I would love to hear from other couples who live a female led, femdom or forced feminisation lifestyle.

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  1. kelly Dunlap says:

    Im Kelly ,a Feminization Girl.

  2. Susan says:

    Sadly my wife is totally against me wearing panties. So I dress when she is not around.
    So happy for your hubby he is very lucky.

  3. terry mullins says:

    I wish I cd find a bllack mistress who would feminise me

  4. Carol says:

    Hi Lady Alexa, I’m a straight male and I enjoy your site.

    Now I believe as strongly as you do in female leadership and female domination. I finally landed a new job, ironically, as a secretary to an Executive Woman. It’s a woman’s world in my job, and it’s overwhelming ! I took some consolation from an article entitled: “Men, feel liberated to become secretaries” By Anne York, Special to CNN Updated 8:12 AM ET, Tue February 5, 2013.

    I love working for a strong woman, but she renders me totally submissive and expects me to accept and embrace femininity – in myself !

    Oh well, I will learn to love Matriarchy. A woman’s place is in control.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Most males I have met who have understood the benefits of female leadership and feminisation are straight. Alice certainly is. It’s very nice to hear your story I think we’d like to hear more. You have left us dangling with the comment about embracing femininity in yourself. Do tell

      • Carol says:

        Sorry for the delay in answering, Lady Alexa, I’ve been learning to make an adjustment to Feminization.

        I’m not sure if I’m on a crusade to rid myself of toxic masculinity, or to release the woman in me. I so much love being submissive to women now, and having a woman make all decisions. My role models are dominant women, and I wholly believe that patriarchy (literally evil male privilege) is harmful to men, and to society.

        At my boss’ suggestion, I began wearing pantyhose under my pants. The feeling of submission to women, and my own Femininity, was instantaneous and overwhelming. My male aggressive thoughts faded, my emotions and thinking changed, and I felt “bonded” with women, as a woman.

        Feminization is liberating to a male ! The future IS Female, and I would love to be a Feminized male, controlled by a Woman. But how far do I go ?

        I tried breast enhancement cream, just to satisfy my driving curiosity. It was so exhilarating to see pronounced little Feminine breasts beginning to perk ! It’s enjoyable and erotic (although crushing to my male ego) to wear a thin lacy bra now.
        SoI read with enthusiasm, your article “It’s Time to Strip Masculinity From Our Relationships”.

        Your right, Lady Alexa ! A male needs to permanently change her thinking to effect the dynamics of a Female Led Relationship !

        – Carol

  5. CD says:

    Hello Lady Alexa, I am looking for a Dominant Lady for a FLR. Any tips?

  6. CD says:

    I understand that very much, I want to try this life style as I have been reading about it. It sounds very interesting, I would love very much to put the lady first in all aspects of life. A confidant, dominate female is what I need in my life, to control me and set boundries. She would even control the finances and I love a dominant female in bed. I guess I am looking for a level 3-4 FLR.

  7. CD says:

    Is cuckolding or feminization always a part of the loving FLR?

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