Feminization Progress

My recent hiatus with regard to my posting on this blog is no reflection of any hiatus in Alice’s encouraging acceptance of her feminization progress. On the contrary, things are going very well. Breasts, hair and clothing are the areas I’m going to discuss and I’ll also expound on why I think this progress is going so well.

Online hiatus – offline feminization progress

My recent online silence is due to a number of factors: my day job, writing a new book and Alice doing some website updates which didn’t go so well initially.

Alice does all the technical stuff for my website. I asked (told?) her to develop a newsletter so I can write directly to my followers with some free stuff and inside information on my books and stories and so on. She managed to cause some problems on the website so I was unable to post for a while. All sorted now.

She’s transferring all my current email followers this week to the new newsletter service.

Those of you who are already email followers to my blog will begin to get my newsletters automatically. If you follow by wordpress you won’t get them so you’ll need to subscribe to my newsletter separately.

This all assumes Alice doesn’t bugger it up again. So if you’re a regular reader and not yet signed-up to my forced-feminisation and FLR newsletter why not do it now?


Very nice work Alice – eventually.

A new girl’s breasts

These aren’t Alice’s yet but what I think I can realistically get to. From gym work alone she already has a nice raised outline. Bench press, flyers and tricep push ups seem to be having an effect. I’m even becoming a gym bunny with all the terminology. We’re now working on the suction pumps nightly and I hope in the next few months that this gives her something like we can see above. A big thank you to all the contributors who gave me advice on this topic on comments and direct emails.

Alice has accepted the need for her to have discernible breasts, something which continues to surprise me. Her reluctance to having obvious external signs of femininity have dissipated. I find this hugely exciting and it will the topic of a future post covering why I think that women like me enjoy and prefer their partners feminised.

Hair for the new girl

Regular readers know that Alice’s hair has been a source of frustration for me. Since she’s thinning on top a female hairstyle has been difficult. She therefore had a short male cut and then wore a wig at home. Yet to look truly feminine all the time she needs a female cut. I decided that long and slightly thinning was better than short, slightly thinning and male. So I banned her from getting her hair cut. It’s now longer than it’s been for decades. Not long long but over her collar and almost covering her ears long.

Once again Alice has gone along with this without complaint. Complying with my instruction. I am the amazed mistress of London. To start with I’ve got her to start dying her hair. Most girls of a certain age do this and this is one more to add to her feminine routines. It also now allows me to style it… a little. Although it’s still not that long, I can curl up the ends with a circular brush and hairdryer and use a spray to hold it. My intention is that eventually it will come down to her shoulders. I love the idea of her having long hair with an upwards curl sitting on her shoulders, like those 1960s models, actresses and singers.

I think this would look very feminine and pretty for Alice. I am looking into hair restorer products for the top of her head. She’s currently using a shake-on product, which seems a little like pepper and is relatively effective but washes away when she washes her hair. It binds to her hair making it look thicker.

I’d probably allow her to go outside the house without the curl but brush it back in at home. We’ll see. Progress all the same.

Clothing for the feminised male partner

More feminization progress. Alice already has a pretty good wardrobe of female clothing but I want to upgrade this. But…it’s more than just upgrading her clothing. Much of what she has was purchased via mail order or from charity shops. We have done some physical shopping at female clothing shops but discretely. I’m now planning for us to go to a department store to buy a whole new wardrobe for Alice together. She will try them on and I want to hold the clothing up to her in the shop. We had an improvised shopping expedition yesterday as we had time after going to the cinema. We didn’t buy anything for her but I did spot a couple of nice skirts which I held to her waist to check out the fit. They were a little too long but we’ll go again on the planned trip. I’m looking forward to it and Alice has again not raised any complaints.

The new girl

showing her knickers

New breasts, new hair and new clothing all underway. But what has changed with Alice? Her feminization progress has always been hard work and reluctant on her part. She’s always liked to play  feminisation as a sex game but my need to have her as a girl day to day was always met with reluctance and delay.

She continues to fret about anyone outside our circle of FLR friends knowing and I understand that, but I feel I’ve got through. I believe that my incremental approach has worked and little steps normalise the changes before moving onto the next stage of feminisation. I know there will be some challenges ahead. Being realistic, she’s not ready to go out in a skirt during the day but first things first. I’ve told her that as soon as she’s ready to go out in female clothing I’ll support her fully and it won’t be a problem for me. She looked at me as if I were mad. But who would have thought five years ago that Alice in her old male guise would be growing breasts and hair?

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About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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27 Responses to Feminization Progress

  1. Sally Bend says:

    Sorry to hear about the technical issues, but very excited to read about Alice’s progression. It sounds like you know exactly what you want out of her, and it seems you have a solid, well thought-out, realistic approach to get her there.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’ve had a plan for a few years but it’s been gradual as I’ve had to bring a sometimes reluctant Alice along with me. As for the technical stuff, it’s all ok now and was a consequence of asking Alice to set up my newsletter. She hadn’t done this before and it took her a bit of time to work it out and then causing a problem which took a few days to sort out.

  2. SillyGirl says:

    Good to hear from you again. Downtown, there are a couple of “boutiques” that are just a bit pricey, but do contain some exceptionally attractive clothing. I have purchased a couple of items there, and they have sales occasionally. They are both small shops, and I can “talk freely” to the owner of one of them. It is a wonderful experience, and a joy to go there if only window shopping. I see this as an excellent opportunity for Alice to get out and begin interacting with the “public”.
    You can be proud of your progress! Oh… and tell Alice she can be proud too!
    Could you post a picture (generic-non-face type) of Alice’s hair length? I’m sure that more than just I are curious about the progress. Thanks.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’m not sure Alice is proud, accepting is probably a closer adjective to describe her feelings on the matter. I understand the request on Alice’s hair. It’s not really at what I’d call a female length yet but I’ll see it’s possible to show something without giving too much away.

  3. Jim Serdut says:

    love how you share what YOU are doing to and for him.. very insightful and erotic.

  4. corsetjane says:

    Another delightful turn of the feminisation screw Lady A…I love your style….


  5. Ian Elliott says:

    I’ve had troubling signing on. I’m proceeding with my own HRT, having found vendors who can ship to Norway. I have a lot to report.

  6. Sharon S. says:

    Glad to hear Alice is starting to accept her new self, it must be so rewarding for both of you.
    I tried to top from the bottom years ago and my wife stopped everything dead in its tracks and has never revisited those times with me. She is a hairdresser and last week put foil highlights in my shoulder length hair, and this week she permed my hair, and mentioned she may tint my eyelashes jet black soon……. so you knows…. I live in hope.

  7. Joy Columba says:

    Awesome story and strong lady.

  8. Doreen says:

    Hi Lady Alexa,
    Have you made Alice undergo laser or electrolysis to remove facial hair or does she still shave? Is make up a must especially lipstick and eyebrow shaping?
    Most importantly does Alice continue with her male voice or you have asked her to practice a higher female pitch?
    Please do enlighten us as you continue to share your fascinating and exciting transformation of Alice.

  9. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa…. You are a wondrous benchmark and example of how Female Masters have taken upon Themselves the task of correcting the mistakes in the past sex role hierarchy in transforming the folly of past male illusion of ‘masculinity’. You do it in manner that GUIDES with consideration rather than coerces with cruelty the establishment of Female Supremacy over the now clearly seen inferior male! It will be an unalterable ‘sea change’ of empowerment for the Female and concomitant complete surrender for the male to accept the differences of the sexes as they are truly intended.

    CURTSEYS to Your methods – both irrefutable and yet humanely kind to the male girl at the same time!!! (Alice is a supremely fortunate young male wench… being in the vanguard of many more to be guided by Female Masters such as You!

    On a procedural note (and perhaps yet more a societal note), particularly found interesting the form of feminine hairstyles You prefer for Alice. They are reminiscent mainly of the type of hair fashion demaded of Females in the 1950’s up to the early 1960’s and thus from the LAST decade where archaic false male assumption of male superiority and/or predominance was exhibit.

    The IRONY that the era of the Female assumption of primacy over Her male girl mate might begin with WE poor confused now knowingly “WEAKER SEX”
    might now begin with acceptance and assumption of the last fashions and body concepts the male earlier forced upon Women is unmistakable poetic justice and highly amusing. Of course we males may sob a tinge in shame as well, thinking of our lost import and ‘manhood’ *whimper* when we realize we shall never get away with such ever again. Yet even that shall be outweighed by those moments when a male girl finds herself thrilled at the gleam of love that shines in the eyes of her superior Female Master so appreciative of Her dainty male’s proper adoring submission and obedience.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      My choice of future hairstyle for Alice is of course a deliberate reversion to a past societal construct and then reversing it

      • whyguys says:

        Brilliant thinking and planning, Lady Alexa, starting the reversal of sex roles with the trappings of a historical period where males last attempts at false masculinity and power were virtually unquestioned!

        Suspect we of the weaker male girl sex are in for a head swirling future of interesting and at times humiliating journey of being made to experience what we arrogantly once forced upon Females – and perhaps far more.

        (Love to hear what You and other Female supremacist futurists
        converse with one another on plotting the new Female – male girl landscape: what ideas Your Sex have had brainstorming, amusement You all feel at re-vising males, how You strengthen each others’ resolve, ultimate visions of how You see results, how You support on another in ideas and actions, etc etc.)

        It must truly be both a challenging and satisfying experience being a Female in the Age of Woman now that She is completing Her final total victory and assured eternal reign.

  10. DeDe says:

    Lady Alexa,
    Hello again.I can really see you some day opening up a feminization boutique. Having classes, teaching couples and women wanting this for there relationship. Showing women around the world the power they have. A place where men come in but walk out feminized and a good submissive house wife or soon to be to a strong woman.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Oh nice idea, I feel a plot line for a novel in that

      • whyguys says:

        Lady Alexa… yes more of Your wonderful storylines.

        Particular like those with a futurist, almost sci-fi bent where the exchanging of power, personality, behaviour, roles and eventually even dress is the main focus such as:

        • Lady Alexa says:

          I do have a sci-fi storyline in my head as it happens. I’m not giving any more away just yet

          • whyguys says:

            Oh Lady A… we can hardly wait for Your hyper-driving us into a world or universe where dainty domesticated skirted males swoon at the exploits of the superior and stronger Female sex control the future served by the adoring and obediently feminine male girl.

            BEAM us to our household and galley duties after You’ve cured us of all our false ‘masculine’ pretense – Commander Alexa!

  11. sissy jamieanne says:

    Always wonderful to read your updates Lady Alexa. Thank you so much for sharing. As a feminised male, I find many of your posts educational…providing ideas for my own further feminisation. As wish Alice, I’m certainly “thinning” on top, and for a girl that’s always an issue…but I strive to be the best feminine version of myself I can be!

    Can’t wait to hear more about Alice’s breast growth…how very exciting!

  12. quedesha says:

    Scenario 2 you influenced me highly with see below.

    I wrote the book: The Elevation to Divinity Form Mistress Lucrezia to Goddess Ira. This month there was in London the premiere of documentation about her life as a Mistress.

    Introduction of the play you influenced me with
    Mistress was thinking about her slave / husband. A few years ago they signed a TPE / marriage agreement. It had been a great honor for him because she had accepted him as her slave and husband. She had become the owner of his body and he had accepted her as his “mistress wife”. Mistress, however, soon had a different relationship. A relationship that was now a thing of the past.
    Now their relationship would be deepened through a game with 1 dice. Six scenarios would be devised. Her slave had to think of 3 and send it to her so she could read it. She would also come up with 3 scenarios herself. The starting point when devising the scenarios was that the scenarios would have a permanent mental and / or physical impact. That made the game more difficult but also more exciting. There had to be high stakes, because where would the fun of winning be if there was no chance of losing? These scenarios were a supplement to the TPE agreement
    Her slave sent her the 3 scenarios which she was reading now. She would describe scenarios 4 to 6 concisely. She would send him only the titles in advance. Somewhere this month they would meet and they would throw a dice and that scenario would be executed. If she threw 2 for example, she would feminize her slave more .In the subsequent times, the other scenarios would be offered in a similar way until all scenarios had their turn. Mistress was already looking forward to the adventurous game.
    Scenario 1: Wedding bond reconfirmed and strengthened 2. Scenario 2: Feminization of her slave 3. Scenario 3: Turned into assistant and whore of Mistress 4. Milking the penis several times by means of various actions. 5. Outdoor session with humiliating assignments 6. (Hang) bondage with anal stretching.

    Story of scenario 2:
    Mistress knew that one of the main drawbacks of feminizing a man is that they see it as a sex game that they think can stop at any time. The slave sees himself as a man wearing woman’s undergarments at work and pretending to be a woman when he is with his Mistress. This takes away any real threat in his mind. The secret of feminising a slave is to change his state of mind instead, believing he is a woman pretending to be a man at work. Only then do permanent changes in his mind arise. Female characteristics, especially breasts, are central in this and Mistress is essential. Breasts must be permanent if there really needs to be feminisation. That is why breast forms are a poor substitute.
    The colleagues of her slave must still see her as a man at work therefore my slave wears a compression vest. Breasts can be obtained by swallowing hormones or by implants. Hormones can be ordered via my pharmacy and I can give those hormones to him but that is at the expense of his “performance”. Hormones could stop this. And that “performance” may well be necessary for other scenarios. In addition, hormones can be dangerous. A penis is not a clitoris! About his penis she would decide later. Could she convince him? A nice A or B cub of those small, well-formed breasts that look a bit like small male breasts under her shirt and compression vest. The great benefit was that her slave always knew that she was now feminized forever and that she had done it to her slave. Thus the state of mind of her slave would have changed forever and her slave would be grateful to her for that.
    Now she wanted to see how this scenario would look like on her slave. Today would be a try out and she would give a saline injection in his nipples / breasts and pump his breasts. Afterwards she would throw the dice again. The number determined in how many months the appointment would be made for breast implants.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’m very pleased to have been an influence. I completely agree with your point that males see feminisation as just a game and it’s not. Breasts are an important element of making it permanent.

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