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Five Male Changes for a Successful FLR

I receive many emails and comments from males wanting to know how to find a strong woman for a successful FLR or how to convince their wives to take charge of their marriage. Here’s my advice on the five changes … Continue reading

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Two Feminised Valentine’s Nights

I’ve been a bit occupied lately so this is a belated feminised Valentine’s night post. Belated by about five weeks.

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A Real-Life FLR and Feminized Husband Story

Away from the fantasy femdom blogs and Pinterest’s photoshopped and staged images, real-life FLR and feminization thrives. Whilst the lady of the house is very much in charge, the relationship is always loving and caring. That’s the whole point. Recently … Continue reading

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Feminised by my Wife Chapter 3

My pretty husband Alice has completed chapter 3 of our serialised book, Feminised by my Wife. It’s uploaded and available to all subscribers of my newsletter. In this chapter she describes my plans to increase her feminisation this year. 2018 … Continue reading

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Feminized and Pretty 2

There’s really nothing better than a male who is feminized and pretty. It was from this thought that I got the title of my latest forced feminisation and femdom series; Feminized and Pretty. Naturally I bought my feminised and very … Continue reading

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Feminized by my Wife Chapter 2

My pretty husband Alice has been busy on the second chapter of her masterpiece Feminized by my Wife. That said I then had to turn her ramblings into a nice coherent story. Eventually I will be putting it into a … Continue reading

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Feminization Progress

My recent hiatus with regard to my posting on this blog is no reflection of any hiatus in Alice’s encouraging acceptance of her feminization progress. On the contrary, things are going very well. Breasts, hair and clothing are the areas … Continue reading

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Real-Life Female Domination

I chanced upon a post which speaks about real-life female domination. I wanted to share it as it’s written in an entirely different style to mine. For this reason the lady manages to get to the point about real-life female … Continue reading

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Another Day in the Life of a Strict Wife

Alice told me I was a strict wife yesterday and I liked the epithet. I wasn’t sure she necessarily meant as a compliment but rather as a straightforward description of how I am. I took it as a compliment so … Continue reading

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Feminization and submission

Feminization and submission can be a contradiction in terms if you think about it for a moment. Females are superior and dominant and males should always be submissive. I’ve turned my own husband into a submissive girl yet according to … Continue reading

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