Feminization Progress Beyond the Blog

Feminization progressFeminization progress on all fronts (pun intended). Alice has finally got my newsletter working how I want it, I’ve written a short story about my favourite fictional mistress, there’s a report on Alice’s breasts and finally, her increasingly luxuriant hair.

Beyond the Blog

Signing up to my newsletter gets you a free additional chapter to my best-selling novel series Becoming Joanne. It’s a prequel called the Mistress and it’s about one of my favourite characters, the domineering Melissa Stone. It’s her 38th birthday party and her friends have lined up a special femdom evening for her…

forced feminisation

Melissa The Mistress

In the future you’ll get it as soon as you sign up but those who already signed up will have got an email with a link. I’m not sure what I’d do without Alice’s technical skills (and her cleaning, cooking, washing and looking pretty skills). You can subscribe on the link to the top right or from this button.


As for the blog, Alice made some changes without asking me. She added some images of what she says is a sissy character around the edges. I think it’s only visible on computer screens not mobile devices.

I’m in two minds about it. The problem might be that I’m not sure as I’m annoyed that I haven’t been able to entirely drive Alice’s independence out her character. Maybe I like that, sometimes it annoys me. I would have preferred her to have asked me first. However she stopped me punishing her for now by suggesting that my readers might like it. You tell me.

Please comment and let me know if you like what she did by voting below. The poll closes on 22nd November. If it’s no then Alice gets a spanking for not asking me about the changes.

Alice’s Tits

These are coming along very nicely. I had a request from a couple of you for a photo to show the progress. remember that she’s only just started on the vacuum pumps. At the moment she has to use them for 30 minutes every day. They are swollen up for a while then go down. I imagine over time I  will see an increase.They have already grown entirely due to focused weight training on that area.

Here’s a cropped photo of how they are now without the pump effect. There is a definite female breasts shape there and that shape now shows through tighter tops.

feminization progress

I think with the breast vacuum pumps I can get her breasts to be nice facsimiles of real breasts. Maybe not the 38C of her falsies but something definite and boob-like. With the supplements people have mentioned I have high hopes here.

Alice’s Hair

Alice now has to dye it a nice feminine silver all over. Before it was a sort of salt and pepper. The benefit of this is that it’s not immediately obvious on her middle-aged male guise. In fact no one has mentioned her new colour or longer hair. Here are a couple of photos. We have some way to go but, like the breasts, it’s a real growing progress.

feminization progressfeminization progress

These are not the best of photos as they don’t bring out the nice all-over silver shade very well. It’s all the fashion with women here in London at present. However, you can see where I’ve styled her hair to curl up at the back. I haven’t gone too far yet as it would shorten her hair. Once it’s longer I’ll give her much firmer and larger obvious curls

Feminization Progress on All Fronts

I’m asked many times why I like to feminise and humiliate my husband. To be honest, I don’t really know. I do know that it gives me immense pleasure and enjoyment and maybe that’s the answer. It’s not for punishment as Alice is not a nasty macho person so there is no petticoat-punishment element. Rather it’s the pleasure of making my husband an even more gentle, soft and better person. I think the humiliation is just my naughty streak. As to why Alice goes along with it is a separate question. Without my persuasion and nagging she would without doubt slip back into male ways.


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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16 Responses to Feminization Progress Beyond the Blog

  1. slave sindee says:

    Love your blog
    if i were Alice i would continue process without your nagging or persuasion.
    i think she is very lucky to have You as her Mistress

  2. whyguys says:

    Lady… amazing the progress already in Alice’s breast development. Suspect this shall cause MAJOR acceleration of her awareness of proper feminine submission. One can see even the most resistant male having little resolve in fighting such change and thus enormous re-defining identity and self and public image as feminine and decreasingly any longer a ‘man’.

    Please keep us up to date on psychological, sociological and emotional changes You and others find in her.

  3. Ian Elliott says:

    My congratulations to Alice. I recommend pueraria mirifica as a boost to breast growth. It can be obtained from Anne Selene at nat68angel@gmail.com.

    Mine are growing too!


  4. Brian ONeill says:

    Alice goes along with it because deep down it’s fulfilling. Otherwise she wouldn’t. I’m exactly the same. Scared to move forward but prepared to do so with someone like you guiding me and holding my hand. The love between you allows you hold hands and move forward together.

  5. Sharon S. says:

    I agree with Ian Elliott….pueraria mirifica is a great way to go….start slow and build the dose. One 500mg tablet before bed for a week, the add a second one after breakfast for three weeks, and then add another at midday for a month then spread them evenly when you get to 4 times a day. After about six months I got a lump under my right nipple that was too painful to touch. I saw my doctor, had a scan and stopped taking the pills…… panicked ! The lady doing the scan said nothing to worry about as it was new breast tissue growing. But due to the extreme soreness I stopped taking the pills for good…… but I’m still a B cup to this day. Note I became very emotional while taking the pills, bursting into tears for no reason sometimes, and I was not able to get an erection at all.
    What you are doing with Alice is a slower but safer way to go without the side effects. Suction followed by breast implants once the skin is stretched would be much better.
    Pushing Alice’s limits slowly but always forward is what she truly desires and it gives you great pleasure too…… a match made in heaven.

  6. Ginger Fotrell says:

    Mi Lady Alexa!

    Thank you so very much for publishing this blog in addition to your wonderful stories. I find it fascinating watching you do what you write about! It may not be as extreme as the fantasy but it does reflect a reality that can exist. Alice’s journey is all the more real because femininization is so much about psychological conditioning!


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thank you Ginger although it’s the other way round I publish my books in addition to the blog. The books grew out of my real-life enjoyment of my own FLR/forced fem lifestyle and writing the blog about it. So the blog is the reality aspect and my books more of a fantasy (except for How I Feminised My Husband.)

  7. Nicola says:

    Love the hair, here’s something that might be interesting to try: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcelling

  8. Funmi says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,
    Can you please consider sharing your book ” How I feminized my husband” in a serial form on your newsletter. Some of us cannot buy it online especially in African countries where e-books are not sold by Amazon and online payments are difficult.
    Funmiola Adegboye

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Funmi, great to hear from you. Although I don’t plan on serialising that specific book your comment has given me 2 ideas. I will serialise some elements of the book and add in the later developments of Alice’s feminisation. The book is really a compendium if my early blog posts put into a novel style. The other idea you’ve given me is to put the books for sale directly on my blog. I’ll tell Alice to investigate. I realise you’ll still have the online payment problem but it will get over the unavailability of Amazon in some regions. Lady Alexa

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