Becoming Joanne 2

femdom fictionMistress Melissa decides that Joseph needs a more focussed forced-feminisation environment.

She brings him to live at her own home and employs two female friends to deepen his feminisation and submission 24/7.

Beauty regimes and strict feminisation training deepen his feminisation and submission in the 2nd book of the series Becoming Joanne.

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Here’s an excerpt of Becoming Joanne 2

Copyright Lady Alexa 2016, 2017


My name is Joanne. I’m a 45 year-old housewife and this is part 2 of my unusual story in the Becoming Joanne series.

I wasn’t always a pretty housewife, I used to be a man called Joseph. I was a rather difficult husband to put it mildly. I came to realise that when I finally pushed my long-suffering wife Julie too far. I drank too much, screwed around with young girls and relied on her to keep me financially. Book 1 told the story of how Julie asked her friend Melissa for help. Melissa. The very name still makes me shudder.

Melissa’s ‘great idea’ was to employ me at her own company which was a legal office in which she was the CEO and lead lawyer. I was totally dependent on Julie financially so I had to do as she told me. I had to follow every instruction of Melissa’s to the letter. If not, I would be thrown out of the marital home and on to the street with nothing.

Melissa put me to work as the administration assistant to the office of women. She became uncomfortable with me being the only male there so she tricked me into wearing female clothing. First in the office then she destroyed all my male clothing and I was forced to wear only skirts and dresses.

Melissa and Julie had always told me that once I’d learnt my lesson, they would allow me to go back to being a proper male. I tried so hard to behave and pretend that I was a reformed character. Melissa wasn’t convinced and Book 2 relates what she calls the next stage of my re-education and transformation.

My name is Joanne and I’m not sure I will ever be allowed to be Joseph again. Maybe I don’t want to be any more.

Chapter One

Pierced ears and more

My yellow dress was pulled to my stomach, pink panties around my ankles. My exposed cleanly-shaved erection straining and pointing to the heavens like an accusing finger to my past behaviour. I was laying on my back flat down on a high clinical-style bed in the back room of a high street beauty parlour. I cowered as Tia, the attractive young beautician, held a staple gun for piercing ears in her right hand while chatting to my wife Julie. Julie was giggling and swinging my pink plastic cock cage on an index finger. The grumbling sound of traffic on the high street filtered into the room from the front of the shop. Tia’s eyes flitted down every few seconds to my erect penis then to my neat triangle of pubic hair with a look of shock.

Tia had told us she had put rings into men’s foreskins before. She added that she had never done it to a man who was wearing a short yellow summer dress and pink women’s shoes. Melissa had told me earlier that day that I was going for ‘some beauty treatment’. Now I understood that she didn’t mean a facial. The truth of the expedition was facing me, stark and severe. Melissa had just informed us all she wanted a ring inserted in my foreskin as part of my re-education. I replied I was reformed, no more affairs, no more drunkenness. I’d work diligently I promised, my voice cracking. Too late she had said. I’d had my chance. My pulse pounded in my neck. My erect penis towered in my eye-line. A fading symbol of my masculinity, denuded of pubic hair and awaiting another step in its emasculation.

I was desperate to flee this virtual prison cell but Melissa’s glare pinned me back. It was enough to remind me of the consequences if I didn’t do as she ordered.

Melissa was standing at the bottom of the bed, a fixed glare on her hard set but alluring face. Her features were large, her eyes like brown ripe almonds. Her arms were folded high, face and lips set tight. Her long red-brown tussled hair was thick, shiny and full of body, like a model from a shampoo commercial. It fell over her eyes and bare shoulders. A tight short red dress hugged her voluminous breasts. My fingers twitched, wanting to caress and fondle them. To bury my face between those two mounds of sex and power. No chance. Ever. A black frill around the hem of her dress was lined across slim muscular legs. My erection ached for her. I didn’t want to have such a strong desire for her, she was belligerent and aggressive towards me. The problem was that the worse she treated me the more I wanted her. The utter inability to have her intensified my deep longing. I didn’t understand it. Why did she have to be so damn sexy?

She tapped a red-sandalled foot against the tiled floor. Tia the beautician had just informed her that she couldn’t pierce the end of my foreskin and clip the ring on until my erection had gone down. The skin was too tight for the clamps on her gun to fit around. I shuddered, becoming more desperate. My throat tight, my mouth dry.

Julie thought the whole thing was highly amusing. I didn’t know what had got into her, she used to be so gentle and pliant. That’s what I used to like about her. She had changed and I blamed Melissa. Melissa threatened to attach a cat’s collar bell onto the ring once it was inserted. I hoped she was joking.

The salon back room had no air-conditioning and my skin was clammy in the summer heat. The room was small, designed for two people not four. My balls were laying loose in the heat, flattened against the white cotton bedsheets like two spread-eagled plucked chicken legs waiting to be roasted. The smell of fresh paint from the newly decorated pastel green walls combined in my nostrils with the perfumed scent from an air freshener. There was bile in my throat, whether that was the smell or the impending piercing was not clear.

Several jars of cream and cotton-wool balls for pedicures and facials sat on the top of a chrome table to the side of my bed. I had thought these were the reason for the visit. Now I knew otherwise. The piercing implement in the beautician’s raised hand caught the glint of the fluorescent lighting. I shivered at what she was soon to do despite the oppressive heat.

Behind Tia and Julie a white curtain separated us from the salon outside. Tia hadn’t pulled it fully across and I could see two women having their nails done by attendants in white face masks, elastic straps around their ears. The attendants glanced at me from time to time with cold unblinking eyes. I rubbed the back of my neck to wipe away the sweat, my long straightened hair sticking to the back of my skin. Beyond the attendants the late morning July sunlight streamed through the shop-front windows. I had asked Tia to close the curtain properly but Melissa had barked at me to shut up and to lose the erection.

I wanted to run but Melissa’s glare intensified at my fidgeting. If I didn’t do as she ordered, I would lose my job with her and be evicted from my home. Or more accurately, the home owned by my wife Julie’s parents. I’d be on the street, penniless and with only women’s clothes to wear. I was trapped. It was only two days ago that Melissa had led the destruction of all my male clothing and replaced them with an all female wardrobe. All I had were skirts and dresses, panties and women’s shoes, high heels.

Do her ears first then we’ll come back to the clitty ring.” Melissa’s face remained fixed, impassive. It was as if a man with an exposed erection in a summer dress about to have a penis ring inserted were an everyday occurrence

I sat up. “Ears, what do you mean ears?” Each new piece of information unwrapping her unwanted present to me, hitting me like arrows flying into my forehead.

Tia moved over and clipped the gun on my left earlobe and pressed. Click. A sharp pain. I squealed an “ow” then put my hand to my lobe and it met a small circular metal ring. Tia leant across me as I touched the lobe with thumb and forefinger. Small breasts rubbed on my chest and for a moment an excitement went through my skin. It passed as quickly as it had arrived when another sharp pain hit my other lobe. Tia moved away, her elbow brushing against my erection. She looked down at it, embarrassed and shuffled away. I held both hand before my eyes. There were spots of blood on both sets of fingers where I’d touched my lobes. She had pierced my ears. I had earrings. I had pierced ears! Things were escalating and I didn’t know how to stop them. Julie’s eyes widened and then she fell into a fit of giggles. Melissa was looking at her watch. Her foot was tapping again.

A hand on the curtain caught my eye. A young lady in a white top ducked into the crowded room and asked Tia for a face cream. She then spotted my erection, red and primed like a missile about to take off. A trickle of pre-cum dripped down to the back to my balls. Her eyes followed it for a few moments as her mouth dropped. She mumbled a sorry and shot out leaving the curtain even further open.

I can’t wait any more I’ve got things to do. Pass me those rubber gloves.” Melissa snatched them from a wary Tia, snapped them on and grabbed my erection. I squealed as she pulled on my foreskin. “I want that ring in her clitty now.”

Melissa tugged and stretched the skin with both gloved hands. She managed to pull it half an inch away from the tip of my tortured penis. “Now. Tia. Do it.”

Tia’s hands moved in a blur as she clipped the gun clamps on and pressed. A bolt of pain. I screamed as it pierced through the skin. She withdrew and a gold ring sat through the foreskin. Melissa let go and it slid back to expose my red bulbous penis head. Despite the shock I wanted to cum. That wasn’t going to happen, Melissa had banned that. Melissa ripped off her surgical gloves and dropped them on the floor. She fished in her handbag and produced a small cat bell. She lifted it and for the first time her closed lips turned up at the edges. She rang the tiny bell by the side of her head. ‘Tinkle tinkle’. She clipped it on the new foreskin ring and told me to stand up. She hadn’t been joking about the bell. I was mortified to see this new symbol of my utter humiliation. Not just female clothing but now a pet’s bell? Tia made an excuse about the next customer waiting and left through the half-open curtain in haste. I slid off the bed to the sound of a tinkle from the bell. I fought back the anger at Melissa’s latest trick, I had to calm down. I wasn’t going to win and I’d only make the situation even worse. If that were possible.

“Walk Joanne. Hold your dress up to your stomach.” Melissa’s hands had folded again across her body.

I shuffled around the tiny room with my panties around my ankles. My straining erection at right angles to my body, the ring with the hanging bell leading the way. Each foot shuffle produced a tinkle from the bell and a clack from my high heels. Tinkle clack tinkle clack. I turned and shuffled back. Tinkle clack tinkle clack. Julie snorted through her nose and her giggles continued. She seemed drunk, drunk on my humiliation.

Excellent.” Melissa’s calculating cool eyes followed my erection bouncing as I moved.

I pushed my hair away from my neck to get some air to it. My finger brushed against my new earring. I’d forgotten about that in my humiliation at the ring and bell now attached to my foreskin.

Melissa stroked her chin and my stomach turned over in desire and also worry at what she might be thinking. I let the front of my dress go and it fell over my erect penis. The loose cotton of the dress stood out over the erection but at least I was covered. My knickers hung around my ankles. I knew to wait for Melissa’s instruction as to when I could pull them up.

We need to get back,” she announced after some thought and marched out of the room. She stopped. She had forgotten something. Spinning round she told me to step out of my panties. “Let some air get to your little puncture wound.” I recoiled at the mention of a wound in my foreskin.

Julie followed her as she marched off to the salon door and I waddled behind her, tinkle clack, tinkle clack, tinkle clack. Bell ring, heel click, bell ring, heel click. The two attendants and their customers’ eyes followed me. I became aware that they were watching me as they had now noticed that I was in reality a man. I put my head down and headed for the door. I stopped. Melissa had also noticed the people staring at me.

They can see you’re a sissy Joanne,” she said too loudly for my comfort. “It’s because you still walk like a man, even in those high heels.”

A look of worry came on to Julie’s face. “Melissa, I know we’re teaching him a lesson but maybe we’ve gone too far in this humiliation?” Her voice raising at the end.

I watched as my wife and Melissa squared up to each other. I always though that Julie looked as if she were permanently cold; red cheeks and nose with chalk white skin. Her face was pinched and her body too slim and boyish. I had liked her because she was pliable, timid and more than a little gullible. She thought the best of everyone which was useful for my regular sessions with the many young ladies I came into contact with. Until I pushed her too far and she enlisted Melissa to teach me a lesson by feminising and humiliating me. A hope filled my chest that she was calling time on the whole feminise and humiliate Joseph game. I was more dependant on her money and support than I’d appreciated.

And just how has this gone too far Julie?” Melissa’s voice was low but with a menace underneath. “She.” Melissa pointed her finger at me, almost touching my nose but looking straight at Julie. “Treated you like a fool for years, abusing your kindness and now we have her under control. At last. What’s your problem with this? I think she needs to remain a girl for a good while longer.”

My stomach turned over in panic. I thought this feminisation thing was just a warning shot to show me things from a woman’s perspective. I didn’t like the sound of her statement, ‘for a good while longer’. I now hoped that Julie would take back control but I knew in my heart that she was not strong enough to counter her best friend. A friend she admired and respected deeply. If Melissa said something then that was the way things were as far as Julie was concerned.

I know Melissa.” Julie looked down, her pinched cheeks reddening towards a beetroot shade. “He is my husband so I thought…”

Melissa’s face softened. “Julie, it’s she and Joanne. She’s can’t be your husband any more, she’s your housewife now.” Melissa put her fingers under Julie’s chin and raised her head.

Everyone in the shop had stopped what they were doing and were watching Melissa and Julie.

Yes sorry Melissa, you’re right.”

For a moment I’d had held on to some hope that Julie would be tough. My hope was dashed. I should have known. I did know in my heart. “But…” Julie’s face reddened even more. Was she about to stand up to Melissa after all?

I don’t want her to suffer too much and besides she still looks like a man which could cause her and us a few problems in the street.”

I could have hugged her, she was standing up for me after all. If only a little. A wave of love went to her and I felt terrible for the way I knew I’d treated her over the years. I willed her to tell Melissa I could change back to male clothing. Melissa was thinking, her hand rubbing the back of her own head. Julie dug into her hand bag and pulled out an oversized pair of female sunglasses.

Joanne could wear these as a disguise to avoid any potential problems. They would hide her masculine face.” Without waiting she placed them on my face.

Melissa sighed through her nose in despair. “You’re such a softy Julie, that’s why I love you.” She then opened the shop door and marched out. Julie had won but it was a tiny pyrrhic victory for me. I remained feminised. Better than nothing was the best I could grasp.

Outside in the street I kept my sunglasses-covered eyes focused on the pavement below my feet. I hadn’t been spotted on the way into the shop as I had been dropped off at the shop door front and Julie parked the car afterwards. Now we had to walk the five minutes to the car park. The July heat beat on my thickening straightened hair as the passing traffic masked the sound of the bell which hit against the underside of my erection in time with my steps.

* * *

I sat in the rear seat on the way home. I should correct that as it was no longer a home, rather it was the house where I lived with Julie. It no longer felt like my home in the way it had. What had I got myself into? I was kicking myself inside at allowing Melissa to control me and I couldn’t see a way out of my current mess. She had feminised and humiliated me at her office, put me in girl’s clothes and now made me have pierced ears and a pierced foreskin. And that little bell. I snorted in futile anger. With Melissa having orchestrated the destruction of any of my male clothes, I only had female clothing to wear. A dull throb from down below reminded me of my recent piercing in that very tender area. I pulled my dress over it and put my knees apart in an unladylike way apart to avoid it touching my thighs. Every little bump made the little bell ring. Julie was sitting in the front as Melissa drove. Julie’s shoulders and head moved up and down in laughter as the bell tinkled. Melissa remained impassive.

We pulled into the driveway and the rush to the front door was humiliating. What if anyone saw me? The neighbours would surely recognise me, even in the dress and heels. The little bell tinkled as I darted for the front door. I felt it tapping against the underside of my cock as I ran. This was worse than I imagined and I wondered when it would stop and they decide that I’ve learnt my lesson. Not for a while Melissa had said. How long was a while?

Once in the house Melissa told me to sit and Julie would bathe my clitty in salt water to help it heal. I wasn’t allowed to touch my penis. One of Melissa’s rules. I was feeling the freedom of not wearing the dreaded cock cage Melissa had provided and insisted I wear when alone. Julie and Melissa each had a key to my cock cage and they would unlock me when they were around to keep an eye on me. I still had to urinate with the door open, sitting down. Only if I was doing something else would I be allowed to shut the door. The cock cage stayed on other times though.

I let myself enjoy Julie bathing my new penis ring with a ball of cotton wool and salt water. Melissa was scowling at me. She wasn’t happy that I had an erection as she said I was enjoying it and she didn’t like to see me enjoying myself. As Julie wiped the little bit of blood away, the bell tinkled. It was driving me crazy already. I looked around the living room as I laid back on the sofa while Julie dabbed my foreskin with the damp soft cotton wool ball. My dress was around my stomach again. My surroundings were all so familiar yet it no longer looked like home. Something was missing.

My guitar used to sit in the corner and it was no longer there. I didn’t know where she’d put it. I know I hadn’t played it for some years but I liked to see it and imagine I was a rock star. Then I noticed my pictures of old vinyl album covers had been replaced with bland black and white photos of beaches and stones. I sat up. The bookcase where I’d had my CDs and books on football now had ornaments of china tea pots and little animals. Julie had erased my personality from our home and replaced it with bland femininity.

Melissa chose that moment to remind me I was not permitted to cum for the foreseeable future. I was desperate as I hadn’t cum for some days which was unusual for me. I wanted relief but I couldn’t see how I would manage it. Just how had I got myself in this mess? Made to wear female clothing, with a female hairstyle. It was my own fault I knew that. I had pushed Julie too far in the end. I didn’t realise she knew about all my affairs. How did she know? I had been so careful and I didn’t think she was that bright. I had misjudged her and she’s turned the tables on me. I would have no chance of an affair now. Not dressed like this. I shuddered at the thought of a male wanting to have sex with me. I pushed the thought away from my mind in disgust.

Melissa had told me that once I’d learnt my lesson then she would let me be free again. I’d tried very hard to pretend I was reformed but she didn’t believe me. She was right, I was just going along with her until she got bored of this game. She wasn’t bored yet and was even escalating the situation. I had to go along with her ridiculous ideas or lose my job and home. Feminised and humiliated or living on the street and begging and still feminised. I had to grit my teeth and pretend to accept it. It had to end soon, didn’t it?

Julie stopped dabbing my foreskin, which was a shame. She checked my new pierced ears, wiped them and let me pull my dress over my exposed erection. The damned bell tinkled twice as the dress touched the end of my penis. The two women were looking at me. There was something going on. They had something to say, that was obvious. Julie started to speak but stopped and put a finger over her thin lips and looked at her knees. Whatever it was they were going to tell me wasn’t going to be good for me.

Joanne.” Melissa wasn’t so timid. “I’m going to give you some time away from working at my office.”

I perked up. That wasn’t such bad news. In fact this was extremely good news. For the past weeks I’d been steadily feminised and humiliated by Melissa at work in front of the other two ladies there. I thought for a brief moment that things were going to improve. My joy was to be short-lived.

You’re going to come and live me me for a while.” The smile left my face like ice cream melting in the midday sun.

I couldn’t see Julie’s expression as her face remained down. “Julie? What’s this about?”

Julie looked up, her hands together on her knees, her loose grey trousers providing a stark contrast to my short yellow dress. Things were the wrong way round, I should be in the trousers. But I wasn’t. “We thought it for the best Joseph… I mean Joanne.”

My mouth opened but no sound came out as Melissa explained. “You need some specific focussed training Joanne. We saw that today when the ladies in the beauty parlour recognised you as a male.”

I continued to look at Julie for an explanation. What did she mean specific focussed training? “I’ve behaved and done everything you asked Julie. I’ve been humiliated by having to wear female clothing not say the horrible ring and earrings. I’m a changed person. Please. When can I go back to normal and wear male clothing again?”

Melissa answered. “We don’t believe you’ve learnt your lessons about your behaviour. In truth Joanne, you have some way to go before I can say you are a changed character.” Melissa’s comments cut through me. “Just shaving your body and wearing female clothing doesn’t turn you into what I want you to be. You need to learn a whole range of things before we can say you’re a good girl.”

I sat up straight and hard. “What do you mean a good girl? When am I going to be able to dress as a man again?”

Just when I release you from my control Joanne will depends entirely on the how quickly you learn from the intensive training programme you’ll undergo at my house.”

So I just need to do your training course and then I can go back to male-hood?”

Once you’ve undergone the transformations and you’ve taken on the training and re-education then I’ll release you back to Julie.” Melissa didn’t blink. She stood up and gestured to me. “Now Joanne. We’re leaving now. You’re going to be spending a few weeks with me.”

What on earth did she have planned for me? I had a nasty feeling it wouldn’t be for my benefit.

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