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Another Pretty Reader

You know how much I prefer males to be feminized and dressed in pretty clothes. It’s therefore always so nice to receive photos from one of my pretty male readers. And to hear their stories of how they came to … Continue reading

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A Real-Life FLR and Feminized Husband Story

Away from the fantasy femdom blogs and Pinterest’s photoshopped and staged images, real-life FLR and feminization thrives. Whilst the lady of the house is very much in charge, the relationship is always loving and caring. That’s the whole point. Recently … Continue reading

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De-Maled by a Vengeful Wife

Clara stood by Patrick as he put his pink jacket on ready for the short walk to his next appointment. He was a twenty-eight-year-old man dressed as a schoolgirl: short grey box-pleated skirt, tight white blouse and little white socks … Continue reading

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Feminized and Pretty Too

Like me, Elizabeth Remington wanted a feminised husband. Someone to mould into a submissive girl. Unlike me though anyone would do. She wanted someone pliable, small-framed and with no ambition. Patrick Ashleigh fitted her requirements perfectly and he was quickly … Continue reading

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Feminized and Pretty 2

There’s really nothing better than a male who is feminized and pretty. It was from this thought that I got the title of my latest forced feminisation and femdom series; Feminized and Pretty. Naturally I bought my feminised and very … Continue reading

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Feminized and Pretty 1

Feminized and Pretty 1: Patrick was a young struggling musician when he met and then married  Elizabeth Remington. She was a much older very wealthy businesswoman. Aside from his good looks and easy charm, he didn’t understand why she had … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Hairdresser

My current focus for my feminised husband Alice is her hair and breast growth. I’ve been pleasently surprised at the effect of making her grow her hair longer. It’s always been a source of frustration that she had a short … Continue reading

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Breast enlargement and US sizes

I realise that my last couple of posts have featured the theme of Alice’s breast enlargement but it’s all rather exciting. I enjoy having new ‘encouraged’ feminisation projects. I must confess to getting accustomed to certain aspects of Alice’s feminisation … Continue reading

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Feminization Progress Beyond the Blog

Feminization progress on all fronts (pun intended). Alice has finally got my newsletter working how I want it, I’ve written a short story about my favourite fictional mistress, there’s a report on Alice’s breasts and finally, her increasingly luxuriant hair.

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Feminization Progress

My recent hiatus with regard to my posting on this blog is no reflection of any hiatus in Alice’s encouraging acceptance of her feminization progress. On the contrary, things are going very well. Breasts, hair and clothing are the areas … Continue reading

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