Feminized and Pretty Too

feminized and prettyLike me, Elizabeth Remington wanted a feminised husband. Someone to mould into a submissive girl. Unlike me though anyone would do. She wanted someone pliable, small-framed and with no ambition.

Patrick Ashleigh fitted her requirements perfectly and he was quickly forced into pretty female clothing and publicly humiliated by his new wife.

In Feminized and Pretty 1 we followed Patrick as his wife feminised him and made him pretty while imposing a regime of humiliation and revenge at his past behaviour.

In Feminized and Pretty 2 Elizabeth takes his humiliation a whole stage further with cuckolding, pegging and permanent feminine changes to his appearance.

feminized and pretty

Feminized and Pretty 2 will be available on Amazon and Kobo on 20th January. In the meantime here’s an excerpt for you where Aretta Ademola, the Dominant Woman, returns to take his virginity.


Excerpt from Feminized and Pretty 2, available 20th Feb 2018

© Lady Alexa 2018 

“This girl’s mistress has told me she is a virgin. She’s never been pegged before. You can all be witness to a rare event. The breaking of a virginity.”

Patrick raised his head. The two mini-skirted ladies had finished with their show and came to watch Aretta. He didn’t know what Aretta was talking about? Was did pegged mean?

A stark coldness bit at his bum hole. It was not unpleasant. A smooth rounded object pushed against his sphincter muscles, probing but not entering. He strained his neck to twist to see what Aretta was doing. She was standing behind him, resting her weight on her strapped-on penis which dug against his bum hole. A little. He didn’t like what was threatened and he didn’t like being watched. He felt a surge of panic. He prayed she wasn’t going to put that huge lump of black silicone inside him in front of these women.

The end of Aretta’s strap-on erection circled again, threatening but not entering. Aretta whispered, telling him to relax, she wasn’t going to hurt him. As long as he accepted his fate. Pain would only come if he didn’t embrace what he was about to receive. He had to surrender. Enjoy the moment. The young lady in the red dress began to beat a slow handclap. The two other ladies took up the rhythm. Aretta’s rubberised cock drew more invisible circles around his twitching anus. She homed in and it entered a little. She withdrew it as if testing him for flexibility. She cooed an instruction. Relax, embrace it. He tightened his whole body involuntarily. He didn’t want an object in his arse. It probed again, the distinctive shape of a penis end sank an inch inside him. He let out a sharp urgh. Aretta giggled. She was teasing him. The artificial penis head moved inside him a little further as Aretta twisted it. A pang of intense pleasure with discomfort as his muscles stretched and fought back. They resisted the foreign element inside him but lost.

He waited for Aretta to remove the strap-on again. It was now a couple of inches inside him, tight inside him. The erect rubber cock slid deeper inside him and pleasure lapped in his stomach like waves against a beach. His penis jerked to life. A new intense sensation that he tried to hold  back. This was wrong he told himself. He should not be enjoying it. Aretta received some advice from one of the woman watchers. Just push it in all the way she said. Then laughter. He closed his eyes and the fake rubber penis edged in another half an inch. He felt his insides expanding to take it. A part of his brain screamed more, the other half screamed stop. He wiped away the thought of wanting it with a disgust. But he was enjoying it. That wasn’t right. He had never gone in for anal play and he didn’t want to now. Or did he? Wasn’t that a gay thing? He wasn’t gay. Was he? He was confused. He was being pushed into something new, awful and fascinating. Another new reality was confronting him.

Aretta’s rubber erect penis circled and circled inside him, widening his muscle, preparing him for something more. Pain, ecstasy and a nascent headache. The three women clapped a beat. Then a searing shaft of pain. Aretta’s penis thumped all the way in. The cool leather of her belt strap hit against his bum cheeks with a slap. He yelped out, like a wounded hyena. Pain and intense euphoria. Sweat on his forehead dripped onto the floor as the rubber inside him withdrew. It thrust back in, hard and straight like an underground train thundering through a tunnel. Less pain this time. His muscles stretched to allow full entry; he surrendered.

Feminized and Pretty 2 – Available on 20th January in ebook and paperback on Amazon and Kobo.

feminized and pretty

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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3 Responses to Feminized and Pretty Too

  1. tris neill says:

    Mmmm, Lady Alexa, that was amazing! Nicely observed and very erotic, my clittie was twitching in my panties and my tight boi-pussy was throbbing in sympathy. I really do enjoy Your transformation of Alice and Your erotica written from a Domme’s point of view is wonderfully sensual.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Pleased you enjoyed the excerpt tris. Since Alice doesn’t enjoy pegging it was entirely from my imagination. I use my novels to go where I can’t always go myself for various reasons.

      • tris neill says:

        I think it is very generous of You to allow Alice to keep her ‘virginity’. i certainly didn’t want to submit to Lady J when She first suggested making me Her ‘woman’, but as it was so important to Her, i agreed and i’m glad i did. It was a big step forward in my submission to Her and my own feelings of femininity. We started off gradually, slowly increasing size of the butt plug i wore for an increasing length of time. Sometimes i even wore a plug (held in by a tight pantie girdle) to work under my ‘male’ clothes. This gradually increased the flexibility of my boi-pussy until i was ready for Her smallest strap-on. That was a night i will always remember, such a wonderful feeling of being Her feminine gurl….

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