Breast enlargement and US sizes

breast enlargementI realise that my last couple of posts have featured the theme of Alice’s breast enlargement but it’s all rather exciting. I enjoy having new ‘encouraged’ feminisation projects. I must confess to getting accustomed to certain aspects of Alice’s feminisation and needing to push on to something new.

Today is mostly about her developing new breasts.

Breast enlargement for the feminised male

I’ve been supervising thirty-minute breast enlargement sessions every evening. Alice has to wear two vacuum suction cups as I start to grow her breasts further.They look wonderful inside the clear plastic cups, like real boobs.

I just love the look of the expanded boobs inside the cups, the only shame at the moment is that they go down once the suction is released. According to the articles on the web, little by little the tissue is expanded and they will remain expanded. I think I may be able to do this to her without the need for any supplements which I’m not keen on her taking, for obvious reasons.

Here you can see just how great they look on Alice. My hope is that the expanded breasts inside the cups are close to her final look. The devices have the added benefit of expanding her nipples to, which are currently too small and flat.

breast enlargement

I measured her chest around four weeks ago and it was 38.5 inches. Yesterday it came to 40 inches after a couple of weeks of chest gym exercises and one week of suction pumping.


New wardrobe

Alice has a wardrobe, she just needs something better to put in it and on her. We haven’t gone shopping just yet for Alice’s upgraded wardrobe, I’ve been a bit occupied on other stuff. We have done some online shopping however. The reason being is that female shoes tend to only go up to size 8 here in the UK and Alice is a UK size 9. The UK size 8 is not the same as a USA size 8 which has caused us all sorts of problems. Then you have the added problem of European sizes which are in 30s and 40s.

I bought Alice a pair of pink slip-on slippers for the colder times we’re in now and a new pair of flat shoes for everyday use while working at home. I bought size 9 but they were too small. Seems they might have been a USA size 9 which is smaller. The problems of buying on line I guess.

Future body modifications

Moving on from Alice’s future new breasts (I’m sure I’ll be returning to this subject very soon), and shoe size problems, I still have the perennial problem of her little paunch. Males do tend to gather fat around their middle and Alice is no different despite being slim elsewhere. Just calling her a girl doesn’t fix this problem. Whilst her gym regime is proving to be effective on her tits, it’s less effective on her middle. This will not give her the right look so I do need to turn my attention here yet again.

As Alice still retains male traits this means she is lazy when it comes to beauty regimes. This is one of the reasons why all good women should feminise their partners. I know it’s going to be my responsibility to focus on her paunch reduction. At around 38 inches her stomach is not so much smaller than her chest and girls need a much smaller waist. I know it’s a bit tougher for a middle-aged girl with annoying male habits but that’s the challenge I have.

I never said it’s easy feminising a husband, but the results are so satisfying that it’s worth the effort.




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I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank you Lady Alexa for sharing this post! Alice’s breast growth regime is promising, and it seems between the gym and the suction cups, you’re seeing some modest results!

    As a feminised male/sissy (over the age of 50)…I face the same issues as Alice…I want my breasts to grow, but without the use of hormones…My regime is not terribly different from Alice’s, in fact, I’ve gotten some ideas and advice from you as far as gym time goes. I concentrate on higher reps/lower weight to avoid “bulking up” and use cardio to lose some weight and improve my all around girlish figure…

    I thank you for sharing your methods here…and I truly enjoy your forum and your books!

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

    • Lady Alexa says:

      thank you jamieanne. The issue over hormones is mine too although Alice fervently agrees. She’ll accept feminisation, reluctantly at times, but not transition. I want a fully-feminised male. I’ve recently started her on inclined situps back and front facing and inclined side twisters with a 10 kilo weight to get her stomach down. I’m not sure I’ve used the right terms but I asked the gym instructor and they advised this exercise for Alice’s belly. They told us that Alice needs to cut down on alcohol, white carbs and sugar although we knew that. The trouble is I like a bit of a girly night in with a nice bottle of wine at times…..and then there’s the coffee mornings at weekends and that nice cake….

  2. Breasts aside for the moment, I’d just like to offer some help where Alice’s shoes are concerned. I am also a Uk size 9, and initially found it difficult to source quality female footwear that weren’t gaudy or obviously fetish-driven ‘tranny’ heels. Not the look I wanted at all!

    Much online advice says to go up a size when buying women’s shoes, however, I haven’t found this true at all, in part I believe because men wear socks with shoes whereas a feminised male is more likely to wear thinner hosiery, stockings or tights. If opting for a strappy heel, for example, I have even found I’ve had to size down!

    I have around a dozen pairs of high heels, ballet pumps and knee boots at present. All are properly sized and generally a Uk size 9. Yes it’s true they are harder to find on the high street, and your choices are reduced (so many times I’ve walked away crestfallen from a darling size 6!), but increasingly they are available. Look to Debenhams, who readily stock size 9’s online and have a large selection, and Next, who also do the same. If you have discount stores nearby such as Pavers, they have sizes sections in some cases going up to a size 10. I recently bought a lovely pair of suede mid height courts in a size 9 from Marks & Spencer in store!

    Hopefully the days are behind us where feminised males wear the ubiquitous pink fetish heel that so many seem to adopt (am I the only one to notice the same shoe again and again?!), and instead embrace much greater choice. Generally women’s shoe sizes have increased too (my partner is a size 8 and has had me try some of her shoes), so I think the choice will only continue to grow.

    Finally – Alice’s breasts! How lovely! Speaking from experience through my own natural boobs, she will feel much more feminine as she ‘develops’ a real reason and need to wear her bras. 🙂

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes as you will have read, I want Alice to look like a real girl not an exaggerated fetish girl either so normal female wear is what I’m after for her. Both pars of footwear were labelled UK9 but neither fitted barefooted. They seemed more a UK size 8. Alice noticed that the European size on the shoes was labelled as a 42 and when we checked this it is indeed an 8, a 9 being a 43. So as an extra check it’s probably best to see what the Euro size is too. We have Pavers here in London so I will take Alice there, this is great news and an opportunity for her to try some on first…I hadn’t looked in Pavers. She does have two pairs of female shoes currently, both with heels, one inch black shoes and four-inch silver sandals. Both are size 9. Trial and error it seems is the only option. Thanks for the advice Saffy Roberta. Lady A.

  3. Sharon S. says:

    Shoes…. In America women’s shoe sizes are suppose to be 2 sizes different to men’s. So I am a British men’s 7.5 which is an America men’s size 8.5/9 which is an America woman’s size 10.5/11. The problem is more to do with the width after that as i have wide feet.
    The breast suction sounds like it is promising and I look forward to the results as this is of great interest to me. At present I am trying nipple suction to try and make my nipples larger. I’m using the wine bottle stoppers “vac vin”. A little vasoline and attach for 30 minutes. I live in hope of results.

  4. Sally Bend says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, Lady Alexa, what kind of workout regimen do you have him on? I’ve always been afraid to work my chest for fear of bulking it up with muscle. I would love to know what exercises he’s doing to see results. Very exciting!

    • Lady Alexa says:

      No problem Sally. I go with him / her to the gym to oversee things. She has to do 30 mins of aerobics first. She usually chooses the running machine and the cross trainer. She used to like the rowing machine but I was worried it would build her shoulders and back up so I’ve stopped that one. Then she has to go into the gym room. I don’t allow her in the free weights area as a rule, I prefer her on the machines. So it’s chest press, then the flying machine then tricep push ups on the assist machine. Yes she has put on muscle but it has tended to be on her chest area only. She has skinny arms and legs so a bit of definition here is not a problem. Mixing this with aerobics means that her energy is not all going on muscle growth. I do worry about her shoulders and back as they are naturally wide. She looks like a swimmer. So no shoulder exercises or pull downs or rowing with weights (and no swimming). Then finally a new thing is situps and twisters on the incline bench. That’s for her stomach. Sometimes we do Pilates which is nice and also generally everyone there is female including the instructor so it’s a better environment than the weight area. I obviously allow her to dress as a male in the gym but the Pilates classes may allow me to tweak some of her gym clothing. I need to be subtle or she’ll freak out. At the moment she’s following instructions well.

  5. Milica says:

    Lady Alexa, I have a couple of bit of information you might find useful.

    Shoes, new look have wide size 8 and 9 shoes, with free collection in store and free returns, plus they are very friendly towards transgendered people. Deichmann also have size 9 shoes, look for the XXL label on the box, also I tried a pair of heels on in store and nobody batted a eyelid at me,

    Working out, have you seen the popsugar YouTube channel ? There are lots of workouts available, toning workouts, core workouts, dance workouts etc. They are all very girly, and very effective too !

    Hope these bits of info are useful.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thank you Milica. It seems like our high street options are greater than I realised. Alice’s feet aren’t that wide just size 9 long. I’ll check out the videos Lady A

  6. Ian Elliott says:

    Nothing makes a trans girl feel more feminine than real breasts. When the mounds and nipples appear, the male sub can no longer pretend it is a game. “This is really happening to me; I am becoming a femme!” he thinks. And nothing grows the breasts like pueraria mirifica, known as white krao krua in Thailand. I recommend this for Alice, as I have found a vendor who can get past customs in my country. I am developing real breasts, thanks to Anne Selene, and I recommend Alice be subjected to this wonderful herb as well!

  7. corsetjane says:

    Lady A…
    Another exciting development it seems..i love the updates!.
    i will be watching this space with added interest as i too, would love to have something more in the breast department!… as i had already pointed, out my nipples have enlarged following persistent suction and i now wonder if the same can be said of breast suction! Excited for Alice!
    As far as shoes are concerned, i have tried a few web purchases including eBay but have come to love the Alternative Footwear site as i find that the sizes equate to my male size… !
    …and yes…us older dressers have to work hard in keeping the midriff slim…and with Christmas fast approaching i fear that there is a lot of hard work ahead!!
    Keep up the great work!
    corsetjane 🙂

  8. timara says:

    Hi Lady Alexa,

    Do try Evans for shoes. They go up to size 10 and have wide fittings too.

    Keep up the good woke with Alice,


  9. Carrie says:

    Thank you for these insights to Your world. 🙂

    Getting UK size 9 shoes is a lot easier than it used to be thankfully.

    Next has many shoes in 9 and Evans has long had them and in a wide fitting. J D Williams is another online shop that has numerous to offer, both standard and wide fitting.

    I hope this helps 🙂

  10. Connie Amanda says:

    All my shoes come from New Look,at the sales I can purchase them for 9 euro’s for a pair (In Belgium that is).If I count right there are 13 pairs in my closet.

  11. Irma says:

    Dear Lady Alexa

    Regarding Alice gym dress, maybe you can begin by making her wear a sports bra. If questioned she can pass it off as back or chest support!! Irma

  12. Joy Columba says:

    If you want her to lose belly fat, go on a running regimen – 5+ miles a day. To add spice, make her wear leggings and pink shoes.

  13. Chrissy says: do shoes upto UK11 and a good range of clothes for the taller ‘girl’

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Chrissy how are you? I hope Mistress Playtime is keeping you nicely feminised. We’ve looked at Long Tall Sally. The problem I was highlighting was that the size 9 for women often seems more like a male size 8 for Alice’s male feet. What’s your experience with the sizes on Long Tall Sally?

  14. Maria says:

    I suggest you try corset training for waist reduction. I know from personal observation that it works wonders, and often in the space of a few months. I guess you can easily order corsets with any size range on line today.
    My mom used it to great results on my step brother. He was obese at age 14, and had got into bad company and generally used to misbehave, and gorge himself without lifting a hand to study or play leave alone help at home. As a widow the stress got to her and one day mom and her sister spanked my brother and put him in a corset and restricted his food and grounded him at home. Despite his sulking, whining she persisted. Sometimes even I helped in lacing him so tight that he could barely breathe and used to sob and beg. In 6 months of strict corset regime , morning till bedtime, he lost 9 inches and almost developed an hour glass figure. His general demeanour and conduct improved.
    For Alice, corset with diet moderation may work well. Considering how obedient and cooperative she has become, you can plan slow and steady waist reduction.
    Good luck and do continue to share your posts.
    Maria deMicco

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Maria. Alice isn’t really a bad girl. Thanks for your suggestion regarding corset training. I’ve upped her running in the gym to burn calories and next is calorie reduction. If I have no success I may have to revert to the more drastic measures of squeezing her into a corset. The only trouble is I don’t know where her fast would be squeezed to. It has to go somewhere. On ething that did interest me was the idea that once she’s lost weight then the corset may shape her body. This would be wonderful in addition to the new breasts

  15. Jacqueline says:

    I can also recommend Long Tall Sally. I am a US size 13 male shoe, and the ladies 15 fits great. Tall boots and heels are wonderful, and they don’t hurt my feet.

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