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My Books

femdom novelIn this second book of the series, Becoming Joanne, Joseph is taken further down the route towards a more permanent and reluctant femininity. The dominant Melissa takes him to her own home to impose a stricter programme of feminisation, helped by her employees and friends. Joseph thinks that he will eventually be released back to his wife and to return to manhood. Melissa has other plans.

Available in e-book and paperback from Amazon and as an e-book on Kobo.

forced feminisationSebastian was  a sensitive young man. He preferred singing and dancing to male activities. Then one day he met a tall assertive young lady. Their friendship blossomed. She saw something in Sebastian that was not only submissive but also feminine. She could see the girl within him and sets out to transform him into the pretty girl she believes he should be. When she moves away he tries to revert to a more male persona only to find his plans for normality thwarted by the next person he meets. The cycle starts again onto its inevitable conclusion.

Available in e-book and paper back from Amazon and from Kobo (e-book only)

forced feminizationPart one of the Becoming Joanne series. The wife of an arrogant and misogynist man has had enough of his bad behaviour. She enlists the help of her best friend, a tough professional lady called Melissa. Melissa employs him at her office as a general assistant.  And so begins the process of his forced feminisation.

Available in e-book and paperback from Amazon and Kobo (e-book)


forced feminisationTwenty years ago a young man finds himself living with his stepmother and stepsister. They are not happy and start a campaign to transform into someone much more to their liking. A girl. Meanwhile in the present time, a lazy husband is confronted by his wife who wants him to do more in the home. With the help of a sexy neighbour, he is forced to become their housemaid.

Available in e-book and paperback in Amazon and Kobo (e-book)


feminised husbandThe true story of how I transformed my marriage by feminising my loving husband. The book explains how I took a normal vanilla marriage and moved it to a different level by taking control and introducing a sometimes reluctant husband to a life of femininity and obedience.

Available in e-book and paperback on Amazon and Kobo (e-book)



feminisation is compulsoryEdward Hayes is an arrogant explorer who discovers a hidden secretive tribe deep in the Brazilian jungle. This tribe of tall muscular females take Edward on a new journey of exploration: a journey of gender transformation. 

Available as an e-book on Amazon



Her toyHe had been transformed into a feminised house-servant by his imposing mistress Aretta Ademola in the book A Very Dominant Woman. Aretta wasn’t satisfied though, she wanted more. She wanted a feminised bimbo.

Available as an e-book in Amazon



a very dominant womanAretta Ademola is one of the world’s most successful marketing executives. However this wasn’t enough for her. She also craved control; control over men and the power to feminise them. After a successful career in marketing and in forced feminisation in Spain, she moves to a new job in London and sets about rebuilding her lifestyle by selecting an unsuspecting the man who will be her next target; or is that victim?

Available in e-book and paperback from Amazon and Kobo (e-book)


a sister in laws lawA successful businesswoman, who believes passionately in the superiority of women, is concerned that her sister’s husband is worthless and not providing the lifestyle for her that she deserves. She hatches a plan to show her a better life by taking control of her sister’s husband and turning him to their personal housemaid.

Available as an e-book from Amazon

the womans worldMistaken identity meant that a female only community accepts a new male member believing him to be another woman due to his name: Vivian Morgan. Unable to accept a man but needing his specific skills, one of the women improvises a plan: humiliate him and feminise him. He is unable to escape and she starts to work on him from his first night there.

Available in e-book from Amazon


the-new-assistantEverything seemed perfect for a young man who found a job working as the personal assistant to a beautiful and powerful woman. Living and working in her luxurious riverside apartment it all seemed too good to be true. It was. She wanted absolute control of everything, including him and how he looked and dressed. Very soon he was being taken down a route he had never anticipated towards forced feminisation and humiliation ….

Available as an e-book on Amazon


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  3. Shelby says:

    what about the earlier ones Lady A..

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  5. Ms Stacey Anne Smith says:

    Ms. Lady Alexa,
    I have written to you in the past about my naughty sissy gurl ways like about how my big clitty wet my knickers after reading one of your stories and how you disciplined me by having me stand in the corner. I’m a very naughty sissy gurl who enjoys being bad and needs a firm hand from someone. What do you suggest I do in order to find someone in the U.S.A. be it male, female or couple that will take me and force feminize me to become their obedient sissy gurl and serve their every desire? Thank you, curtsys, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

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