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Should Feminisation and FLR be Forced?

There’s a big question; should feminisation of males and female-led relationships be imposed on males through coercion? As someone who writes about loving female-led relationships this is an important point. At what stage does your love stop you from making … Continue reading

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My Feminized Sissy Readers

I’m very pleased to know that there are many males around the world who understand their position in life is to be a feminised and submissive sissy. And many women who expect this. I recently received some photos from a … Continue reading

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Femdom Books

All my femdom and forced feminisation books are now also available on… Kobo

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Femdom Events

My last post speculated about fetish events which I compared unfavourably with femdom events. Not because the events are any better but rather that I prefer femdom. And forced feminisation of course. So with that in mind, off we went … Continue reading

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Feminization his path, transgender his destiny

“You’re going to remain as a girl. I can’t trust you as a man.” And so begins Joseph’s next stages of transformation into femininity, as the increasingly transgender she-male Joanne. He faces a whole new level of humiliation at the … Continue reading

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Becoming Joanne 3 – Coming Soon

Joseph’s descent into forced femininity increases dramatically in Becoming Joanne 3. Coming very soon to Amazon and Kobo He thinks his feminisation is about to end and he will soon return to his old male life with his wife Julie. … Continue reading

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Another Day in the Life of a Strict Wife

Alice told me I was a strict wife yesterday and I liked the epithet. I wasn’t sure she necessarily meant as a compliment but rather as a straightforward description of how I am. I took it as a compliment so … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Wife Led Marriage

Some of my readers have asked for a post about living in a Wife Led Marriage from my husband Alice’s point of view. So for today I will turn the keyboard over to Alice to recount her own story of … Continue reading

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Feminization and submission

Feminization and submission can be a contradiction in terms if you think about it for a moment. Females are superior and dominant and males should always be submissive. I’ve turned my own husband into a submissive girl yet according to … Continue reading

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Re-Designing Your Sissy’s Clitty

I’ve written about the topic of feminising a male’s clitty before. Aside from wanting it to be fully functioning for my personal needs, at all other times the sight of something so associated with masculinity is not so good and … Continue reading

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