The Girl Within Him

femdom fictionSebastian’s best friend saw something else inside the sensitive young man. She sets out to transform him into how she really sees him – as a girl.

But his friend is not the only one who sees him as feminine. The tough Maria has ideas for him too but sees him more as her feminised house servant.

What ever way he goes his future seems to be as the girl within him.


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Here’s an excerpt from the book.

© Lady Alexa 2017

She placed a soft package wrapped in pink glossy paper on her single student bed. His eyes went to the large pink ribbon tied around the package. He wanted to ask her why she’d chosen pink. A girl’s colour. He decided not to break the moment. He had to accept her as she was. Someone who pushed boundaries. Did she even knew what a boundary was?

Happy birthday princess,” she bellowed as she presented it to him. He lowered his head and his cheeks flushed as he saw the label.

‘To my pretty princess, love Blue x’

The end of his cock tingled as he read the words.

Open it,” she ordered in her regular bossy tone, the formality falling away.

Sebastian put his tumbler on the table and looked up at her.

What is in it Blue?”

She pushed the soft package into his arms. He took it with apprehension and his eyes widened at the soft feel of the present.

What would you like it to be princess?” She sat on the bed and leant back against the wall stretching her legs out before her.

I don’t mind Blue. Anything, I just love being with you, that’s enough.”

Ah how sweet, I know you do princess.” Her eyes creased. “Open the present, I wanted this for you so much. It’s how I’ve always seen you in my mind. Now I want to see my image of you in reality.”

He looked at her, unsure of what she was talking about. What was it she wanted him to have so much? Her eyes were sparkling and the toes on her bare feet wriggled as she watched him. He slipped off the pink ribbon and unpicked the sticking tape on the wrapping paper with precision. He removed the paper and saw a brown paper shop bag inside. It had the name of an upmarket department store brand emblazoned across the front. He put the present bag under his arm and started to fold the pink wrapping paper. Blue tapped her long blue-coloured glossy talons on her metal bed post. She ripped the wrapping paper from his grip and threw it to the floor and chucked at his fussiness.

Come on, take it out the bag.” She placed both her palms down on the bed lifting her body up a fraction.

Sebastian put his hand inside the bag and felt a plastic cover. He pulled it out and this time let the bag drop to the floor. Blue’s face beamed from his side vision as he saw a white garment inside the clear plastic sleeve. He glanced at Blue whose smile widened as he stared back at the white material inside. A rose-coloured flower pattern flowed across the material.

Take it out of the plastic bag and hold it up,” Blue ordered.

He pulled it out and shook it down. His mouth dropped.

It’s a dress,” he croaked, his mouth dry.

Yes, it’s pretty isn’t it?” Blue’s lips curled up in pleasure, her eyes glinted hinting at something else behind them. “Put it on princess, I want to see how pretty you look.”

Why did you buy me a dress Blue?” He tried to regain some strength in his voice as chills raced up his neck.

Don’t you like it?” A hint of disappointment came into her voice for the first time.

It’s very pretty but why would you buy dress for me?”

Blue’s face lit up again. “Why do you think? I’ll help you put it on.”

Sebastian stood holding the dress up to his eyes unable to move. He stared at the thin shoulder straps, the low front and the flared soft wide pleat. Blue took it from him and held it up to him. The dress would barely cover his underwear, if at all.

You want me to put this on?” He asked.

Shouldn’t a princess wear a pretty dress?” A tone of concern coming into Blue’s voice.

Sebastian didn’t want to upset his best friend, a friend he loved but he was not keen on her latest idea. He looked behind at her face, disappointment in her mouth and eyes.

Thank you so much for thinking of me Blue and it’s very pretty. I like it. But I can’t wear a dress. Besides it’s too short.”

Short is sexy.” His cock sprung into life at hearing her words. “Anyway there’s no one else here and we’ve been friends for years. Only we will see you looking so pretty my princess. You can wear it for me when we’re alone together.” Her booming voice softened to a tone he hadn’t heard before. He melted at the sound of this sweeter voice. A ball knotted in his stomach at the thought of putting a dress on and his cock hardened.

OK,” he whispered, his words melding into the background music like an accompaniment to the song. Her shoulders relaxed and mouth lifted.

Blue placed his dress on the bed. His eyes moved to follow the soft flowing cotton garment. The thought of the material against his skin send another spasm through his body. Spikes surged through his stomach and down to the end of his firm penis. He continued to avert his eyes from Blue’s gaze as she lifted his white tee-shirt over his head. Her fingers slipped to his flies and she jerked the zip down, followed by his jeans. He stepped out of the bundle around his ankles. Blue stood back, a finger went to her chin as she looked him up and down.

Those boxer shorts are not going to work with your pretty new dress princess. They need to come off.” He eyes dropped to the raging erection inside his boxers.

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femdom fiction