So What is an FLR?

flrI would hope to have answered the question in the title from my own perspective by now. That said, I have one type of FLR and there are many other types. It’s a spectrum with a vanilla marriage with the wife in charge all the way through to a BDSM / slave type relationship

My own FLR is some way along the FLR spectrum. It’s certainly not vanilla as I expect my husband to be feminised and I practice some minor physical punishment. But I would certainly categorise it as a loving FLR on both sides.

Recently I’ve been in correspondence with Mistress Sidonia from the English Mansion. Mistress Sidonia is a bit further along the FLR spectrum and has written a good article on the topic of FLRs in which she has kindly referenced me.

I suggest you have a look and at her videos on the topic by clicking through to her post here


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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4 Responses to So What is an FLR?

  1. Tris Neill says:

    Dear Lady Alexa,
    You are right, there is a huge range of FLRs out there but they all share one prime quality. Any FemaleLedRelationship is Led by the Female. Therefore the relationship is whatever She wants it to be! No questions, no negotiations. She may listen to the gurl’s point of view, but the final decision, as it should be, is always Hers.
    Thank You for the link to Mistress Sidonia’s thoughts on the FLR topic, it was a very thoughtful and enlightening article. She is so much more than just an extremely attractive ‘internet Femdom’. Never judge a book by it’s cover is a lesson i obviously need to repeatedly learn!

    tris neill

    • Lady Alexa says:

      The male may not always be a feminised girl in an FZlR Tris, that’s just the case in my FLR. I do encourage it but may the lady just wants a submissive man as a man

  2. Ian Elliott says:

    Thank you. What is an FLR? A form of paradise.

  3. Bea says:

    Hi Lady A,
    I do so enjoy reading your posts,they`re very much appreciated.
    What draws my attention is how both Alice and your self have developed and adapted,according to your desires.
    I can recall the early days of feminising Alice where an almost sissy/humiliation vibe was what mattered.
    Now,it is so delightful to hear how you wish her to present a `grown woman’s` aesthetic, away from the frills and frou frou of childish things.
    As a fellow de-maled person, there is a certain longing and sadness of having to be guided and instructed in the mores of style and fashion.Rather than the crashing experimentation and sheer exuberance of a girls teenage years. However,it is divine to see how Cathy and her wife-`Mary`present as two gorgeously stylish,age appropriate ladies. For others on the site- do feel free to contact me and discuss, with lady A`s consent, of course.
    Kindest regards Bea

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