Another New Year and More Feminization

more feminizationEvery New Year, I like to make resolutions including more feminization. I know it’s an arbitrary point in time to start a year but it’s a good an occasion as any to reflect and decide.

My New Year resolutions are not just about improving Alice and our FLR but other things too. I’m sure you didn’t come to my site to learn about my resolutions on everyday life but to hear what I have in mind for Alice’s feminisation and expanding our loving FLR.

More Feminization for Alice

Resolution no.1 is more feminization for my pretty husband. I’m already on the track for this with longer hair and new boobs for her but I like to reaffirm this in my resolutions.

Every year I also attempt to get Alice to lose a bit of weight. To be fair, she’s not fat but I want her to be very slim. Every year I fail in my attempt but I’m going for it again. This time I’ve banned alcohol for the month of January. I think this is a big problem. Not that she drinks a lot but a few glasses of wine a week stack up the calories. I’ve also reduced her carb. and fat intake. I’m joining in so it’s a team effort. (I think I’ve strayed into normal life resolutions here but since it’s linked to helping in Alice’s feminisation it may be justified?)

I do think that a very slim waist would enhance her boobs – when they get there.

I think that her slimmer look (assuming I don’t fail as I have in the previous four New Year’s resolutions) and longer hair will adjust people’s perception of Alice when she’s in her male guise and prepare the ground for more obvious changes.

With this in mind I’ve made some other changes. I’m not going to stop her interests in things that may be perceived as more male (watching sport) but I will be insisting she goes with feminine reminders. I want stockings under her trousers when she’s out as well as a bra at ALL times outside the house (inside is obvious). This is a good reminder for her.

As regards her hair. Yes we have the problem of some thinning on top but I can’t let that stop me. As it lengthens I’ve been able to style it in a more feminine way. She has to brush it forward slightly at the sides and into her face. Her ears are now completely covered by hair. I insist that the back is curled up at the ends. Alice does this herself at my insistence by blow-drying. I’m still contemplating exactly what to do about the thinning. Maybe a hair-weave? I’m not sure yet but thinning hair does affect the final look I’m aiming for so I need to find something at least semi-permanent.

Feminized and Pretty

The poll on the new cover for my book Feminized and Pretty 2 has finished and, as expected, cover 1 was the favoured option by 54% of voters. Alice’s choice polled just 16% and I think she voted too so it was probably much less if we remove her vote(s).

feminized and pretty

I’m going to change the sub-title to something like Humiliated, cuckolded and de-maled by his Wife.

The book’s around 2 weeks away from completion including the edits. It’s a little tougher and darker than my previous books as I wanted to explore some femdom areas that I don’t use in my own FLR. So we get to read about Patrick being a cuckold and receiving a forceful pegging as well as him becoming more of a slave. We also get to meet a couple of characters from some of my previous books. The novel ends in a very humiliating position for Patrick but I’m giving nothing away

It’s been fun writing Feminized and Pretty 2 as I don’t always know where I’m going to go with the stories, they just appear from my fingertips and out of my extremely naughty mind.

A Happy Feminised, Female Led and Femdom New Year





About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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21 Responses to Another New Year and More Feminization

  1. Corsetjane says:

    Thank you for your updates Lady Alexa..
    May i wish you and Alice a very Happy New Year..and every success with your new resolutions.. (I have a similar one about losing the Christmas tummy!).
    i would love to think that we could even meet up this year at your favourite Femdom event but prospects are slim as i type..
    Your blog entries over the year have inspired me and made me appreciate that there are women who genuinely wish their partner to move in this direction.. please dont stop.
    jane 🙂

  2. sillyGirl says:

    I can see that the very big mini-step of earrings is getting closer. Does she wear dangly clip-ons ones at home? If so, for some public function in the future you may give her a choice of dangly ones or the pierced studs, and give her about a month to decide.

    You are doing a great job!

  3. Patti59 says:

    I Love your outlook for 2018. I would suggest, while you have Alice in “Male Form”, even though you stated that stockings will be worn under his slacks, that maybe he start dressing in women’s pant suits while in male guise. This would also require him in most cases to carry a purse, and yet being in male guise this would reinforce Male Feminization as becoming accepted in more and more places. Just a thought! Love the way you think!

  4. Jennie Jaye says:

    Greetings Lady A,

    Happy New Year (with a full curtsy).

    With your strength and directives (and Alice’s growing submissiveness) I believe you and Alice will accomplish your feminizing goals for 2018.

    If I may suggest….a resolution to have a “Girls Night Out” just for Alice and Lady A … for a night or two as stunning girlfriends!


    • Lady Alexa says:

      We actually have a feminised friend who suggested the same thing except with her. I loved the idea. Alice was somewhat less than enthusiastic

      • whyguys says:

        Oh Lady Alexa… surely Your delicate and feminine de-maled wife Alice should understand You, her strong Female Master, could and would protect her from any public embarrassment.

        For the first few times merely choose a venue where mostly Females might congregate — the chances are any and all remarks would be positive about how the progress and improvement You have made with Your male girl. Perhaps, it might be an inspiration for other Woman to enter into similar
        training for males They care about…

  5. Gordon says:

    Dear Lady Alexa, You mention that it’s difficult buying women’s clothing for Alice because of his height. Why doesn’t Alice learn to sew, then she can make any item of clothing to suit her. She could even add pretty lace or decorations to existing, or off the shelf, clothes.
    An added bonus is she can then mend and maintain your favourite outfits too!
    I do all the sewing and mending in our house.

    Gordon x

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Alice is not too bad at sewing but it’s time consuming and she has so many other things to do: cooking, ironing, cleaning, the web site techy things, her own job, diy (her transformation doesn’t get her out of that) and generally serving me

  6. Sally Bend says:

    Oh, I quite like the sound of “de-maled.” That just resonates for some reason.

    A very happy Feminised, Female Led and Femdom New Year to the both of you, Lady Alexa!

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I can’t claim the credit, it came from one of my lovely blog readers. I’m now enjoying telling Alice she is being de-maled. It has a nice ring to it. A happy New feminised Year to you too Sally from me and from Alice

  7. Carol says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,

    May I humbly make a suggestion for the further feminisation of Alice this year.
    I have been in a Fem Dom relationship for several years now and have been increasingly feminised.

    My Mistress, Mistress Jane, has told me to write of my own experience of the last year. Mistress started to insist last year that I strictly follow a menstrual cycle. I have to use an online menstrual calculator to estimate the start of my next period and I am expected to buy and use my own sanitary products from my own allowance accordingly.

    I have to start using thin pads 2 days before I expect to start and then tampons from 1 day before until 1 day after my 5 day period. I have to carry a couple of tampons with me at all times during my period and have to find somewhere to change my tampon every 4 hours (I am allowed to carry a small amount of lube with me).

    Mistress never reminds my of my start date, and regularly checks for the tell tale little dangling string when I am “On”. I am severely punished if I forget to start, or if I do not change my tampon regularly; wherever we are it is definitely my problem. Luckily, the men in the adjoining cubicles have no idea that I am standing next door with one foot raised on the toilet seat and my panties around my nylon clad ankles (I have to wear a bra, knickers and stockings or hold ups at all times). Mistress tells me that I have to understand the inconvenience that real women have to endure every month!

    Sometimes, my mistress will declare that my period is about start a few days early. If we are out I then have to rush to find a store selling tampons and pads and then find the nearest toilet.

    If I am a good girl and follow my routine properly I am allowed to sleep for 8 hours overnight before changing my tampon first thing in the morning.

    Mistress also knows my days of “ovulation” from the same calendar and follows a nightly pegging routine on the 5 most fertile days. This is sometimes followed by Mistress deciding that my next period is delayed, at which time I am teased about being a naughty girl who may possibly be pregnant. She has even insisted that I purchase a pregnancy test kit (with my own allowance) and made me pee on the indicator, sitting down of course.

    Like Alice, I am no fan of butt plugs. However, tampons, although uncomfortable, are bearable, even though I am always aware that I have one inserted.

    Like Alice, my own feminisation continues to escalate. I have been told that I can expect to accompany Mistress on a night out in another town later this year, fully en-femme. This is something that I am both dreading and anticipating in equal measures.

    Yours sincerely and humbly,

    (Presently on “Day 3”)

  8. charlie says:

    hi Lady Alexa,

    just few thoughts wanted to share…one of my friend gave me a tip which is really working you can try this out…you could perhaps make your research as well before you experiment.

    mix of powder of henna leaves, neem leaves, hisbuscus leaves and Murraya koenigii (curry tree leaves) to make it as paste and mix with warm milk and apply gently on to the hair for 30 minutes and wash it in warm water and after bath regular application of PURE coconut oil crushed from the dried coconut kernels (no chemicals) will help grow soft and natural hair. you could try it out and see the positive results from in 4-5 months maximum. (better to get all the leaves and crush it like powder to ensure no chemicals are added) once in 7 days coconut oil bath is also recommended which will reduce the heat on the head which will maintain cool atmosphere on the surface of the scalp to reduce hair loss..

    simultaneously, the powder mix of hisbuscus leaves with Murraya koenigii can be mixed with warm water daily and can be consumed in small portions anytime which will also help for good hair growth.

    for tips for slimming, low intake of oil, carbs, no liquor of any sort, no junk food and warm water mixed with honey daily on empty stomach will help to reduce weight and good skipping daily with aerobics workout will accelerate the process faster to reach your goal.

    Last time told about the anklet idea !! I knew it was late for X Mas but that will be a wonderful gift anytime to your love Alice 🙂

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Thanks Charlie although that sounds a lot of fuss to possibly regain hair growth for Alice. She has lots of work to do I can’t have her fussing with her hair too much.

      • charlie says:

        yeah understand the practical difficulty….you may just try to apply the unadulterated pure coconut oil for regular hair care and once a week oil bath if possible, hopefully this will ensure basic hair care foundation

  9. Stephanie Wilson says:

    Hi Lady Alexa glad to see you still working on Alice! Been off the grid so to speak for a while. My Mistress K and I married before a Justice of the Peace ( Judge) on July 17th. I took her last name. We went to a nice hotel in Indianapolis for our wedding night around a 100 miles from home . Was for a weekend. I was dressed the whole weekend in public. Our wedding night Mistress K had bought me a sheer white teddy , white thigh highs, white satin thong with pink bows. After servicing her sexual needs she consummated our marriage in every position possible with her strap on . We have a new toy for it to use on me , she surprised me on our wedding night with it, 7 inch vibrating dilldo with balls and filled with fake cum. I was given a facial on my knees and she refilled it 2 more tims after that and filled my sissy pussy full , was oozing out. I was allowed to cum also, last sissygasm then cleaned it up. I’m so very happy to be married to my Mistress and serve her. Everyday is a joy. Stephie

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Stephie long time no heat. So lovely to hear about your wedding. You don’t say whether you were married in a pretty wedding dress or in male clothes. Anyway it was great you were feminine for the weekend

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