Removing Masculinity from your FLR

removing masculinityIn this post I want to look at forced feminisation from another angle which is removing masculinity from your husband or partner

As regular readers know, I believe that feminising  your husband or partner is vital in a functioning FLR.


Can Masculinity exist in an FLR?

No, no and no.

How can you lead and be the one making decisions when your husband (or partner) still thinks like a man? If he still has that masculine aggression, if he is lead by his willy, if he thinks he’s always right? Men therefore have to be feminised, but is that enough?

You can force feminise him and put him in dresses, wigs, give him a feminine name and so on but is he a now a girl or a man in a dress? I would suggest from my experience that those nasty male traits can still surface from time to time. What we need to do is to remove and strip away any masculinity and replace with femininity. Only when he believes he’s really feminine will you have what you need; a submissive girl.

removing masculinityThe challenge of masculinity removal

My big challenge was not only getting Alice to wear female clothing or even to accept being called Alice or girl but to get her to accept that it’s no longer a sex game but a real change in her whole way of living from masculine to feminine.This has to be a psychological change.

To be honest I’m not there yet with Alice but even being some way down the road to removing her masculinity is a vast improvement on what I had before. maybe she’ll never be quite there but I’m aiming for 90%?

Time to Remove Masculinity

Much of forced feminisation and petticoating focuses on the outward appearances of your partner. This really isn’t enough to get to true FLR. It’s a great start though and a real pleasure to see. The need is to get into a male’s head that his masculinity is dead. Re-enforcement of the message and constant reminders that he’s a girl. It’s an overhead for a mistress but one that’s worth the trouble. Incremental gains can be difficult to spot until every so often you notice that he’s doing something naturally that you’ve been working on for ages. It’s so satisfying. Female habits, rituals and routines all help this process. As a mistress you need to be focussed on the process and ruthless in spotting transgressions and stamping them out immediately.

I like the fact that now I have now put CFNM in our relationship on some occasions and this doesn’t affect Alice’s femininity. Maybe I should have said CFNG; Clothed Female Naked Girl?

removing masculinity

Removing masculinity is the only approach to feminisation of men

I have realised from my relationship that in any FLR and in a forced feminisation process you should never forget to strip away the male side at the same time as you are building up a man’s femininity.

It’s easy for your feminised male to remember to curtsey if he’s in a dress but does he remember if he’s naked? That’s the test. Forcing your feminised husband to be naked does introduce a potential problem in the clitty being on show. This is part of the psychology and constant reinforcement of the renaming to a clitty and pussy and its feminisation. A shaved pussy balls and clitty and a nest triangle of pubic hair works well although I think a little pink bow is also nice as is my new-found enthusiasm for a clitty cage.

Feminisation means removing masculinity

Putting your male into female clothing is only half the battle. What you really need to do is change his thinking to achieve the desired result in all relationships. A submissive girl should be the destiny of any man and the goal of every woman.

About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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21 Responses to Removing Masculinity from your FLR

  1. Sallyblonde says:

    Doesn’t constantly forcing feminisation ultimately lead to loss of masculine traits and automatic adoption of female actions,so small steps,swinging hips and arm movements, curtsying just become natural whether naked dressed in girly clothes or indeed male clothing.

  2. IanBrianna says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,

    In my humble experience, it is when a sub male’s breasts start to sprout that he realizes his masculinity is on the wing.


  3. whyguys says:

    Oh Mz Alexa… Your growing insight and understanding of how the sexes must and shall evolve are a model that Females should learn, internalize and disseminate!

    “The need is to get into a male’s head that his masculinity is dead. Re-enforcement of the message and constant reminders that he’s a girl.”
    Truly necessary is the termination of male ego and pretense. Repetitive reminder of the male’s proper feminine nature must be a constant overwrite in erasing her past errant behavior and thought patterns.

    “Maybe I should have said CFNG; Clothed Female Naked Girl?”
    Hilarious… yet a true insight. Putting feminine attire is a start, but frills and lace placed on the outside do not make a ‘man’ a Woman! But if she offers a true curtsy yet naked without skirt she is well on to being a Female’s sweet tempered and obedient male girl forever.

    “Never forget to strip away the male side at the same time as you are building up a man’s femininity.”
    Much the same vein as above. The male in the hands of a skilled Woman is much like a fine but unfinished piece of wood. Her strong skilled hands must sand and smooth Her male’s rough angular edges until she is a smooth and curvaceous delight to Her sight, touch and mind.

    “This is part of the psychology and constant reinforcement of the renaming to a clitty and pussy and its feminization.”
    ALL previous definitions and distinctions between Female and male must be corrected redefined and clarified.

    “A submissive girl should be the destiny of any man and the goal of every woman.”
    These changes are NOT a simple reversal but the next inherent step in the unfolding of human, or if You prefer WOMANKIND’s FUTURE!

  4. Philipp says:

    This article really scared me. Espececially this part: “The need is to get into a male’s head that his masculinity is dead. Re-enforcement of the message and constant reminders that he’s a girl.” If a woman achieves that with her male, then her (or better she) is really her submissive and obedient girl.

  5. Sophie says:

    Actually the transformation mentally into a submissive girl is the first part of transition as you had rightly advised in my case.The submission to the lady,doing the household chores and becoming her vassal and change in the thinking , in the gait etc. I remember i first changed the way i spoke..began speaking softly, sit straight with legs close to each other or crossed etc. the mental change came first then the change in the dress etc. further i totally agree it should be CFNG not CFNM. curtseys Lady A

  6. Stephie says:

    Excellent posts Lady A ! So agree with your observations. At first tho naturally submissive I was reluctant to try FLR/ and to be feminized, become my fiancé s sissy as I vet stated before. I looked at it at first as a sex game I admit but the more Iread, studied Femdom etc, which was required , the more I was required to really put into practice my feminine routine and corrected many times my masculine traits began to go away. SoI was forced to a extent in the very beginning but I came to realize this is who I am, what I was ment for. And as I’ve said no hormones for me,her decision. However I’m pretty much the submissive, feminine, sissy my Mistress/fiancé has trained me to be just 3 weeks shy now of 2 yrs since she started me down this path. As I’ve said before I’ve also found the chastity, or as Mistress K calls it my clitty cage to have really made me even more obedient, wanting to please her even more. And yes as you stated above always refer to your subs parts as clitty, pussy. Stephie

  7. Jan says:

    Lady Alexa speaking as a submissive male who has been submissive for as long as I can remember this slave has no wish to be feminine in any way my Mistress loves that she has a male that she controls in every way Mistresses slave has no say her slave does what hes told and as a submissive male to a beautiful African Mistress who is very dominant and knows how to get the best out of a male slave but this is the point her slave is male if any of you have ever been to Africa it is what looks like men run the show but look a little deeper and you will see this is not true in many cases to go back to my point this slave submissive male what ever you want to call him he serves his Mistress her needs come first at all times we are not married so outward sign that this slave belongs to any one but as Mistress said she has a metal ring and cage in a more important place

  8. Missi says:

    Amazing post, ma’am. my feminTion started with Her having authority over me and all decisions. Miss Emily took her time before I was in panties and then aprons. By the time she started on my appearance I was more female than male. as I mentioned I am Joe Her maid full time.


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