My Feminized Sissy Readers

sissy maidI’m very pleased to know that there are many males around the world who understand their position in life is to be a feminised and submissive sissy. And many women who expect this.

I recently received some photos from a sissy called bianca who lives over in Europe. I really do prefer to see men in skirts and pretty dresses obeying strong women. So using bianca’s photos I’d like to show you just how men should look.


I’ve had to get Alice to obscure bianca’s face as, like Alice, not everyone yet knows that bianca is a sissy girl. But I do love to see my male readers and how they look so pretty and submissive.


So skirts need to be short with lots of leg on show as we can see here with bianca. Heels are mandatory for all males irrespective of height. I haven’t yet taken Alice out into the daylight in a dress but if bianca can do it…. I think being outside in the daylight is a necessary next step.

So a sissy in their natural habitat – the kitchen. I like to see men in what might be called normal female attire rather than always in sissy maid dresses. I do like sissy dresses but not all the time. Yes their skirts need to be short, exposing them and showing legs. However, I prefer normal female clothing worn regularly as opposed to fantasy-wear clothing as normal wear normalises their feminisation. It moves things away from fantasy play to everyday life as a girl. And what we want is males to be feminised naturally all the time in all situations, not just for bedroom games.

sissy maid

A short pleated skirt is always nice and cute on a sissy. I think bianca is in a hotel here and I also always insist on Alice changing into a skirt when we’re in hotels or apartments.

Bianca didn’t tell me much about her mistress, I always like to hear about the benefits to the real woman in all this. But not to worry , it’s nice to see a male looking how he should do. As a sissy girl.







About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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34 Responses to My Feminized Sissy Readers

  1. dafni10107 says:

    Ms. Lady Alexa, thank you so much for sharing and inspiring Women and gurls alike. As i type this i am at work with a steel chastity device and pink crotchless panties. I do have a skirt and pantyhose but sometimes people walk into my office without knocking so i can’t be as i should be, fully feminized. This weekend my wife had a Ladies weekend away so i made sure i did all of the laundry, dishes, and cleaned the whole house. my wife likes me in the traditional male role so i can’t shave and she often cleans while i am at work. But i have shaved under by clitty bits and always put my chastity on at work and clean around the house as much as possible. Women should be taught at a young age that they are in control and males need (yes need) the control of a loving confident woman to make them into the best versions of themselves. There is a TV advertisement in the US that shows a Female hockey player on one side of the screen and a man busy making coffee on the other screen – it shows the dynamic of a powerful woman and a dutiful domestic male. You are truly great.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello dafni. We don’t get that advert over here but it shows that things are moving (slowly) in the right direction. As for your wife wanting to clean then that’s fine. It’s up to her as she may find it relaxing. I sometimes do the cooking n my home as I enjoy it. I don’t enjoy the clearing up though so Alice does that.

  2. Ian Elliott says:

    I thought I was ready for my transition but the Norway Post Office is forbidding import of products containing hormones. I nominate you for Postmistress!

    However, I have obtained a vendor who can sneak in pueraria mirifica, so all is not lost.

  3. slave sindee says:

    Thank You for sharing. i wish when i was younger and before i married that i would have followed my true calling to be a sissy. But after 41 years of marriage always honoring my wife and 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren. i am a closeted sissy serving my wife and children. doing the best i can to follow my wife desires. Even though she will never admit to being in a FLR..

  4. Sissy Bianca says:

    Dear Lady Alexa

    I am proud that i can help you to show how the feminization of a sissy could look.i hope that it is also helpful for Alice to see that it is possible to go out even dressed properly in short skirts. I have the same fear like her that people can see me totally feminized and realize that i have to wear the short skirts to please my mistress. At the other side it is from my point of view also a sign of love and obedience to my loved mistress if i wear the clothes for her also in public. Of course it is humiliating to walk in a sissy maids dress daytime beside your Lady but at the same time it makes me totally happy to see her pleased and smiling because she is so happy with her sissy.besides my work where i have to wear pants of course with stockings and panties underneath i have accepted that i have to dress only in short skirts or dresses at any time and everywhere. As Lady Alexa my mistress also use me for her sexual desires and i have to use my sissy tool inside her as well. Because of that very often i am not allowed to wear panties under my girls clothes. She want easy access to my privaties and touch them sometimes to let me feel her power over me. Her newest idea is to lock me in corsets 24/7 also at work under my male clothes to go forward with my feminine figure.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      My pleasure bianca. There are many similarities in your situation and my own. Like your mistress with you I expect Alice to wear short skirts and dresses to please me. Mostly I don’t permit underwear at any time these days.

      • Patti59 says:

        Hello Lady Alexa! Thank you so much for another delightful posting. Males need to learn that they are to be the feminine “property” of their Female Masters. I AGREE 100% with you that men and boys should be dressed as traditional females were dressed. The prettiest of dresses and skirts. Nice makeup. High Heels and nylons. Carry purses and wear makeup. The NEW AGE Male needs to be the “Traditional” Female of the 50’s and 60’s…Always Skirted and pretty! Female Rule is Fantastic!

    • Patti59 says:

      It is so delightful to hear about yet another man that has been put into his proper place. The Future is Female, and men and boys need to be feminized and taught to be pretty and sweet for superior women. What a JOY to hear about your Mistress keeping you in skirts and being submissive to you. More women need to do this to the males in their lives!

  5. Monika Kaemmerer says:

    I love the way you are thinking, Lady Alexa (also having read and enjoyed 3 of your brilliant books I will soon leave a comment about at Amazon).
    We sissy girls adore our female superiors like you who will lead us to embrace our legitimate and natural place under female rule: cute, vulnerable, and obedient, passionately believing in female supremacy.
    I fully agree: The male girl – hopefully a more common role in our future society – should always wear skirts and dresses, idealistically inside and outside our homes.
    And I agree that we shouldn´t wear frilly clothes like an adult baby or like Priscilla in the desert, but “normal female attire” (however no pants which would be restricted to women!). We will be happy and proud when random people in public perceive us as female, and yet there can be signs sugnalizing that our dominant Lady is in charge, so everyboda can see who leads and who follows and obeys.
    Bianca is a beautiful example. – My Mistress-wife keeps me in skirts and dresses 24/7 with very few (necessary) exceptions. Retired from work, I am her obedient housemaid forever. And she takes me out as her girl for certain events, for meeting with friends, for theatre or concert. There are some exceptions however: We do not go to places where an unvoluntary outing is most likely to people who might know us but would never accept our lifestyle. My wife does not want to run the gauntlet.
    I hope Alice will soon be ready to be taken out as your girl. The first time we did so was on vacations in London, for several days in a row. Our experience: what an open-minded city !
    Hoping to hear more about the wonderful road map you are going with Alice,
    cutsey, Monika

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes London is open-minded in places, around the centre mostly. If you journey to the outer suburbs where we live then things are a little more traditional. A submissive male in a mini skirt might at best face odd looks and maybe a problem. On the positive side we all find ways around these restrictions. I keep Alice psychologically feminised even if in male top wear. I like the idea that I can provide some thought leadership about the feminisation of males and the lsuperiority of womanhood.

  6. sissyjamieanne says:

    Thank you, Lady Alexa for sharing this posting and for your wonderful blog and books…I’ve read “Becoming Joanne” and I’m currently reading “Becoming Joanne 2”, and I will leave proper feedback on both on Amazon. Your writings, both in your blog and your books are instructive to the male girl…I have learned much from your writings to make myself a more productive, feminine and submissive sissy for my wonderful wife/Mistress.

    Although I own a frilly, sissy maid uniform, my wife requires that I present daily in a more suitable, working, hotel maid style uniform. This uniform is much more suited to the domestic servant, yet serves as a constant reminder of my subservient and feminized status.

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

    • Lady Alexa says:

      It sounds like your wife is a very sensible lady. I actually prefer Alice in relatively ordinary skirts and dress to reinforce her femininity (albeit very short). Too often sissy maid wear is fantasy wear not real life. This morning I left Alice at home in a plain black skirt, flat shoes and a plain white top. She has work to do after all and cleaning the bathroom is impeded by high heels and wide skirt. Best to be practical. That said it’s nice at times to exaggerate things.

      Thank you for you feedback on my novels. I’m pleased they can be educational as well as an enjoyable story.

  7. Ms. Stacey Anne Smith says:

    Lady Alexa
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and the adventures of others as well. I have told you in the past about how my spouse doesn’t like me femulating and things like being excited to the point that I wet my panties I still wear them every chance I get in sprite and now I have found an older woman who is from the country of India where we are celebrated as a good luck symbol so to speak along with total acceptance into their culture as a woman and is encouraging me to embrace my femininity and wear their
    traditional clothing like the sari dress which is the oldest type dress in the world and of course other dresses, skirts, tops, outfits. In addition to doing that she believes that I should go with them to some of their events dressed up and look for a man/couple after I leave my spouse which will be soon. I consider myself Bisexual so I would love to be a servant to both of them and specifically to the wife as her handmaiden so to speak. Cursty, Stacey Anne Smith.

  8. collysis says:

    Lady Alexa , as You will already know I am in awe of your lifestyle and Your relationship with Alice. You mentioned some time ago now about going on vacation with Alice. I wonder did you ever push her boundaries in a foreign setting or somewhere she would safely not be known? Only asking as we’re away ourselves at the moment and it got me thinking ….. X

  9. Monika Kaemmerer says:

    Lady Alexa, thinking about holidays and vacation stays I can imagine that Alice could be somewhat more courageous. I think, far from home with our intolerant conservative surroundings we can implement an ideal modern female-male relationship, with female rule and a cute and obedient male girl as a subordniate, fully feminzed housewife. I remember a vacation stay in Britain some years ago when my wife was wearing the pants (as she always does), keeping me in skirts and dresses with very few exceptions (exceptions being women´s pants and tops naturally) and with me getting a feminine hairstyle and a pretty make-up at a beauty saloon. Some people were looking, others did not even notice. And we got no negative reactions. We had rented a cottage, so I could cook and clean, doing everything a normal housewife should do. We enjoyed it so much, and I am still dreaming how we can realize this wonderful lifestyle at home, once and forever. Of course, in our own four walls we can do it, and we really do so. But the problem remains to open up in public, especially in the small village where we are located.
    It always turns me on when more people get notice of our female led marriage. It exites me when my wife is telling them that she is head of the household and relationship and has a cute and obedient housewife at home. Yes, we sissy hubbies, not really a “man” anymore, feel pride and in heaven to submit to this wonderful lifestyle. Regrettably a majority of our contemporanians would never understand or even accept it. That is what makes things so difficult in our social reality.
    All we can do is to push the boundaries whereever and whenever we can risk it.
    Let me keep my fingers crossed for everything you are looking forward to with Alice !
    Curtsey, adoring you, Monika

    • collysis says:

      Monika … what an amazing holiday asventure you had !!! What was it like in the salon? How feminine was the hairdo? Did you two go out at all or interact with others apaet from the salo ? It must have been a wonderful experience with memories to treasure and hopefully your better half took lots of photos to help you remember! X x x

      • Monika Kaemmerer says:

        Yes, Collysis, this has been a fantastic adventure during our vacations in Cornwall.
        I got beautiful a beautiful curly hairstyle ( furtunately had my hair somewhat longer than usual, nearly down to my shoulders), and the beautician had o much fun to give me a beautiful makeover. For several days we went sightseeing around the countryside with me en-femme, and in the evening my wife took me out into nearby restaurants. Finishing our trip later in London we had an extended shopping spree for lingery, skirts and dresses for me.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes a good approach Monika, I’m thinking of trying it.

  10. collysis says:

    Branch out as in be more daring or just more open in some way?

  11. collysis says:

    Branch out as in more daring or more openly femme and FLR? I’ve managed to befriend a couple of ladies and have taken to curtseying when saying hello and goodbye. Not sure if they noticed or appreciated or not. Prob not. But felt more natural to me…

  12. collysis says:

    Point taken re the messaging service my Lady. Wont happen again. On the positive side though I’ve been slowly letting my wife know that I’d like to be her girl at least occasionally in the bedroom (following your approach with Alice a little). After years of blank refusal we headed to Primark (lol) on eay back from vacation and picked up a selection of matching outfits including one mini skirt and lol a couple of Santa and Elf dresses – she was ok when I asked for her to be samta not me. Suffice to say we had an amazing night and we haven’t even started on the dresses/skirts yet. I was completely sub to her and tried to follow your advice before that i need to show her whats in it for her. I think she loved it. The question is: obviously i want this arrangement to be more than a one off so how do i encourage that without “topping from the bottom”? And how do i approach moving the new order from the bedroom???

    Thank You so much for keeping your blog going all this time. If it wasn’t for your success with Alice and the superior way You have gently demonstrated that femimised men is really a natural and beautiful (?) thing , then i would never have taken the plunge this week. Tho heaven knows how or if i can take things forward or how many years it will take. But thanks again Lady Alexa x x

  13. How pretty bianca looks in her lovely outfits, and what it’s interesting to see a mix of regular womenswear and the now seemingly obligatory sissy dress as often befits a feminised male. I agree with your point Lady Alexa regarding standard female clothing helping to normalise a crossdresser’s feminine appearance, rather than something which is more apparent as costume, and therefore unwittingly unusual.

    The ‘night out with the lads’ rugby player will don fancy dress and portray a crude effigy of womanhood – smudged lipstick, torn fishnet stockings and outrageously inflated bosom, loudly declaring for all there’s NOTHING feminine about him at all (lest there be any doubt!), and it has to be admitted the sissy maid, with her fripperies and fancies runs arguably something of the same risk – if only that hers also isn’t necessarily a serious embrace of what it is to be a girl. Sissies often want to experience different aspects of their feminine expression, hence many (myself included) will gleefully don petticoats and taffeta, yet happily wear a sensible skirt and top too.

    My own partner likes my style of dress when in sissy mode – she loves drag and sees similarities between the two. But, if asked, I know her preference would be for me in something any normal woman would wear. So, if you’re going to be a feminised male, and be like a woman, then you’re going to have to accept your role and dress accordingly.

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