a large bow which sat on the top of my erection.

Melissa looked up from tying the bow. “Well Joanne, have you calmed down now? I can see that your clitty hasn’t. A little sissy fit you had there. But you’re looking very pretty and I think we have you looking as feminine as possible within the current limits. In fact I’d say no one would know you used to be a man even with that little thing poking at us.”

Julie and Imogen tittered next to her. My wife Julie’s behaviour perturbed me. She swung from concern for me one minute to wanting to see me crushed the next. I guessed that was normal after how I’d treated her. She was my wife, she had loved me, supported me and I had betrayed her. Many times. I was wrong. I knew it was wrong when I was banging all those young girls. I knew it was wrong losing countless jobs. I knew it was wrong getting drunk. I couldn’t help myself. Had I changed? Yes I had. But Melissa was right. Not enough.

My head shot up to look at Melissa. Had I heard her right? She had said I was feminine within current limits? Used to be a man? I knew not to challenge her so I let my thoughts hang in the air.

Melissa continued. “So as I indicted before your little tantrum, I have some more changes to make to your appearance and submission. I’ll get you where I want you to be. Eventually.”

Why did she hate me so much? I know she has been Julie’s best friend since school but why treat me so badly? I hadn’t hurt her, just Julie. Melissa had never liked me. At that moment the doorbell sounded. I froze in terror. I was almost naked and utterly humilated. Who could that be? I heard Maja the housekeeper slope to the front door in the hallway.

Melissa said. “Excellent timing, that will be Janet. She’s my tailor and she’s bringing some new clothing for the next phase of your development into a more submissive girl. Once we’ve dressed you in what she’s bringing then I’ll explain what physical changes we’re going to make to you later.”

My head shot back and forth. Physical changes? I knew not to challenge her or I would be spanked by the brooding Imogen. Imogen was sitting on the edge of the black leather sofa seemingly ready to pounce on me like a mountain lioness waiting on her next meal. Julie watched events with an annoying grin of pleasure. What had got into her? She used to be so nice. So compliant.

Maja entered the room and glared up and down at me before sneering and walking off to the kitchen. She wore a black maid’s dress like hotel workers used. It was past the knee and did nothing for her. She was short and slim, her long hair pulled back tightly in a pony tail. She may have been attractive but for the plainness of her clothing and the constant sneer on her face.

A small thin lady followed her into the room, a thick brown bob haircut not unlike a soldier’s helmet. Her hair was framed a round kind middle-aged face. Her wrinkled eyes couldn’t hide their sparkle. A pair of glasses hung from her neck on a silver chain making her look like a librarian. Her knee-length brown pleated skirt and flat black shoes adding to that look. She appeared not to think a near-naked feminised man standing in the room with a large pink bow around an erect penis to be unusual. I assumed Melissa had told her.

She had pulled a large sturdy dark-blue suitcase in behind her. It was about half her size and I wondered how she had arrived here with it. She laid the suitcase down and unzipped it. The lid fell onto the floor with a dull thud. It was packed with dresses and skirts. I sighed as silently as I could. There didn’t seem to be any difference from the skirts and dresses I already had. Melissa knelt on the floor by the case and rifled through them excitedly. I continued to stand, confused, my erection quivering while Julie and Imogen looked on with evident interest. Something in their expressions told me they knew what the changes were to be. Imogen was on the brink of sliding off the sofa such was her precarious position.

Melissa looked up at me from where she was kneeling at the suitcase with Janet. My eyes were magnetised by her legs. It was torture to see her short dress ride up exposing the full length of her sturdy tight legs. I dreamt for an instant of them wrapped around me. The image expoded and faded.

These are your new clothes Joanne. Janet is a dressmaker and she’s adapted a whole new set of dresses and skirts for you to wear at home.”

I didn’t understand. “But I already have a lot of dresses and skirts Mistress Melissa?”

Not like these Joanne. Here try this pretty dress on.” Melissa held out a fine white chiffon dress. It had an inner white satin lining otherwise it would have been transparent. I took it and my erection ratcheted up a notch as I felt the thin fine material brush against my skin. All eyes were on me with anticipation. The dress was as short as I expected when I held it up. Melissa only ever allowed me to wear mini dresses and skirts so this was no great surprise. She delighted in the vulnerability and humiliation that micro-length skirts and dresses imposed on me. Despite what my rational mind told me was a debasing degrading experience I should have hated, a tingle of excitement ran through me. What was happening to me?

I took the two thin shoulder straps and stepped into the dress. It lay around my ankles as I hesitated a moment. It had a lacy frill around the hem, the low chest front and the capping on the short sleeves. Another tingle of anticipation and arousal. Melissa was ramping up the femininity. It was frillier than any of my other dresses. Was this what Melissa meant by a change of style? Extra femininity? More frills? I guessed it could have been worse. I pulled the dress up and the softness of the material and the frills edged along my body making ripples of electricity pass through me. For a moment I forgot the women were there watching my every move. I slipped my shoulders into the thin straps as all eyes were fixed on me. I caught Julie’s eye, a hint of anticipation giving her feelings away. The low front hugged my bra, filled with the 38C inserts. So it was very feminine and very short but what was so different?

My eyes scanned the room. Julie sniggered out a choked laugh behind a hand and Imogen looked contented. Melissa was stern and Janet’s face slipped into satisfaction as her eyes narrowed in contemplation of my look. Julie’s sniggers turned into full-bloodied laughter and she pointed at something lower down my body.

I looked down at my dress and pulled at the bunched hem. It seemed to be caught up in its own frills around my belly and I couldn’t get it down. I froze. It wasn’t bunched. The horror of what I found filled my eyes. Julie continued laughing with a high pitched squeal and put her hand over her mouth. She fell back onto the back of her seat. Imogen nodded and Melissa got up and looked me up and down. She pursed her lips and told Janet she had done an excellent job. I was unable to speak at what I saw. At how I was now expected to dress.

The frill on the back hem of my new dress hung lightly against the bottom of my bum cheeks. It flowed round the side of my calf before rising up to my belly button and then down again to the side of my other calf. Janet had made an open-fronted dress which provided a frilly feminine chiffon frame to my fully-exposed cock and neat pubic triangle. There was no bunching. It was a deliberate design.

Becoming Joanne 3 coming soon. In the meantime why not check out Becoming Joanne 1 and 2 on Amazon US or Amazon UK or your local Amazon site. Also available on Kobo.

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  1. Ginger Fotrell says:

    Wonderful Lady Alexa! I am eagerly waiting for the publication! I was hoping Joanna’s femininization was not over and I have been rewarded.

    Chapter 2 seems wonderful.

  2. Ian Elliott says:

    Lovely. I loved reading this, and I will order parts 1 and 2 also. Thank you!

  3. mrbill says:

    Very exciting reading, I plan to order all 3.
    I enjoyed the description of the dress as my wife made a negligee for me with the same cut to the hem, a nice V up the front leaving my cock exposed at all times.

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