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Five Male Changes for a Successful FLR

I receive many emails and comments from males wanting to know how to find a strong woman for a successful FLR or how to convince their wives to take charge of their marriage. Here’s my advice on the five changes … Continue reading

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Living an FLR Feminization Lifestyle

A question I’m often asked is how does an FLR Feminization Lifestyle work? I had a variation on this very question asked by Curious Georgina and rather than just reply to her I thought I’d expand it into a post … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Reader

You know how much I prefer males to be feminized and dressed in pretty clothes. It’s therefore always so nice to receive photos from one of my pretty male readers. And to hear their stories of how they came to … Continue reading

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Feminized and Pretty Too

Like me, Elizabeth Remington wanted a feminised husband. Someone to mould into a submissive girl. Unlike me though anyone would do. She wanted someone pliable, small-framed and with no ambition. Patrick Ashleigh fitted her requirements perfectly and he was quickly … Continue reading

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My Feminized Sissy Readers

I’m very pleased to know that there are many males around the world who understand their position in life is to be a feminised and submissive sissy. And many women who expect this. I recently received some photos from a … Continue reading

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Housewifing Your Husband

It’s my opinion that a Female-Led Relationship or Wife-Led Marriage requires the husband to be housewifed. I guess I could say that I believe that in any relationship the husband should be feminised and housewifed but being realistic not everyone … Continue reading

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Femdom Events

My last post speculated about fetish events which I compared unfavourably with femdom events. Not because the events are any better but rather that I prefer femdom. And forced feminisation of course. So with that in mind, off we went … Continue reading

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Developing an FLR (Female Led Relationship)

An FLR means investing time retraining and re-programming your man. A female-led relationship is a worthwhile investment for any lady wanting to improve her relationship.

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Becoming Joanne again

My first ever published novel is now available all round the world on Amazon. It’s amazing. Just search for the book title BECOMING JOANNE or the author LADY ALEXA. Not my real name of course but I thought I needed … Continue reading

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Hair Part 2

I found this photo on Pinterest which I love. It shows exactly how I now do Alice’s real hair. I love to get her to sit like this whilst I brush it into a beautiful style and tell her how … Continue reading

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