It’s Time to Strip Masculinity From Our Relationships

FLRI’ve written another article for a social media site called on the topic of FLRs and need to remove all masculinity from your relationships when you’re feminising your husband or boyfriend. It’s not enough to just put him in female clothing

It continues the topic of my last post but greatly expanded. Do have a look by clicking on the link and I hope you enjoy it., it’s time to strip away masculinity


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Removing Masculinity from your FLR

removing masculinityIn this post I want to look at forced feminisation from another angle which is removing masculinity from your husband or partner

As regular readers know, I believe that feminising  your husband or partner is vital in a functioning FLR.


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Discipline and punishment

discipline and punishmentDiscipline and punishment is a difficult area in a loving FLR. I have a marriage based on love and the implicit agreement of the transfer of power to one person: me. So this gives me challenges.

I employ discipline and punishment to make it work as an FLR but I  differentiate between them. Continue reading

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FLR Means Putting your Husband in a Bra

husband in a braMaintaining a Female Led Relationship, FLR, requires more than putting your husband in a bra of course. However, once any self-respecting woman has taken control of the relationship and re-trained her partner, your submissive requires constant re-enforcement of his status.

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A Femdom Office, a Femdom Story

femdom story I do enjoy the idea of being in charge of an office where I can discipline the males. They would be my pretty submissive secretaries and admin. assistants dressed in revealing feminine clothing.

Since I can’t have this in real life as HR and UK employment legislation might well intervene, I turned my attention to writing another short story instead. Many of my stories take place in a business office and this one, called Office Discipline, joins that genre of Femdom story Continue reading

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Feminine Ways for a Submissive Husband

submissive husbandSometimes I have to do a double take when I see my pretty submissive husband Alice. Little things jog my memory and remind me how far we’ve come in our FLR journey. Much of the time I’ve become used to Alice being, well Alice. Continue reading

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A Perfect Future, a Femdom Future

femdom futureA femdom future is a future to dream of. Of course that femdom future already exists in my home but why not in every home and office around the world?

More than that, a femdom future where all males are feminised or naked, submissive and owned. Continue reading

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Feminization and femdom fiction – Joanne is back

feminization and femdomBook two of my forced feminization series, Becoming Joanne, is now available on Amazon and Kobo. It continues to follow Joseph’s transformation into the submissive sissy Joanne.

After his boss Melissa feminises him in the office and destroys all his male clothing, he thinks the worst is over. Melissa has other plans and moves him into her own home to a undergo a much deeper programme of forced feminization and humiliation at the hands of her and her female colleagues.

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A Cock Cage and an FLR

cock cageI hadn’t realised the power I’d get from putting Alice’s little clitty inside a cock cage. I know everyone commented that I should but that just made me want to not do it. I’m stroppy like that, it’s probably a feature of an Alpha lady.

So how have things gone since I caged Alice’s former crown jewels inside a pretty pink device? Continue reading

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Male Chastity, Cock Cages and Submission

male chastity

OK I admit it. I was wrong about male chastity and cock cages, or better, clitty cages. I was blinded by the fact that sissies seem to fantasise about their little thingies being locked up in a clitty cage. I didn’t think about what might be in it for me.
Unlike many submissives, Alice isn’t someone who’s desperate to wear a clitty cage. That said, she always said she would always do whatever I told her about chastity devices. Well that goes without saying but I was still nice to hear it. So what happened?

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