Feminization and submission

feminization and submissionFeminization and submission can be a contradiction in terms if you think about it for a moment. Females are superior and dominant and males should always be submissive.

I’ve turned my own husband into a submissive girl yet according to what I’ve just written above this should turn her into a dominant like me as she’s now female. So just what is going on?

The three FLR Principles.

Let’s first set out my three principles of a Female Led Relationship before I delve into the feminisation/submissive links.

  1. The female sex is superior
  2. Females should always dominate their relationships with males – FLR.
  3. Males need to be feminised

As an alpha female I follow these three high-level principles in my relationship with Alice.

Why I use Forced Feminization in my FLR

feminization and submissionLet’s first separate LGBT+ and associated areasĀ  from forced feminisation. Forced feminisation is nothing to do with LGBT+ for me. Instead it’s purely about forcing my heterosexual male into adopting femininity for the purposes of his submission and for my enjoyment and pleasure. In addition it is for his betterment and own enjoyment. It’s a win-win even if he didn’t always agree with this view.

So he remains a male physically under the female look but otherwise I ensure he adopts what would be thought of as femininity. So he is not a true female and therefore not dominant. He is a feminised male. Removing his society-bred masculinity and replacing it with femininity ensures compliance and submission. Plus I find him much more attractive.

The danger is that he becomes comfortable in dresses and skirts and starts to think he’s as important as a real woman.


There’s femininity and there’s femininity

feminized and submissiveThis is my point. Dominant women like me are no less feminine because we’re dominant and alpha. We can be and are very female. However, there are different kinds of femininity and I prefer Alice to be a girly, soft, pink type of feminine. This is very important as you need to show the difference between a real woman such as me with smart business dresses, knee-length skirts and trousers with Alice in frilly mini skirts and dresses in pinks and whites and NEVER trousers in the home. The difference in male femininity and female femininity is shown in the type of clothing and appearance. One is refined and dignified and the feminised male is a girly bimbo.

To increase Alice’s discomfort I have forbidden underwear for some time now. This increases her discomfort as her clitty is uncovered and even displayed, for example bending over or sitting down. I enjoy this particularly when we meet up with other couples like us as she’s too busy trying to stay covered and has little time to be anything other than submissive.

Forced Feminization rules OK?

I know that in many FLRs, feminisation doesn’t feature. For me it’s a fundamental part of my relationship and helps to cement the different status levels in place. Forced feminisation of the male does not elevate them to the same status as the true female. It turns them into pretty submissive, compliant girls.

And that is what we all want, isn’t it?

(PS I know I flip between spellings of feminisation (English-speaking world except USA) and feminization with a z (USA). It’s deliberate as I’m covering both search term spellings)

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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5 Responses to Feminization and submission

  1. Ian Elliott says:

    I vary the spelling from s to z and back also as it baffles Google’s attempts to stall a search. I agree that forced feminization does not turn a male submissive into a woman, which would be impossible even with full SRS. ‘He’ becomes a shemale, permanently submissive and girlie. For me the focus of the experience is being feminized, submitting to the power and will of the dominant Female. The resulting soft femininity is secondary and chiefly serves as evidence that the male has been enslaved.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I wouldn’t say that the resultant femininity from forced fem of a male is secondary as it’s part of the package for me. Having attended various femdom events I have met and become friends with other women like me who enjoy feminised males more than masculine from both a physical appearance and manner and the intense excitement arising from the power we enjoy by achieving and maintaining such a transformation. You’ve given me an idea for a future post on this topic as much of the discourse online regarding forced feminisation is from a male perspective and rarely considers the female view. I didn’t feminise Alice for his/her benefit although (s)he does benefit of course.

  2. Sharon S. says:

    For me it is definitely the feminisation while still a male that keeps me on edge, worried and excited at the same time. This morning at 7am I had to walk the dog wearing panties and a bra under my male clothes with black mascara an a lithe pink shiny lipstick ….. very nervous the whole time.

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