Housewifing Your Husband

Housewife husband

Your husband should become your housewife

It’s my opinion that a Female-Led Relationship or Wife-Led Marriage requires the husband to be housewifed.

I guess I could say that I believe that in any relationship the husband should be feminised and housewifed but being realistic not everyone is on that page yet unfortunately.


So as I bask in unseasonal early autumnal sun in the leafy northern suburbs of London, my own housewife-husband Alice is making bread in the kitchen dressed in a pretty white summer dress covered with cute light-blue flowers. She will then make a nice almond cake. I know this will do nothing for my figure but never mind. Seeing Alice looking so pretty and housewifey is worth the trouble.

The reason for all this is that I wrote a guest article on about this very subject a couple of days ago and if you’d like to know my thoughts or, more likely, you know my thoughts but just like to read them then go to Housewifing Your Husband and read the gospel according to Lady Alexa.

I know most of my regular readers know my views on what to do with males but sometimes I need to spread the word a little wider.

wife led marriage

A husband’s place is in the kitchen





About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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25 Responses to Housewifing Your Husband

  1. Ian Elliott says:

    Lady Alexa is the ideal woman.

  2. Alexvyaz says:

    It would be thrilling to see women housewifing their males around the world. 😉

  3. slave sindee says:

    this is how life should be all over

  4. sandra dors says:

    I do my best to be the perfect wife in the kitchen and the perfect whore in the bedroom (for my men). xx

  5. dafni says:

    Lady Alexa, i can’t stop thanking you for being so incredible and impact on our evolving Female led society. You remain an inspiration to so many women and hopeful gurls. Please keep up the work. it would be great to hear if any of your ‘vanilla’ friends have converted and become Female led. Thank you thank you thank you. sincerely charlie aka dafni

  6. Philipp says:

    I would love to be housewifed by a dominant woman and serve her in a dress, heels and an apron.


  7. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa,

    Been away for awhile and am thrilled to see Your philosophy still building layer upon layer. Especially correctly seeing the necessity of reversing the past false constructs of males allowed their previous ‘masculine’ persona!

    I note you say You’ve not converted ‘vanilla Female friends’, yet the seed has been planted in society and has undeniably advanced far from the era of the 1950’s and earlier. As such friends see the changes elsewhere the ideals of Female First identification shall grow among many , at first in little or subtle ways, and once internalized They shall rise to power in increments until Female empowerment and male femininity become the natural and expected norm.

    KEEP SHOWING THOSE FEMALES WHO TARRY THE BENEFITS OF SEX ROLES AS THEY SHOULD BE…. Those Women shall move in the rigtht direction, and Their confused and bewildered male girl mates shall be led to proper demure, daintier and docile state.

  8. Allana Precia says:

    Lady Alexa, love the continued posts, I am always thrilled to hear the latest going on with Alice. I have one question if I may? How do you or Alice explain her Feminization to her immediate family like parents, sisters, brothers? I’ve always gotten hung up on this aspect which has certainly prevented my permanent full-time Feminization….something I would like very much but can’t seem to bring to fruition.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      This point is the subject of some of my posts. Our immediate family and friends are not aware of Alice’s feminisation. It’s a source of immense frustration for me. Alice reverts to male top clothes outside the home and when with family and friends who are not aware

  9. dafni says:

    i was fascinated by the change in my favorite TV show in the US – Scandal. The top rated show now has a Woman as the US President, and her Female Chief of Staff bosses the male vice president around like a sheep dog. One of the show’s ending quotes was a female president should be the norm not the exception. Clearly Female Led Society is going mainstream.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I think there is a change brewing. In real life here in the UK our Prime Minister is female but more than that, the First Ministers of Scotland and Northern Ireland are also female. Only Wales has a male leader. Maybe we’re ahead of the curve here?

  10. Selina says:

    Lady Alexa, I found this site a few days ago and absolutely love it. I have been a proponent of female led marriage and society for years. My wife is very traditional regarding relatiknships, but has become more confident and assertive since starting two businesses on her own. I have been doing some of the things suggested to help her realize our marriage would be better off with her leading and me serving. My hope is to one day be her feminized housewife/maid with her firmly in charge. Thank you for this awesome website!

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Selina and welcome to my world of loving FLR, caring Femdom and ‘encouraged’ feminisation. As for your own relationship, it will take time to turn your wife around to the benefits but it’s in your hands now to show her how her life will improve with you as her housewife. If you’re abl to put her first in everything then it should happen. In the meantime grow your hair, wear more feminine colours, take on more typically feminine interests.

      • Selina says:

        Thank you Lady Alexa! I love the term encouraged feminization and honestly it wouldn’t take much encouraging to get me started down that road. I don’t know if I could live in a FLR without her feminizing me in a loving way. My male pride and stubbornness would rear it’s ugly head too often. I do try to put her first but have a lot of progress to make in that area. I am growing my hair longer ( it’s almost long enough to have a feminine cut and style) show interest in traditionally feminine things, drop hints, and strive to serve her as much as I can. I want her to take the lead so bad it hurts sometimes, but I don’t want to push too hard either. I eagerly look forward to your next post!!

        • Lady Alexa says:

          I think flr and feminisation go hand in hand although maybe not everyone feels the same. As you touched on, feminisation makes the male more submissive and helps in the FLR process besides making the male a better person

  11. Withheld to Protect Against Abuse says:

    Very interesting. I don’t buy into the idea that males, or females, are submissive ‘beneath the surface’; human minds have the capacity for both states…I recognise both within myself, yet choose to take a generally dominant position socially – except with those whose age & experience make deference the natural position to take; and sexually have enjoyed both being dominant & submissive, and neither (that is to say, any sense of either being in a ‘dominant’ or ‘submissive’ posture essentially absent, replaced by a true, healthy meeting of two people)…So, why have I ended up here? Interesting. Clearly I have something to work out within myself, I wonder what it might be? I think, since I’ve been musing on Christianity as a response to human societies & interactions amongst people as being nakedly (as it were 😉 …) power vs weakness/dominance vs submission/’might is right’ in the Roman style (even though Christ’s Galilee wasn’t actually culturally Roman; the Romans didn’t station a garrison there until c.130 AD…etc., etc.). Maybe it’s to do with that?? Probably…

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Your point is well made, in fact my own husband was never what you would call submissive when I first met him/her. I’ve met others who have switched from dominant to submissive. I’m not sure what your point is about Christianity though unless you mean that a more dominant group or person always subjugates a less dominant one?

  12. corsetjane says:

    I have so much to learn…and offer Lady A

  13. Walter Shumate says:

    I am 59 and madly in love with my wife of 20 years. I am…usually…98% Dom and 2% sub, i am a switch. Five years ago, we switched for about 6 months. After that, Goddess Mary, whom i worship, said she had “gotten her aggression out” and was no longer interested in being Dominant. She enjoyed being “forced” and “raped” and was quite comfortable as a sub. i felt becoming a Dominatrix would do wonders for her self esteem. i also offered to fulfill any of her fantasies on command (such as rape, anal, whatever she desired…). i am quite accommodating and make CERTAIN she is ALWAYS satisfied. Five months ago, i finally convinced her to give it a try. Her self esteem is much improved. Her eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities. i bought her a whole wardrobe of Dominatrix outfits and 6″ stiletto heeled boots, which she loves, and tons of whips, crops, and paddles. She still LOVES brutal rape scenes. Rape excites her and makes her have fantastic orgasms, i guess it’s the power exchange… However, now She is The GODDESS, the one in control, the one with the big dick. i just love to see her happy. As long as She is happy, i am too. i love her that much. i will do anything for her. i am not less of a man, but more of a man because of it.

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