Becoming Joanne 1

femdom fiction

He thinks she will teach him a short sharp lesson for his bad behaviour. Her lessons instead take him on a more permanent transformation.

Joseph was an arrogant misogynist womaniser. His wife turns to her best friend, the powerful lawyer Melissa, to teach him a lesson.

Melissa takes to her task with enthusiasm and employs him at her law office as an admin assistant and so begins his transition from the aggressive Joseph to the submissive Joanne

This is book one the a 3-part series Becoming Joanne

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Here’s the first chapter for you to read and enjoy

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My name is Joanne and I’m a 45 year old housewife and part-time administration assistant at a law firm in Central London. I live in North London and I’m tall for a girl but I am very slim with long slim legs although my shoulders are a little too broad for my liking. I wasn’t always as pretty as I am now.

I’m married to Julie and have been for ten years. Thankfully, two women living together as wife and wife is no longer considered unusual although some of my own family and friends think I’ve changed a little too much in recent months. Julie however, says I’m now like a beautiful butterfly who’s emerged into the light after years as an ugly caterpillar.

Julie is very much in charge in our marriage and you could say she wears the trousers in our relationship, sometimes in reality and always metaphorically. She doesn’t permit me to wear trousers ever in any sense of the meaning. Julie doesn’t do any housework, laundry or cooking, that is entirely my responsibility. She chooses all my clothing and insists on me wearing very short skirts and dresses with high heels saying she loves me to look pretty and very girly. No tights for me, only stockings, as Julie says they are more feminine and far more sexy.

My fingernails are long and coloured with bright pink nail varnish in shellac thanks to my regular attendance at the local nail-bar. My make-up is perfect; I’ve learnt how to apply it myself expertly. My hair is deep brown and shoulder length with large curls at the ends. Julie accompanies me to the hairdresser every week to make sure it is kept looking pretty. My fringe curls under slightly and touches my top eyelashes which makes me blink at times. Julie says my blinking makes me look cute and innocent, which I’m not. Not innocent that is.

I wear a C-cup bra but as I’m naturally flat-chested, I have to wear breast forms. Julie says she is going to pay for an operation to have breast implants inserted so that I can have real breasts. She’s considering a D-cup but I’m not keen. However, Julie says it doesn’t matter what I think as this is what’s going to happen and that it’s not my fault that nature neglected to give me large tits. She says she’s going to rectify the situation. Another thing is that I have something extra in my knickers that most girls don’t have. Julie says I’ll be keeping it as a reminder of my past misdemeanours plus she likes to play with it sometimes for her personal sexual enjoyment. At all other times she locks it away in a small cage and keeps the key.


My name is Joanne and this is my story.

Chapter 1.

At home with Julie

Friday 5th February 2016. Evening.

My face was stinging, I couldn’t focus. Julie was shouting at me but her words seemed far away, swirling around and around somewhere at the back of my brain even though her mouth was just two inches from my face. I could smell the strains of recent coffee on her breath and feel tiny pieces of her saliva hitting my cheeks as she screamed at me. My face jerked to the side again under the force of another slap. My long straight unkempt hair whipping across my face and catching in my dry open mouth. I was thinking about how Julie hated me having long hair rather than the fact she’d just hit me. Alcohol makes you think of irrelevant things at unusual times. My alcohol intake had numbed my reactions so that even though I had seen her second slap coming, my brain wouldn’t react.

I watched Julie’s slim back and tight bum as she strode away from me but I continued standing there, unable to know what to do. I watched her go to the sink and fill a pint glass with cold water as I pulled my hair from my mouth. She turned back towards me and threw the contents in my face. My long lank hair now stuck across my face. That tactic worked and I came around from my alcoholic stupor and pulled some of the wet strands of hair from my mouth again. I’d been in a rock band many years ago and I’d kept my hair shoulder length which, coupled with my slender frame, made me think I looked like a rock musician. Julie said I looked effeminate and scruffy. Not a good mix she’d said, frequently.

My mouth opened and closed but I had nothing to say.

Joseph, I’m going to go out to think about this and to give you time to sober up.” said Julie. “When I get back there are going to be major changes. This is your final chance, you now need to stop behaving this way and grow up and respect me and other women. I’m not going to support you any more. You’ve lost a job for the last time and abused your last woman. You need to think about whether you want me and our marriage or whether you want to continue in your misogynist and selfish ways.”

I knew she meant it as she’d called me Joseph instead of Joe or Joey. Only my mum ever called me Joseph.

Julie turned round and marched to the front door. My eyes followed her. The front door slammed behind her; I could see the door frame shake as I continued to stand there, a little cloud of dust started falling gently from the ceiling light fitting. Thirty seconds or more passed before I moved to the living room to sit, my mind was starting to clear. After losing my previous job following an argument with a female manager, I’d found a job with a small web design agency in Shoreditch in London’s trendy East End. I’d really enjoyed it although the people working there had all been about half my age. They didn’t seem to mind at all. The owner, Wendy, had been a real pain in the arse though. She was a business woman rather than an internet expert which meant she just didn’t understand how it worked; in my opinion. I know she’d invested all her money in the business but I had wondered what woman would ever understand these things. I’d managed to keep my mouth shut for months though just as Julie had asked me to do, putting up with working for a woman was not easy. Actually Julie had told me to keep my mouth shut… or else.

I’d always had a problem with women in authority, I don’t know why. I suppose I was a little old fashioned that way. Very old fashioned really. It hadn’t been the first time I’d reacted badly to a woman in authority but this was destined to be the last; it’s just that I didn’t know it at that time.

This morning had started so well, Julie and I had even made love before we left for work together; things were going well between us. I know I never used to do much around the house to help her, well nothing really but that’s because I believed that housework was women’s work so I had a good reason. Or so I thought.

Today had been my colleague Jeremy’s birthday: twenty five, young enough to be my son, if I’d had one that is. I liked him although he was a little snooty at times. Most of them in the office were like that as they had come from what I would call privileged middle class families who hadn’t had to work so hard to get where they were, unlike me who had a poor working class beginning. I guess I had a chip on my shoulder. I can see it now, after all that’s happened, but I didn’t see it then. Anyway, everyone in the office had gone for a lunchtime drink to celebrate. I’m not sure what happened, maybe I should have eaten something. I definitely shouldn’t have mixed wine and beer and I definitely shouldn’t have drunk twice as much as anyone else.

My boss Wendy then chose that afternoon, after we’d returned from the pub, to give me an urgent project to deliver and then to berate me for being drunk. She had shouted at me in front of everyone in that small office, speaking to me like I was a little boy. That said, punching her probably wasn’t the best of reactions. But I’d been angry and besides, what right had a mere woman to tell me, a man, what to do? She told me to leave right then. I refused but the other workers in the office helped me to leave, somewhat forcibly. As I replayed the events of the day, I felt myself drifting into an uncomfortable alcohol induced sleep. The type that gives no real rest.

I woke with a jump. Julie was standing over me, arms folded. How long had I slept? I didn’t know. Julie’s red eyes betrayed the fact she’d been crying or maybe she hadn’t slept. Or both? I tried to focus my sleepy eyes on the wall-clock above the work-surface in the kitchen, which I could see through the dining area. It said 10 ‘o’clock but it was light outside. I’d fallen asleep on the sofa and slept all night. Julie looked at me and explained in a voice betraying her thoughts that she believed I was stupid, that she’d stayed with her best friend Melissa last night and had considered that our marriage was at at end following my latest fiasco. However she’d spent long hours discussing things with Melissa and they’d come up with a plan.

A plan Jules?” I asked sleepily and I swung my legs round to sit up.

Don’t call me Jules and don’t say a word.” She told me coldly “You’ll just listen to me. This is your final chance and you will do two things. If you don’t follow what I say exactly then our marriage is over and you will leave my house.”

I squinted at her through rheumy eyes. We were living in a house owned by her parents who were property developers and allowed us to live in one of their properties free of rent. I wasn’t sure why she’d called it her house.

Julie continued “As you know, my friend Melissa is a lawyer and I’ve arranged with her that you’ll work for her at her law firm in central London. You will do whatever she tells you to do. You seem to have a problem with women and in particular with women in positions of power so Melissa will teach you respect. She’s a formidable lady as you well know. This is not negotiable and any failure at all and you’re out of my house and out of my life. You will start on Monday, do you understand me Joseph?”

I started to open my mouth.

I don’t want to hear your voice, just nod.”

I nodded my head and looked at the floor. I had little choice. That’s not true, I had no choice. I could feel Julie looking at me but I didn’t want to look up. I stared at the floor. A new feeling of shame drifted through my body. It wasn’t shame for what I’d done but shame that I was having to do what a woman was ordering me to do.

Julie continued. “Melissa is going to transform you Joseph. I can guarantee that you will not be the same person once she’s finished with you.”

I had absolutely no idea at that point just how much Melissa was going to transform me. No idea at all.

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femdom fiction