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Another New Year and More Feminization

Every New Year, I like to make resolutions including more feminization. I know it’s an arbitrary point in time to start a year but it’s a good an occasion as any to reflect and decide. My New Year resolutions are … Continue reading

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My Feminized Sissy Readers

I’m very pleased to know that there are many males around the world who understand their position in life is to be a feminised and submissive sissy. And many women who expect this. I recently received some photos from a … Continue reading

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Housewifing Your Husband

It’s my opinion that a Female-Led Relationship or Wife-Led Marriage requires the husband to be housewifed. I guess I could say that I believe that in any relationship the husband should be feminised and housewifed but being realistic not everyone … Continue reading

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Fetish Events

I’m not sure I’m a great fan of fetish events. I went to a fetish event in Central London at the weekend with Alice and our friends who live our lifestyle too. I’m not sure. I don’t really consider Femdom … Continue reading

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Discipline and punishment

Discipline and punishment is a difficult area in a loving FLR. I have a marriage based on love and the implicit agreement of the transfer of power to one person: me. So this gives me challenges. I employ discipline and … Continue reading

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Housewifing your husband

This article returns to one of my favourite topics, housewifing your husband and turning him into a pretty bimbo submissive. In writing this I am aware that I’m using a verb that doesn’t actually exist; ‘to housewife‘. However, I think … Continue reading

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