It’s Time to Strip Masculinity From Our Relationships

FLRI’ve written another article for a social media site called on the topic of FLRs and need to remove all masculinity from your relationships when you’re feminising your husband or boyfriend. It’s not enough to just put him in female clothing

It continues the topic of my last post but greatly expanded. Do have a look by clicking on the link and I hope you enjoy it., it’s time to strip away masculinity


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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7 Responses to It’s Time to Strip Masculinity From Our Relationships

  1. IanBrianna says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,

    I love your article and consider Alice a vey fortunate trans male. I agree with everything you mention, especially including the psychological aspects of feminisation. His reading should be mostly focused on women’s magazines and romances and similar sources. The only thing I would add is hormones. I took hormones during two periods in the past, the second time under the direction of a lovely Domme for about 5-1/2 months. I can attest that not only did my body start to change radically, but my emotions and thinking changed as well, Hormones can considerably speed up the psychological process of feminisation.

    All the best to you and Alice,

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thank you for feedback I’m pleased you enjoyed the article. Good point on the women’s magazines and novels I hadn’t thought of that. However I can’t put her on hormones as I need her clitty to be fully functioning and can’t risk the adverse affects they would have

  2. whyguys says:

    Another brilliant example of how Your philosophy is billowing and coalescing. Your attention to the more minute detail and development of Female First Relationship is a delight and assures that you don’t fall into mere fetish play between Female and male.
    So much in this article it would take pages to comment but for brevity, in particular You wrote:
    “The real need is to get into a male’s head that his masculinity has fallen away. Re-enforcement of the message and constant reminders that he’s feminine are important. It is an overhead for me, but one that’s worth the trouble for both of you in the end. Incremental gains can be difficult to spot until every so often, you notice that he’s started doing something naturally that you’ve been working on for ages. It’s so satisfying. Ensuring he follows female habits, rituals and routines all help in this process.”

    Wonderful! Yes it so so far greater than ‘her’ First Skirt, ‘her’ First Heels, ‘her’ First Bra etc…. and although very important and necessary steps of retraining body and proper deportment they are continual re-molding so that the male’s identity is not crushed harshly but ‘falls away’ as each inadequate false element of past ‘masculinity’ dissipates and is no longer part of Your y-chromosome mate’s functional, behavioral, emotional, psychological inventory… making him blossom into the full young male girlhood that is for Woman and male, as You state

    “….to achieve the desired result. A submissive, feminised husband should be his destiny and the goal of many more woman.”

    ps. Adore the photo of the young ‘male girl’ demurely and plaintively playing with her hair. Note two things that seem very much to imply she is still in training:
    1. her fingers and nails still retain vestige of her ‘masculine past’ and as she almost fumblingly touches her girlish locks. One almost hears her thinking, “what is happening… i–i’m a man … i feel like a girl… b-but i’m a man, but am i any more? a g-girl?” (This could be a very critical stage – and yet delightful one for a Woman – when a male girl is confused and frightened that her Female Master must be careful to be firm and to press Her advantage.)
    2. precious detail also is the twisted bra or other lingerie strap over the male girl’s left shoulder. Sweet little Missy… still has a lot to learn about a male’s proper dressing herself *giggle*… but she’ll learn… she’d better learn…

  3. Chrissy says:

    My wife recently took me shopping and bought me trousers, shorts and t-shirts from the woman’s department. They’re not too feminine but it means that even out and about I don’t have an excuse for not wearing appropriate clothing.

  4. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa… fantastic journal! Yet it brought up a question on what factors of how others in Your family or social environment have hamperd (or helped) Your ‘stripping masculinity’ from Alice?

    People around MUST have noticed the feminization and change of alice’s past false male identity. Surely, there must be impedance to Your male girl’s development from some or many around you.

    What weapons do You use to break or limit their influence against the goal of re-education and training?

    Do You confront others primitive incorrect view of archaic sexual dynamics?

    On the other hand… have You found other Women who surprisingly smile in enlightenment or changed behaviour that surprise You?

    Oh, Mz Alexa… the path You help forge for emboldening Women and leaving tomorrow’s male girls sighing in increasingly sighing temerity and respect is growing boundlessly… please tell (or ocommand!) Alice too offer a curtsy for the rest of us not present…

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