Real-Life Female Domination

real life dominationI chanced upon a post which speaks about real-life female domination. I wanted to share it as it’s written in an entirely different style to mine. For this reason the lady manages to get to the point about real-life female domination and femdom in a way I probably dance around.

I don’t normally spend any time looking online at femdom stuff as it’s mostly male fantasy nonsense. Because of this I don’t normally do shares of other posts. I like to just download my own thoughts.

The reality of those of us who live in a female-led relationship is that we are real people so normal life goes on. I don’t always feel dominant if I’d had a busy day, I want my husband Alice to make decisions if I’m tired or whatever.

Of course Alice will always have to be feminised but maybe I just want her to sort stuff out for me. Anyway have a look at what this lady thinks of life as in a real-life female domination relationship

“domina advise wife”


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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2 Responses to Real-Life Female Domination

  1. Brian ONeill says:


    Perfectly sensible article. Domination isn’t about one thing or another thing. It’s about whatever dynamic the individuals develop for themselves. It’s not about the porn image. Oh yes, visually a woman in heels, Basque and a whip is visually appealing. But it’s imagery. That means im reacting to the image, not the woman.

    Alice sees You every morning. Hair a mess, sleep in Your eyes, no make up etc. He sees the woman not the image. He serves the woman, not the image.

    Hard to make men understand that because porn is so prevalent.

    Brian (UC by Mistress Ayesha Innana)

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