I would love to hear from other couples who live a female led, femdom or forced feminisation lifestyle.

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  1. kelly Dunlap says:

    Im Kelly ,a Feminization Girl.

  2. Susan says:

    Sadly my wife is totally against me wearing panties. So I dress when she is not around.
    So happy for your hubby he is very lucky.

  3. terry mullins says:

    I wish I cd find a bllack mistress who would feminise me

  4. Carol says:

    Hi Lady Alexa, I’m a straight male and I enjoy your site.

    Now I believe as strongly as you do in female leadership and female domination. I finally landed a new job, ironically, as a secretary to an Executive Woman. It’s a woman’s world in my job, and it’s overwhelming ! I took some consolation from an article entitled: “Men, feel liberated to become secretaries” By Anne York, Special to CNN Updated 8:12 AM ET, Tue February 5, 2013.

    I love working for a strong woman, but she renders me totally submissive and expects me to accept and embrace femininity – in myself !

    Oh well, I will learn to love Matriarchy. A woman’s place is in control.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Most males I have met who have understood the benefits of female leadership and feminisation are straight. Alice certainly is. It’s very nice to hear your story I think we’d like to hear more. You have left us dangling with the comment about embracing femininity in yourself. Do tell

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