Here are all my femdom and forced feminisation books. Those books in a series can be read stand-alone but it’s always nicer to read them in the order they were meant to be read.

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Feminized and Pretty

feminized and pretty

feminized and prettyfeminized and prettyTwo of a future three-part series. A wealthy wife feminises her husband with no limits to what she feels she can do to him. The prequel is available by signing up to my newsletter


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Becoming Joanne

femdom fictionfemdom fictionfemdom fictionThis three-book series charts Joseph’s route into Becoming Joanne at the hands of the dominant lawyer Melissa and her female accomplices.


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The Girl Within Him

femdom fictionA dominant gregarious woman sees something more in the sensitive artistic Sebastian. She helps him to achieve his dreams. The price is that he will have to submit to her entirely and to how she really sees him: as a girl.

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How I Feminised my Husband

femdom fictionThis is the true-life and loving story of how Lady Alexa went about feminising her husband, turning him into the submissive housewife Alice.

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A Very Dominant Woman: Femdom and Male Humiliation

femdom fictionfemdom fictionAretta Ademola is a powerful, successful and exotic businesswoman. She also happens to believe in female leadership and the forced feminisation, subjugation and humiliation of males.


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A Sister-in-Law’s Law

femdom fictionJohn thought that going to live at his sister-in-law’s home with his wife would improve their life. They didn’t have much money and his sister-in-law was wealthy.

However, his sister-in-law has other plans and shows his wife a better life by turning him to their personal housemaid.

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The Woman’s World

femdom fictionA young man turns up to live and work at a remote female-only community. They had misread his application thinking him to be a woman. The community need his skills but can only allow females. There’s really only one solution….

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The Reluctant Housemaid

femdom fictionTwo forced-feminisation stories for the price of one. In the first an angry wife gets revenge on her lazy husband. Twenty years earlier a stepmother and her daughter feminise the young man living with them. But there’s a past link  between the two stories…

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Feminization is Compulsory

femdom fictionAn arrogant macho explorer discovers a secretive tribe hidden deep in the Brazilian jungle. But there are no males in the tribe and it’s not long before they take him on a new journey of exploration: a journey of feminization and submission.

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The New Assistant

femdom fictionA young man finds a job working as the personal assistant to a beautiful and powerful businesswoman. She expects him to do whatever she wants and she wants a whole lot more than just a male assistant…

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10 Responses to MY BOOKS

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  3. Shelby says:

    what about the earlier ones Lady A..

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  5. Ms Stacey Anne Smith says:

    Ms. Lady Alexa,
    I have written to you in the past about my naughty sissy gurl ways like about how my big clitty wet my knickers after reading one of your stories and how you disciplined me by having me stand in the corner. I’m a very naughty sissy gurl who enjoys being bad and needs a firm hand from someone. What do you suggest I do in order to find someone in the U.S.A. be it male, female or couple that will take me and force feminize me to become their obedient sissy gurl and serve their every desire? Thank you, curtsys, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

  6. Cindypris says:

    When do we get The Girl Within Part 2?

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Cindypris, did you enjoy it? For reason I don’t understand the book didn’t sell well compared to my others. I therefore concentrated on the popular follow ups. I don’t have a part 2 in my schedule at present

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