All I Want for Christmas is a Feminized Husband

There are times I go into a reflective mood and for this post I’m reflecting on just why I enjoy having a feminized husband. It was inspired by reading Alice’s story on my newsletter about how she doesn’t quite get why I am so driven to feminize her (or is that him?).

So this is my reflective post on this very topic.

A Feminized Husband

Forced feminisation often seems to be a very male fetish, a theory supported by the number of articles and books focussed on the male perspective of forced feminisation. I have seen very few articles on the dominant woman’s perspective. Time to change that then and let people know why we should all want a feminized husband for Christmas.

I’ve given the question posed by the title of this post a great deal of thought and I’ve decided that there are in fact two reasons I enjoy forced feminisation. Actually the  adjective forced is incorrect as it doesn’t matter to me that many males have ‘self-feminised’. The point is that for me having feminised (submissive) men generally is a highly desirable state.

We all know that so-called forced feminisation is a common male fantasy. Less well-known is that there are many women, like me, who enjoy it too. I know I’ve met them. Why is this? I can’t answer for everyone but for me there are two reasons.

The first reason is to ensure female control. The second is just for girly fun.

These two reasons drive me to keep increasing my own husband’s feminisation and to seek out other couples like us. I have no idea where Alice’s feminisation will end and how far I can take it. What I do know there is so much more to do to her and that’s exciting.

Forced Feminisation for Control

Alice’s feminisation is a powerful way to  demonstrate my power and control over her by forcing her to wear something that she still feels is socially unacceptable. She doesn’t hate it per se but she does feel uncomfortable. I personally don’t believe it is unacceptable to have feminised men as the normal state of affairs but Alice, like all those born as males, has been programmed by society to demonstrate his male responsibilities,  sexual prowess and reproductive worth. His masculinity.

By erasing the male’s masculine identity through forced feminisation I can destroy this artificial social construct. The internal programming he has received since birth collapses and he loses any sense of empowerment and entitlement. This is why it’s important for the woman to not allow the male to treat forced feminisation as a game. Most men are excited by forced feminisation as a bedroom game and once they have orgasmed, the need to be feminised disappears until next time. It’s precisely at this point that they should not be permitted to regress to male clothing or a male approach. A woman must continue to refer to them as a girl and not allow them to change out of female clothing following orgasm.

Feminisation is more than dressing him in female clothing. He needs to be renamed with a female name and told he is a girl. He will be given tasks that have traditionally been associated with the female role: housework, cooking and washing. The so-called traditional role is reversed. This emasculation is very liberating for Alice as when feminised she felt released from her supposed male responsibilities. In the early days of her feminisation process, Alice used to only change for the game. I noticed this sense of liberation in her when in a dress and if she’d had a bad day at work or other stressful situation, I’d gently suggest she change into female clothing to relax. It worked and she enjoyed this. It also enabled me to increase her feminisation and the normality of her as a girl outside of the bedroom game.

feminized husband

A Feminized Husband can never be a Real Woman

I am very keen to impress on readers and on Alice that she is not and never will be a real woman. It’s impossible for a mere male such as her to achieve the superior beauty, sensuality and intelligence of real women. It’s why I refer to her as a girl. I have no intention of giving her hormones or changing her into a biological woman. This is not about someone who is transgender as that is a very different consideration. No this is about taking a male, in all senses of the word, and feminising him. The male therefore becomes a humiliating caricature of the superior female. Her renamed penis now clitty and pussy balls are a permanent reminder of that of course. To be frank, I  like the fact that there are permanent reminders that she’s not only a failed man but a failed woman. I ridicule her little clitty as pathetic but cute and feminine to remind her.

I used to have conflicting ideas about humiliating Alice by feminising her and turning her into a girl. I worried that humiliating her, or any male, by feminising him may indicate that being feminine is somehow inferior to being masculine. I now understand that humiliating and feminising a male by reducing him to the status of a girl  is about erasing the undesirable masculinity of a male and not about any inferiority of femininity. Women who have feminised their men have improved them. The humiliation they feel is the erasure and destruction of their previous social construct and the realisation that they lived a false sense of power though masculinity.

Once you have your man in that place where their masculine has been erased then you have the control you deserve as a superior sensual woman.

Forced Feminisation for Female Fun

The second reason I love forced feminisation is that it is so much fun. Alice always mentions the look on my face when I see her in her latest pretty frock or stockings. Having been told this I can now also see it on other dominant women’s faces. I feel like I’m dressing up a doll except this one is real and a male. The thing is that I find girly men more sexually arousing. I find Alice a hundred times more attractive in a pretty little skirt than a grey male business suit or in jeans.

I’m not a dominant lady who puts her feminized husband into overly sissy clothes as a rule. I prefer Alice in more normal everyday female clothing. I enjoy normalising her new femininity. Overtly sissy clothing can appear too much of a feminine caricature. With Alice’s height, shoulders and facial structure she already looks a bit of a caricature and that’s sufficient for the effect. Sometimes I do like to play and make her wear a tutu but mainly she wears normal girls’ clothing. It’s true her skirts and dresses are mostly very short but she has no maid’s dresses, cheerleader or schoolgirl outfits. Four of her skirts are black and she has two white blouses. Pretty but practical.

All I Want for Christmas is a Feminized Husband

It may take a couple more Christmases but Alice’s future is for further feminisation and  transformation into a pretty girl. No longer just a feminized husband but pretty girl and housewife who used to be a husband. I wouldn’t want Alice to be any other way. I look into a Christmas future with her masculinity completely erased. This of course is not the same as her being transgender or a biological girl. Underneath she will be a failed girl. She was a normal male when we met and married but her ability to accept my need to improve her tells me I made the right choice. I could only be with a husband with an open mind who wants to please me. I understand that for Alice it is hard at times. Erasing her masculinity goes against a lifetime of travelling through life on one path only to be taken on a different and unexpected route. I’ve shown her an alternative path and whilst not embracing it entirely, she has accepted it and tries very hard to be more flexible and to understand that it’s better for her. I can ask for no more really.

Have a great feminised Christmas

Lady Alexa xxx

Note: I know I flip between the ‘s’ and the ‘z’ spelling of feminis(z)ation. Both are correct alternatives but I prefer using the ‘s’ as it’s how we spell these types of words here in London and the surrounding regions: organise, normalise, minimise and so on. Funny enough it’s Alice who insists I use the ‘z’ spelling for titles on the basis of search engine optimisation (there’s that ‘s’ again.) She tells me that most online searches are for the ‘z’ spelling purely because that’s how it’s spelt in the USA and Canada (or spelled as my North American friends would say. It seems most forced-fem. fans are in that part of the world. I’ll really have to revisit one day.


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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29 Responses to All I Want for Christmas is a Feminized Husband

  1. William says:

    Love your post here Lady Alexa.

    Wish my wife was fully up to feminisation of me (hubby) and could see the real benefits of such through the fog. Love to read your postings. Desire you and all the members here a Merry Christmas, and some pretty sexy pink panties for all those hubbies that serve their Ladies.

  2. wifey says:

    Hello Lady Alexa. Mistress and I have taken the same path as you and Alice. We are married but I am her slave wife in every aspect. We had an actual ceremony witnessed by two sets of our kinky couple friends.
    It was a slow transition at first ( three years ago ) and I resisted as Alice did but when she shaved every hair from my body my clit leaked all over the bathroom floor. My bad male tendencies took awhile to overcome but she continued on a methodical process until I embraced it and now consider myself transgendered. I have no interest in ever being masculine again, I wouldn’t know how to be. I live as a female slave and couldn’t be happier. We have come along way in the past three years and I believe my Mistress enjoys it for the same reasons as you. My male wardrobe is minimal and I have closets and drawers full of panties, bras, mini skirts, dresses, tops, leggings, and womens jeans. I have 21 pairs of shoes many of which are slutty pumps. I can’t go shopping without stopping into the womens clothing section. Mistress has to reign in my shopping sometimes. Like Alice, I have been using the noogleberry pump for over two years and have developed b cup breasts. She also has me on a regiment of cleansers, exfoliants, masques and body lotions to keep me looking and as feminine as possible. I love the feel of having a soft, hairless body, permanently hard nipples and breasts.
    You know what you want and how to achieve it and I am certain that Alice will come to accept her role as a girl and submissive wife and embrace it as much I do. BTW, I am thoroughly enjoying your books and blog. If you have time and any interest, we have a blog if you care to read and follow us. We kept a private blog for years and it encompasses our entire relationship from day one when I was her male slave. If you like, I will give you the password to it as you may find some of my transitioning insightful. Have a wonderful holiday and maybe we’ll get to see Alice in a Mrs Claus outfit.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello wifey I will certainly check your blog out. It’s nice to hear your story and the perseverance of your wife and mistress. I try to keep a balance with Alice in that if she gets too keen in pretty things then she has to spend time naked

    • Her & Him says:

      Hi Wifey,
      Any help towards transitioning into a full flr would be grateful.

      • wifey says:

        Hi Him and Her:
        Take a look at our blog and it might give you some helpful ideas. Our emails are also there and I’m sure Mistress would be glad to give you some pointers.

  3. Ian says:

    Thanks for this. I really enjoyed reading it, as I always enjoy your outlook and feelings. You are the best Domina I know. Alice is very lucky. Merry Solstice!

  4. Barry says:

    Madame, your housewife Alice is a very lucky girl to have a Mistress like you who has taken the time to feminise her.If only?!

  5. Leena says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,
    This Christmas, maybe you should tell Alice that you want her to get her ears pierced as you have bought diamond ear rings for her. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and Alice should be proud to shed another facile masculine inhibition and flaunt her shining gems and make you happy.

  6. badger1080 says:

    ditto to what wifey said

  7. whyguys says:

    My gosh, Mz Alexa…. BREATHLESS reading this most recent post!

    Oh would all the Females of the world share Your views follow your example in re-defining the sexes.

    Seriously, found this article chilling, and hope someday Your vision and relationship is the norm between the superior Female Master and Her subordinate loving and loved male girl. Oh, Lady Alexa Women of Your mind SHOULD rule — so that both sexes might finally find their proper state.

    *sigh (in envy)* How fortunate Alice is… *weeping (in awe)* to be de-maled by You. Oh how You prove Females should and must rule.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      De-maled eh? I like the new adjective you invented

      • whyguys says:

        Thank You Lady Alexa, but unlike “male girl” which i did sort of invent that You graciously liked, “De-maled” was a term used some time ago by a group called “THE DEMALE SOCIETY”, now in sort of in a hiatus i believe.

        The concept however would be well served and disseminated by clear and future-thinking Females such as You and others You might know.

        Thank You… it is an honor to be even in any small way recognized by You… continue Your Quest…. may many victories in the road to Female Primacy lie ahead!

  8. Jenny says:

    This is the right time to begin corset training. Alice needs to be RESHAPED physically, psychologically and emotionally. This will allow her to bloom and also remove any remaining vestige of false masculinity.

  9. Jenny says:

    Do consider corset training for Alice from 2018. You can order adjustable corsets and gradually keep tightening andcreducing her waist line towards an hourglass figure. Her body shape can become more feminine as hercbreasts grow, and waist shrinks. Alice will become more feminine in body and mind.

  10. Michelle says:

    Dearest Lady Alexa,
    I love everything I read especially the part about forced feminization for Female fun.How darling.After all , isn’t it all about the Mistresses preference? I know you are busy so I’ll let you go.Thank you very much and I wish you a very Merry Feminised Christmas.Curtsey and many 💋💋💋on your silky stocking toes.Femforever,Michelle.

  11. Cathy says:

    Dear Lady A
    Thank You for sharing your life with all of us. Your blog is truly interesting, entertaining and perhaps a glimpse of our society in times to come.
    A very merry Christmas and happy new year to you and Alice. May you continue transforming Alice to meet your dreams and desires. May Alice realize her destiny and happiness in submitting to you even more and relinquishing all her fears and inhibitions.
    With lots of love to both of you.

  12. Taylor Ann Houben says:

    Lady Alexa, I want so much to live this life but have not found a woman who can actualize her vision of a feminized husband. I desire to be pretty for her, make a wonderful home, and fulfill her sexually and socially. I realize that I have failed as a man…but maybe not as a FH full of passion and desire to serve my partner. Please find me a home and partner to serve…I am so alone.

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