Living an FLR Feminization Lifestyle

flr feminizationA question I’m often asked is how does an FLR Feminization Lifestyle work? I had a variation on this very question asked by Curious Georgina and rather than just reply to her I thought I’d expand it into a post for all.

So, how does an FLR Feminization lifestyle really work?

First off here’s the original message from Curious Georgina. My replies are below her email.

Dear Lady Alexa, Thank you very much for your very beautiful stories and your frank and helpful responses to questions about the FLR feminization lifestyle. You provide hope to all the girls trapped inside of men seeking to emerge into the fresh air out of their oppressive, suffocating masculine shells and blossom into sweetness, light and happiness.

I have a few questions that probably most people who are interested in FLR-feminization lifestyle will find relevant.

  1. When a man is feminized by his dominant wife or girlfriend but without using hormone treatments (the man always wears feminine clothing when at home; body, leg and pubic hair fully removed; but no hormone treatments; the wife is in charge), does the sexual relationship between them still continue?
  2. Will a feminized man still be able to sexually satisfy the woman in the conventional way by penetrating her with his penis? Or do they swap roles in the bedroom too – does she penetrate him with a strap-on dildo?
  3. Based on your familiarity with couples who lead an FLR feminization lifestyle, how does the woman satisfy her own feminine emotional and sexual needs if she is always playing the traditional role of a male?
  4. Does the female lead in an FLR cheat on her feminized male with other, masculine males? Or is the relationship more like a lesbian relationship – dominant woman with a ‘gurl’?
  5. Is cuckolding an inevitable fate for the feminized male?

The answer to Georgina’s questions are that it depends on the relationship.

The first thing I need to say is that there is a big difference between girl trapped inside a male body and a male adopting or being made to adopt the ‘traditional’ role and manner of a submissive girl. The first is a transgender issue and I don’t really have any experience or qualifications to talk about that. So I’m not sure my replies provide any help to those of you like this. My replies pertain to a male partner of a strong woman being encouraged to adopt female ways and lifestyle but remaining physically male.

The second thing I’ll say is that my answers are from my own experience. I’m sure that a wide range of experiences exists. Whatever suits the consensual couple is fine by me.

  1. In my own case and in most cases of those I know in  other FLR relationships with feminised men the sexual relationship continues. In fact encouraged feminisation of your partner enhances the sexual relationship.
  2. The feminised male partner satisfies the woman lead in the conventional way as in all marriages and relationships. See answer number 1. Alice doesn’t like penetration so we don’t practice this although I know other do. However that would be in addition to standard male/female sex.
  3. Your question makes an assumption that it is natural for a man to be in charge. This is not the case. Just because I am in charge of my relationship does not make me less of a woman or affect any of my needs. In fact it enhances them. I don’t become a male, I remain female and feminine. WHat’s unusual abut being an alpha female or matriarch?
  4. Again the question makes assumptions about an FLR feminization relationship. Why would anything be different? Why would it be a lesbian relationship? Alice has been feminised but is not a real woman. She’s biologically and physically a man but with what has traditionally been thought of as feminine clothing, routines and lifestyle. I would argue that traditional thought process is outdated and wrong. I would say our relationship is normal in the sense that nothing is wrong just that others haven’t caught up with us yet.
  5. No. In fact I don’t know of any other couples like us who practice or want to practice cuckolding. I’ve read that it works for some couples. Fine if that’s what they want. I suspect it’s more of a fantasy but I may be wrong. It’s not our fantasy nor that of my friends like us though.

The point about FLR feminization relationships is that outside the leadership/feminization/submission angle the rest of the relationship is as everyone else’s. We eat, drink, decorate, pay bills, talk, go to the cinema, go to restautants and so on. Most of our time is not played out enacting some wild fetish-fest but is actual life albeit with a feminised submissive husband.

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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9 Responses to Living an FLR Feminization Lifestyle

  1. Ian Elliott says:

    Thanks for your post. What could be more normal?

  2. Brian says:

    I very comprehensive response which details your relationship. Correctly you can only speak about your relationship and dynamic. Its wonderful that you share it with us. Xxx

  3. Curious Georgina says:

    Thank you, Lady Alexa. You are helpful as always.

    Just to clarify, by “girls trapped inside of men seeking to emerge” I did not mean transgender women. I meant men who have a strong feminine side and would like to live as feminized men in a FLR-feminization relationship, like Alice. I meant it in pretty much the same sense as when you said “all men have a submissive feminized girl hidden away inside them. We just need to encourage her to come out.” in your post titled “The Girl Within Him”.

  4. Riya says:

    How do you treat Alice in public or in front of relatives or friends? Do you show your Dominant side in front of them ??

  5. Carla says:

    Hello Lady Alexa
    My name is ” Carla” and I have recently found your blog and thoroughly enjoy your posts as well as some of your followers replies. Your realistic FLR point of view, experience, and input/responses to the questions has been very helpful to me! Just knowing there are many people like me and those that accept and seek us gives me hope!

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