FLR Means Putting your Husband in a Bra

husband in a braMaintaining a Female Led Relationship, FLR, requires more than putting your husband in a bra of course. However, once any self-respecting woman has taken control of the relationship and re-trained her partner, your submissive requires constant re-enforcement of his status.

Putting your husband in a bra is a fundamental requirement for any woman

My regular blog followers know that I firmly believe that husbands, and partners, should be feminised as part of a fully-functioning FLR. This doesn’t mean that being feminine means being submissive as we female leaders remain utterly feminine. Feminisation of your husband or partner means removal of horrible male traits such machismo, aggression, laziness and inflated self regard to mention just a few. Once those nasty male traits has been stripped away we can replace them with  superior female characteristics and add in a nice dollop of submission on top.

Unfortunately he will have to go out into the outside world and to meet up with family in male clothing. Underneath your man should of course wear panties, cock cage and have a shaved body. And a bra.

Why is a bra so important?

husand in a braMy own husband Alice just couldn’t get the concept of having to wear a bra into her head. She said that she didn’t have breasts to support. Not yet I thought to myself.

I still don’t think she entirely understands the concept but it doesn’t really matter as she does understand she has to wear one.

So forced feminisation helps to maintain control and eliminate nasty maleness. It’s fine to put them in a nice dress but if they don’t have female underwear beneath it then it’s just a facade. And it’s not a game it’s their new life. I know many males reading my posts don’t have too much of a problem being feminised and that’s great that they realise what they need to be. But others such as my Alice, need a bit of a push as they don’t understand what’s best for them. A bra is a constant reminder for Alice that she’s now female. Everything about her has to be female. That means wearing a bra.

husband in a bra

A benefit of this is that she can wear it under her male clothing when out. Like the shaved body, no one has ever mentioned it. Alice has a cover story prepared in case anyone ever notices. She would that it’s a back support. I’m planning on saying it’s a bra if I’m there and anyone asks.



A husband in a bra is for ever

So once you’ve got him into a bra that signifies you’ve won and made him into the female he should be and hence a better person. The bra is a constant reminder to him that he’s a girl and a constant reminder of just who’s in charge. Not him.

husband in a bra

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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33 Responses to FLR Means Putting your Husband in a Bra

  1. Sharon S. says:

    I agree completely. Being made to wear a bra all the time can be uncomfortable and even uneventful in day to day life at home. But when in public it is totally different.
    Will it show through my shirt…. depends on colour and/or padding.
    Will anyone notice when I have to pull up a bra strap that has fallen down my arm?
    Will friends or family notice when you meet them and they initiate that inevitable hug.
    Will I be allowed a jacket.
    Will I be required to remove it just to embarrass me?
    Eating in a restaurant, will it be noticed by a waitress/waiter/other sitting nearby?
    When cross dressing for fun it can be exciting…… But when it is a lifestyle you are trying to keep secret, it is much more nerve racking.

  2. whyguys says:

    Lady A wrote:

    “My own husband Alice just couldn’t get the concept of having to wear a bra into her head. She said that she didn’t have breasts to support. Not yet I thought to myself.”

    Lady… YOU are SO terrifying to dwindling hopes of the past male era, and to Your pretty little Alice! Ms Alexa, You are not taking giant steps but GULLIVERIAN ones over the Lilliputian male sex. “NOT YET I THOUGHT TO MYSELF”

    Those things “NOT YET” seem to be coming to fruition at more and more rapid pace for the blossoming Alice in her training and redefinition under Your proper tutelage.

    And as You show here, the male girl’s first wearing of a brassiere is a MAJOR ‘sea change’ in male ego control, re-evaluation of self image and proper reversal of power between the sexes. It is NOT a game or fashion statement, but an irrevocable contract that the male sex shall henceforth accept feminization and ALL the secondary requirements of submission embodied within previously forced upon the Female and demanded of Her. Although it seems stark… it is a final correction of nature.

    again quote:

    “So once you’ve got him into a bra that signifies you’ve won and made him into the female he should be… The bra is a constant reminder to him that he’s a girl and a constant reminder of just who’s in charge. Not him.”

    Not a ‘new’ order, but the RIGHT ORDER!

    Frightening pill for the male to swallow… of course. But it is on huge important true prescription in curing our disease of masculine misconception. (Besides… one can be sure as Female chemists perfect the formula, we male girls maysoon naturally fill our lovely lace bras for the visual and tactile pleasure of our big, strong loving Female Superiors. )

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Good point, the right order not the new order. I never did like the expression the new order. It seems to have sinister connotations

      • whyguys says:

        YES! The Female Era shall be difficult in many ways initially for the weaker male girl it shall show light upon…. but Woman shall also perfect Her dominion so that as She rises She shall carry Her feminized charge upward lovingly under Her stronger protective wing. In the Female there shall be little of the false ‘masculine’ harshness or rules that stemmed from the male’s attempt to keep the Female from Her destiny.

  3. katie says:


    I love Your requirement that Alice wear a bra at all times. All men should be made aware that breasts should be covered, and that even male breasts should not be displayed in public, unless covered by something pretty and well supported.

    I must ask however, does Alice cover her breasts while at the beach? If so, does she wear a bikini? one piece? perhaps you just let her keep a shirt on, if so, is there a pretty bra underneath?


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Good question katie. We don’t really do beach things. Usually she would cover up but sadly if we were to swim then she would be in pretend male mode and uncovered. We have to be realistic that most of the world isn’t quite ready for my approach yet

  4. Corsetjane says:

    Thank you again Lady A for another thought provoking blog entry…i am perhaps one of those readers you refer to who is happy to dress en femme…although i limit it to when i want to…and perhaps thats where i too would start to wriggle a bit if i my dressing was enforced…and i had to do exactly as Alice..
    i might, just for this week…try the bra on underneath my suit….in support of Alice..

    😉 cj

  5. Sophie says:

    Lady A you are absolutely right!.. The feminisation is absolute only when the bra is worn by the man and the bra constantly reminds that (s)he is a girl now.You are also right when you say it shows who is in charge -certainly the woman! I have been wearing a bra regularly now at home and i know the lovely feeling it gives.. I admit my breasts are not the size of a woman but the fact that the bra is around them , the straps on my shoulders give a lovely feeling and constantly assure me of my feminisation. However, I have not worn the bra regularly for work and that is one step I need to take.. respects to you Lady A

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Let us know when you do. It’s an important step and you should start

      • Sophie says:

        Lady A u r a source of inspiration.. Now you advised about starting wearing bra for work..i will start definitely..today itself..i will start with a white colored bra

        • Lady Alexa says:

          Excellent let us know what happens

          • Sophie says:

            Well I did wear a bra for work!!.. I wear bras regularly at home but this was the first time for work..I wore my white cotton bra ..preferred to wear a plain one.. wore a dark loose shirt over it….I could sense that i did look different ..even tho i do not have breasts of a woman the bra makes me feel snug and comfortable. At work I interact with a limited number of people on a regular basis. My boss, a lady in her mid-forties (around a decade younger than me) and four youngsters.. two boys and two girls in their twenties who report to me.The day went off well except for once when my boss had called me to her cabin and was discussing and my shoulder strap slipped down my arm and automatically i moved it up . I noticed her gazing at my shoulder then i realised what had happened. I just carried on and she also didnt say anything..maybe she hadnt noticed. I loved wearing bra and would wear regularly. but today two meetings are there..i am slightly nervous.

          • Lady Alexa says:

            This is good news Sophie I trust you will now wear a bra all the time

          • Sophie says:

            Yes Lady A I been wearing a bra since for work too which means for three days all the time I am wearing a bra..my wife has advised to keep wearing the bra during the night too so that i get used to having a bra on all the time

  6. Timarasub says:

    PS Brassiered.com is a great source of inspiration for ladies to get their men into bras.


  7. Timarasub says:

    Curtsy to you Lady Alexa,
    I love reading your website and learning more about yours and Alices lives. Alice is very luck to have you.
    Alice looks great in her bra, do you make her wear forms? if so how often, how long and what size are they? What kind of bras does Alice wear and does she wear them everyday, has she ever tried the glue on forms? maybe for a weekend or longer?
    It would be really nice to have Alices perspective on wearing a bra, how it feels to her and what does she think when looking down her chest when she has forms in? Please do tell us more and please do show us some more photos of Alice.
    Thank you for a great web site, keep up the good work.
    Timarasub x

  8. whyguys says:

    Virtually every time i re-read Your superb journal, there are wonderful portents into what future details of Female first philosophy shall evolve in Your travels (and to great extent in how the they both guide and mirror change in the hierarchy of power between the sexes in general!).

    Yet, there is also great underlying humour in many aspects of Alice’s future training and re-education still being planned that she has yet in embarassment still to experience. Your skill in keeping Alice off-balance so that she never forgets this is not about sex game scenario but necessary restructuring of the rightful roles between Woman and male girl itself.

    Missed this earlier but now appreciate the great mirth You shall have at Alice’s likely discomfort while still learning an important lesson on others dicovering his bra-training…

    Lady Alexa wrote:
    “Alice has a cover story prepared in case anyone ever notices. She would that it’s a back support. I’m planning on saying it’s a bra if I’m there and anyone asks.”

    HILARIOUS! What might a pretty male girl do to restore his ‘manly’ sense of self, when so exposed? ANY excuse would be inadequate and only in further discussion emphasize the imposed state of his feminization and undoubted status beneath a Female superior. The best she could do is remain in ladylike silence and hope the Woman to whom she is in thrall go on to another topic of discussion — and even this would serve to teach the male proper quiet obedience.

    May i hope for You at least more than a few other Females might be present… especially ones for whom the idea might be novel and spread interest in exploring planting in Their own relationships the seeds of Female empowerment and the male feminization inherent within.

  9. Stephie says:

    In a little over a month I will have been in a femdom/sissy sub relationship for 2 yrs. In a month and a half I will marry my Mistress/ fiancé. As I’ve often commented I was reluctant at first to enter this type relationship. And as I’ve often commented I’ve come to love it so much. I was ment for this. Anyway I’ve been wearing a bra now for over a year. Was made to wear it to bed for months! Family functions tho it’s just panties, chastity, shaved everywhere of course which I’ve had a few looks from recently , legs, wear shorts a lot. Light perfume, deodorant summer berry. Now when we go out of town always a bra on because these days I’m always dressed feminine. Whole thing. Recently Mistress K has decided she wants me to have bigger forms. D. Better , more realistic looking, feeling,expensive.The nipples on these you buy separate. Yes she’s getting the biggest 5/8 inch protrusion! I see bra fittings in my future . She loves that. I’ve grown to love the humiliation also. Every FLR couple is different. Yes I will be wearing the sexy white lingerie on our wedding night. And yes she said lots of strap on that night. Used to that tho. After all this time/training look forward to it. If I’ve been in chastity long time can cum that way if allowed. Love my life as a sissy sub, soon to be sissy wife❤️

  10. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You for your thoughts on the feminised male and the bra, Lady Alexa. I am a brassiered, feminised male, and I can say that wearing a bra and panties, and being hairless serves as a constant reminder of my status…I am just what my wife has trained me to be, a submissive sissy. There is no garment more feminine than the bra, and when wearing one there is little risk that I will revert back to those nasty male traits you’ve mentioned. Life is indeed much better for all concerned when the feminised male understands her place!

  11. SillyGirl says:

    I had thought th4e chastity device was more powerful, but perhaps the bra is…

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I would say the bra is more powerful in the mind

      • whyguys says:

        Very true Lady…

        A chastity device merely instructs a male that his PAST previous self-concepts of ‘masculinity’ as being a sign of important and/or superior are quite false and are to be corrected.

        A brassiere, on the other hand is an ETERNAL symbol that informs him that as a male GIRL her inevitable FUTURE shall from hence be all those submissive ‘feminine’ attributes falsely forced upon the Female.

  12. gillian says:

    Alice’s protest citing the lack of anything to “put into it” has validity……and an opportunity. While the mere fact of a man wearing a bra is a significant step toward feminization and submission, having breasts to put into it is tantamount to surrender and reaching the point of no return. The opportunity Alice’s protest presents is obvious.
    Grow breasts to fill the cups! I, under the supervision of my wife and Mistress have done precisely that. Planned Parenthood has, in many of it’s locations, expanded their role to serving the transgender community. They operate on an “informed consent” basis. If one wishes to take female hormones they will give you a consent form to sign, give you a physical exam and, if all goes well, a prescription for estrogen, progesterone and testosterone blockers. Mistress accompanied me to just such a situation, and while it was never actually brought up, the staff knew that i was her slave and that She wished me to undergo feminization. She dressed me in feminine attire–bra, panties, women’s jeans and a translucent blouse for our trip to the clinic. Within a week i was swallowing the first 2 mg pill of estradiol. That was a year ago. Today I fill a B cup bra (and my breasts are still growing), my nipples are very large and extremely sensitive, my aerolae are dark and the size of a silver dollar. My skin is like velvet. My ass has expanded to the point where i can no longer fit into my old boy jeans. It is hard to judge but i believe the estrogen has had an effect on my mind as well. It is far easier to accept submission and obedience. I look at men differently…..wondering what it would be like to be on my knees worshiping a cock as i now worship pussy. In effect, i am now a slave to Her wishes and couldn’t be happier. My now tiny cock is practically useless for sex but i can still garner pleasure from my breasts and nipples. My testicles have shrunk to the size of peas. Panties look smooth in front now. I dress in skirts and dresses and tight Faded Glory bootcut jeans when i want to display my ass and a camel toe. I’ve learned makeup techniques and grown out my now auburn hair to shoulder length and visit the salon weekly for styling, pedicures and manicures. Mistress has several lovers of both genders. A few of Her friends have followed her lead and are feminizing their husbands with remarkable results. To think that this all started with a playful little bedroom game and a bra!!

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Testosterone blockers Gillian? I don’t think you’ve read many of my posts. I have need of Alice in that department

    • whyguys says:

      Gillian, please more details if possible on your Female Master’s friends joining in on properly reversing the sex roles in Their marriages… especially on technique, changes in lifestyle as they apply to the empowerment of the Females involved.

  13. Patti59 says:

    I LOVE the comment from Gillian about some of his wife’s friends feminizing their husbands. Would love to hear more about that. The more men that are feminized, the better for Womankind!

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