Fetish Events

fetish events

I’m not sure I’m a great fan of fetish events. I went to a fetish event in Central London at the weekend with Alice and our friends who live our lifestyle too. I’m not sure. I don’t really consider Femdom and FLR to necessarily always be Fetish. It’s a lifestyle, just a bit different from most

Is femdom a fetish if you live it as a lifestyle?


Fetish events are great places to meet like-minded open-minded people. On the other hand they are general fetish and cover a wide range of interests. I personally have little interest in spanking for spanking sake or people in dog masks or tight latex. I have even less interest in seeing dominant males.

We attended an event at the weekend called the London Alternative Market (LAM) and I realised I had a problem.

LAM is an event held once a month in central London. It’s a nice concept as it’s held in a large bar over four floors. The late afternoon is a fetish market and it then turns into a fetish after-party from 7pm in the large basement bar. I took the opportunity to buy Alice a nice new cock-cage at the market. She managed to lose the lock to other other one which was a bit too tight anyway. It only fitted when it was chilly. It was fun making it squeeze in but also meant she couldn’t always get it on during the summer months. It wasn’t long enough either. The really fun bit was that I made Alice buy her new cock cage from the nice young lady running the stall. She asked Alice about size and girth and the size of her balls for the ring. It was wonderful to see Alice squirm. I wanted Alice to have to be measured for it but that wasn’t going to be possible. Humiliation is such a pleasure.

I’m also looking for a collar and lead for Alice. This is a new development, I only thought of it on Sunday; I got the idea from the LAM event. I want to move the femdom side up a little and Alice’s status in life down a little more. I’ve told Alice that she will be wearing a collar more often, especially at events like LAM. There were plenty of stalls selling collars but at £30 and £40, they were very overpriced. I’m going to look in a pet shop instead. I want one for her clitty/pussyballs and one for her neck. Pink leather.

The photos of naked males with collars is no accident on this post.

I was also after some leather clothing but we got there about 20 minutes before the market closed so I didn’t have enough time. I do love leather, so much more natural than latex and PVC; for me anyway. I know others love latex which is great. Just not my thing.

fetish events

OK that’s not me in the picture but Alice says I’m much more attractive than her. Who am I to doubt Alice’s word?



The last weekend LAM event was a bit of a social gathering and clearly many people knew each other. Probably from other events. What I realised is that it’s not for me. I’m utterly open-minded but LAM covers all fetishes. There is little femdom and I saw no sissies at all although there were several attractive cross-dressers which was lovely. I tend to feel uncomfortable around female submissives and male masters or people in dog masks. I’m happy that people can do as they please with their own fetishes but I only enjoy femdom. In the end we left the after-party after about an hour, which included having something to eat.

fetish events



There is light at the end of the tunnel for me. We will be going to the Devotion event this weekend. This is for femdom only, or those who identify as being feminine and dominant which is also wonderful. It’s in West Brom. in the midlands of England so not too far from many places, including north London.

I hope to meet some of you there as I have before, I’ve already had one Fetlife message from a couple who will be attending. If you don’t know who I am, do ask Miss Treat who runs the event and she’ll point me out. Do come and say hello, we can swap lifestyle stories and challenges. It would be great to make some new friends with other mistresses or couples like us. Remember I’m not looking to ‘play’ with any single submissive males as I have my own and I’m very satisfed with that situation.

I’m happy to talk and say hello though. Being a Mistress doesn’t mean I’m unfriendly, just assertive and I expect the appropriate submissive respect for a dominant lady from males. Remember you’re not equal to ladies, especially at Devotion.


The moral of the story is that we should be careful to only attend events that suit your specific interest. Catch-all fetish events are great for those who enjoy the diversity of fetishes. For me I’m a little old-fashioned, it’s femdom, femdom and femdom. Throw in male feminisation and I’m happy.

Besides, femdom and forced feminisation is not a fetish, it’s real life. Isn’t it?

fetish events

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I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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3 Responses to Fetish Events

  1. Ian Elliott says:

    It can start as a fetish, though, Then, if the submissive pursues it with persistence, it can become a lifestyle. The woman in the picture has beautiful coloring, but your features are more beautiful.

    I must be putting out vibes lately. There is an attractive woman in the neighborhood whom I keep running into here and there, and who embraces me cheek-to-cheek (and she wears wonderful perfume!) Some of my dominant contacts are becoming more forward. I may be skyping with one lady soon!

    For me you are the ideal woman; but, alas, taken.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      That’s true. We started out as a game.

      • whyguys says:

        Lady Alexa….

        a “game”…. hmmm but look where it’s led – FEMALE LED!

        Imagine one such as Sherlock Holmes once always chimed, “the game’s afoot!” And eventually he was bested by IRENE ADLER.

        Too bad Conan Doyle didn’t write one final Holmes Adventure “Sherlock’s Las Game afoot – In High Heels Serving Mz Adler”

        Oh well, we’ll have to be content with the next Wonder Woman sequel “Wonder Woman – Pink Kryptonite and Her male MAID girl of Steel. Clarissa Kent!

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