Free Feminization: Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel

free feminizationA free feminization story exclusive to all my newsletter readers: Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel Chapters.

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About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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3 Responses to Free Feminization: Feminized and Pretty – The Prequel

  1. Corinne Beau says:

    I lost he download link to my free stories. Is it possible to have it resend?

    Corinne Beau

  2. whyguys says:

    Lady A…

    Poor little Patty… such a boy ingenue on the coming new roles of sexes that is to be properly introduced to the modern ‘man’. Yet perhaps our budding male girl will get a clue as all his previous false presuppositions on the ways of Woman and Her counterpart are about to be redefined.

    PATRICIA… oh how much more soft and sibilant and socially acceptable than harsh archaic ‘patrick’ for member of the today’s weaker sex!

    Oh Lady A! you seem to know the way to the heart of today’s modern male girl is to stroke her dwindling false ‘masculine ego through the soft lace of the bra covering her delicate budding feminine male girl breasts.


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