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Should Feminisation and FLR be Forced?

There’s a big question; should feminisation of males and female-led relationships be imposed on males through coercion? As someone who writes about loving female-led relationships this is an important point. At what stage does your love stop you from making … Continue reading

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Re-Designing Your Sissy’s Clitty

I’ve written about the topic of feminising a male’s clitty before. Aside from wanting it to be fully functioning for my personal needs, at all other times the sight of something so associated with masculinity is not so good and … Continue reading

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Developing an FLR (Female Led Relationship)

FLR means retraining and re-programming your man. It’s a worthwhile investment for any lady wanting to improve her relationship. Why we need to improve males

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FLR Means Putting your Husband in a Bra

Maintaining a Female Led Relationship, FLR, requires more than putting your husband in a bra of course. However, once any self-respecting woman has taken control of the relationship and re-trained her partner, your submissive requires constant re-enforcement of his status.

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A Cock Cage and an FLR

I hadn’t realised the power I’d get from putting Alice’s little clitty inside a cock cage. I know everyone commented that I should but that just made me want to not do it. I’m stroppy like that, it’s probably a … Continue reading

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A Domme’s Story

This is a guest post from a real-life domme called Synthia who lives a similar FLR lifestyle to my own in terms of being in charge. Continue reading

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