Re-Designing Your Sissy’s Clitty

I’ve written about the topic of feminising a male’s clitty before. Aside from wanting it to be fully functioning for my personal needs, at all other times the sight of something so associated with masculinity is not so good and we need to do some work on this area.

Since I need it to be working, my only option is to re-design it superficially in order to make it appear more feminine.

Displaying his clitty

However, an aspect of my FLR marriage is that Alice has to often have her clitty out on display for me (and other mistresses). This is necessary I believe to show the disparity in status between the clothed female and submissive feminised male who can be allowed to have no personal privacy.

The problem is of course, is that your submissive male may be humiliated at having to display his clitty but at the same time he may also have feelings of masculinity seeing it, especially if it gets hard. So then we get a supposed feminised husband feeling proud of his erect member, albeit embarrassed at it being on show.

So as my regular readers know, I do various things to feminise Alice’s clitty. I find the following do the trick in re-designing the former male member into a cute feminine clitty.

Feminising his clitty

Re-name it: This is obvious but it needs a feminine name. Clitty for the stick and pussy for the whole groin area.

Verbally humiliate it: When Alice is standing there in all her erect glory in front of me and one of my mistress friends she needs to be told her clitty is pathetic, small and useless. It’s important to laugh at it, which isn’t difficult in the circumstances. I like to demean it regularly, it’s an overhead but well worth it.

I also have a new approach in that I wear surgical rubber gloves to touch it, telling Alice it’s disgusting. Feminised former males can’t be allowed to think their little tinkies are in any way important or significant.

Shaving it: Of course this is another important aspect of re-designing his groin area that all dominant women use. Some mistresses prefer it shaved entirely. I personally think it’s better if it’s smooth except for a small amount of shaved tidy pubic hair above her clitty. I’ve tended to go for the triangle design but I’ve told Alice I fancy a change and she should go for a Brazilian next time. I drew the size I want on her pubic area with indelible ink.

Decorate it: I usually decorate Alice’s clitty when it’s on show to make it look more feminine and pretty. It removes any feeling she might otherwise get of masculine pride.

So when it’s on display for me or others, as a basic decoration I tie a pink bow around her pussy balls with the bow laying on the top of her clitty. I might add some clothes pegs for discomfort. If I’m really in the mood for decoration, I’ll clip on drop earrings to her pussy balls and maybe hang other jewellery around it.

Another new idea I’ve had recently is to draw on it with body paint or with indelible ink. I like to write clitty along the little stick for example, or sissy.


male chastityLock it up: I’ve noticed thatย  sissies love having their little clitties locked away. I understand from various studies I’ve read that it’s something to do with delayed gratification and prolonging the excitement and anticipation of some future ejaculation.

I do lock Alice’s up at times for my own control purposes, at other times it’s released. I’m not really interested in Alice’s or any other a submissive’s excitement and gratification. It’s about demeaning their former male bits and putting them under control. Alice knows that she is needed for my gratification so there’s little chance of any delay. It’s about my control.


Punish it. It’s valid to use his clitty for punishment. Slaps with the hand, crop or wooden spatula are effective. It shows further your control over it, and its insignificance that you can use it to admonish him

Get re-designing ladies

Re-designing your submissive’s clitty is more than just the physical and verbal activity about making it more feminised. It’s about getting into his head that he’s a girl and that his little stick is feminine. I believe it’s a physiological imperative to put effort into this. If you don’t then your feminised man will always see his little tinky as something more than it really is and it will act as a reminder that he has some residual masculinity. When in reality all it’s there for is the purposes of the lady of the house to use as she sees fit.




About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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22 Responses to Re-Designing Your Sissy’s Clitty

  1. IanBrianna says:

    Delightful article.

  2. dafni10107 says:

    Dear Lady Alexa, once again your updates are so informative. You continue to inspire and drive me further into a submissive/female supremacist state. I yearn for the day when I meet a woman who takes FLR seriously and wants to truly control the relationship. What is wonderful is how you have taken total control, working through the challenges of the male ego and truly transforming alice from a male into a progressive gurl. May I ask if you have trained alice in having a more feminine voice or does she still have a deep tone. There is a new website that is purposefully make to sell panties and lingerie to males. it is clear that FLR is a social trend that will continue regardless if a man wants it or not – as it should be. males need the loving control of a woman to make him into the best version of himself (herself) for the benefit of the relationship, his health/well being, and society at large. Keep up the incredible effort, you are making a real difference.

  3. Corsetjane says:

    Thank you again Lady A for another article to get other sissies feeling for Alice…and somehow wishing that they were in the same boat… although…as you always point out..fantasy is one thing…the real thing is another…
    This sissy wannabee…. loves what you do…and particularly how you describe what you do… Thank you…
    jane ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. missi maid says:

    wonderful post, ma’am. my owner has used many of these methods. my sissy stick has been locked for years now. a sissy can’t be trusted not to to play with his clitty.

  5. mrbill says:

    Thanks for this fun article. I personally crave to be feminized and wish to be a girl for my wife. Have you heard of the term “male lesbian”? I think the natural result of our relationship would be for us to be girlfriends.

  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    Thank You Lady Alexa for sharing this wisdom, Ma’am. Males have often shown great pride in their “cocks”…often boasting of size, power, and their prowess…it seems very clear that to remove this former behaviour from Your feminised male is imperative…to teach her that she does not have a cock, but a clitty…Your methods seem very thorough…and I love that her clitty is put on display, depriving her of any privacy.

    Most humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  7. charlotte says:

    This is an inspired set of ideas for feminizing the useless and insignificant sissy stick as a clitty and pussy. I am shaved and have a triangle. I also am often required to put a lace bow around it, usually white lace or pink ruffles, available for inspection by my Wife and her girlfriends. My Wife sometimes uses permanent marker to “tattoo” it, recently with a red high heel shoe, “Gurls just wanna have fun” quote, and “sissy”. I was required to purchase a cb6000s in a woman-owned and run shop, and to wear it whenever She allows me to, but She believes that I should be submissive enough to not touch it without Her permission and the cb6000s should be unnecessary: my submission should be core to my soul and not require the device. I love that alice is often on display and your insight to laugh at it is so wonderful. When I am laughed at or ignored my masculinity melts away….a positive good for society. Thank you for your leadership and wisdom. Please laugh at my clitty and pussy. Please humiliate it.

  8. whyguys says:

    Lady Alexa,

    Perhaps it might be very educating for the reconstructed male girl to have to write a monthly “MENTAL MENSES” assignment or a theme on how her and/or males’ general genital deficiency has proven a hindrance or a proof of her inferiority as a being in comparison to the Female.

    If a male girl were to have to do this regularly it would force her to focus on seeing ‘masculinity’ as a negative and would likely impress upon her the necessity of becoming increasingly feminine as a cure.

    the Female’s male girl reports could be graded with Female Masters’ input so to direct future changes in behavior most amenable to the Woman’s aims in re-traing said male girls.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I prefer to get her to tell me she had a pretty clitty and explain how feminine it is

      • whyguys says:

        Lady… do not really see that the above method would really be contrary to Your above tact. Making Alice describe the ‘unmanliness’ and feminine vulnerability of her male girl member should easily be incorporated into the above exercises, as well as any other male ego destroying reports the little dears might be made to come up with to show male inferiority in comparison to the superior Female sex. Not arguing against You… just suggest it might be both a useful and amusing device for Women in general to use n Their little mates to insure or increase ladylike submission…

  9. Selina says:

    What a great post! I am thinking of what to call Selina’s clitty. I called it her cute princess last night and her face blushed crimson red! I also love the idea of decorating it! There’s so many things that could feminize it! I will be buying a cage for it, but my goal is to leave it uncaged and teach Selina that it belongs to me and is not to be touched without my permission. Of course it is hairless and will always be! As a new mistress, I love how this can quickly establish my authority over Selina. Hugs, Katrina

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