Feminization his path, transgender his destiny

Becoming JoanneYou’re going to remain as a girl. I can’t trust you as a man.”

And so begins Joseph’s next stages of transformation into femininity, as the increasingly transgender she-male Joanne. He faces a whole new level of humiliation at the hands of Melissa and her able assistant Imogen. But Melissa has so much more in store for him in Becoming Joanne 3.


Mellisa enlists the help of Miss Allerton, an expert in the feminisation of men, to take Joseph/Joanne on a path of no return.

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Joseph is trying to reconcile his wishes to return to his old life as a man with the growing realisation that he has started to enjoy  aspects of his new life as Joanne.

You will continue to stay here and to dress in pretty dresses and skirts. We have some extra training for you.”

My mouth dropped open as hers had broadened into a wide grin. More training? What more could there be? I already wore short dresses and skirts and wore a bra with breast inserts in. I had false pink nails and long feminine hair. What more could they do to me?

Distressingly Melissa’s words caused my then uncaged cock to harden instantly. It pushed out the front of my flimsy short dress as if it were a tongue inside a cheek. Melissa glanced at it without interest, my wife Julie nodded as she watched events. What had got into Julie, she used to be so placid? Imogen sneered and pointed out that my erection was evidence I actually enjoyed being a girl. There was some truth to her comment but I wasn’t about to admit that.I didn’t know it then but there was a whole lot more they were about to do to me.

To take me even deeper into enforced femininity.

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forced feminization

Joseph is taken further and deeper into enforced feminisation and humiliation as he becomes Joanne

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  1. Ginger Fotrell says:

    I just purchased “Becoming Joanne 3” from Amazon and look forward to reading more and more about Joseph’s journey into feminization and humiliation!

    Thank you Lady Alexa

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