Two Feminised Valentine’s Nights

I’ve been a bit occupied lately so this is a belated feminised Valentine’s night post. Belated by about five weeks.


We always do something very special and very feminine for Valentine’s night. Forced feminisation and FLR are forces for good in a marriage. They supplement and add a new dynamic to the whole relationship. We like to do romantic things for each other so we never miss the opportunity to dress up pretty for our Valentine’s evening.  Often Alice is dressed plain; black skirt and flat shoes.We always have a meal in so I can get Alice to dress up very pretty. I look forward to a time when I can take her out in a pretty dress.

I buy pink roses for Alice, it’s what all good girls deserve. She still receives them with a face of embarrassment. It’s really time she accepted that she’s a girl in mind and manner.

We dressed up in our best clothes. Alice, of course, has to wear a pretty dress; short and feminine. I wore trousers with heels. I like to do that at times. It shows Alice who’s in charge as she is not allowed to wear trousers indoors.

We tend to cook special meals together as it’s more fun. Alice still has to serve and clear up and curtsy of course.


So a few hours later there was a second feminised Valentine’s night going on. I’m sure there were more over the world but I don’t know about those. This was Cathy’s evening, my email domme friend from over the Atlantic.

Cathy had her lovely new sheath dress and sweater hanging up to show her husband what she would be wearing in the evening for their vanilla Valentine’s double-date out at a restaurant.

As he looked it over she could not resist simply saying, “Hey it’s just us right? – want to try it for yourself?” And of course he did and she snapped a cute photo of him in it.  But that dress is CATHY’s , no clothes-sharing any more.

So Mike had to go out in his dinner jacket, slacks, and black bow tie, even as Cathy wore the gorgeous dress out with him and their friends.

What a tease for Mike for Valentine’s who is far more accepting of his feminisation that Alice. I imagine him looking longingly at Cathy’s dress all evening. It’s wonderful that they are the same size.  I’d love to share clothes with Alice but she’s too big.

A week later they went  for lunch alone. Cathy had lunch with her husband in his (her) casual work outfit. What a cute pose in skinny jeans, low boots, grey-knit top with lace bodice and matching long grey BoHo sweater on a chilly 55F wintry day.  His/her hair is up in a twist and white-lacy scrunchy (matches the bodice).

Mike thinks his hands are not girly enough, but Cathy and I think they look very average-normal for an almost 60-yr old girl, right? About the same as Alice’s. I think Mike looks lovely although I don’t allow Alice to wear trousers, even female ones. I just know she would slip backwards.

If only all our friends, family, co-workers and neighbours could see our men so thoroughly enjoying being and acting so feminine like we do as their wives. One day I hope everyone can share our delight at having feminised husbands. Next time the Valentine’s nights should be out, with Mike and Alice dressed in pretty party frocks. Yes!




About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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17 Responses to Two Feminised Valentine’s Nights

  1. colly says:

    Dear Lady A

    What an inspiration. Love Cathys style for Mike. Delighted You and Alice are still lovingly progressing as always. Speaking of progression, have you pushed Alices boundaries any further of late and how are her breasts coming along? X x


  2. colly says:

    Dear Lady A

    I tried sending a reply earlier but not sure if it was sent or not. Just wanted to thank You and Cathy for your continued inspiration. Two love filled valentines evenings full to the brim with encouraged feminsation. It keeps me hoping that my own wife may join thr ranks of encouragers!
    Lookingbforward to hearing of Alices progress – have You pushed her boundaries further in 2018 yet? How are her new boobs coming along?
    Hope You and Cathy continue to enjoy following Your dreams and Alice and Mike accept theirs! X x

  3. sillyGirl says:

    What a wonderful Valentines! Feb. 13th (National Chastity Day) marked one year jwe have lived a FLM with me in a chastity device. My wife is just starting to get into being a Keyholder. Her tease and denial is getting good, and we are both enjoying it more. But, for those who are starting… progress is slow. Not being able to touch myself has created all sorts of excitement and desires. I wish we had known about this twenty years ago 🙁

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I know what you mean sillyGirl. I wish I’d got into proper FLR twenty years ago rather than five. Goodness knows where Alice would be in her feminisation if I had.

  4. slave sindee says:

    lovely times

  5. Sally Bend says:

    Wow, Cathy looks fantastic – very demure, very classy. My wife doesn’t care to make a big deal out of Valentines, so I slip in a few romantic gestures in the days leading up to it, so I can still feel like I demonstrated my devotion.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes it is a little fabricated but we enjoy making an event of it

    • Cathy Laura Peterson says:

      A quick reminder from me, Cathy (the wife) that the photo of the pink dress and black sweater are mine, and the next photo is me allowing my husband Mike to try it on before we went out, so that’s not a photo of me in the dress. He got to wear it about 25-30 minutes, then we changed into our traditional husband-wife roles and clothing and had a lovely and romantic Valentine’s dinner out. And Alexa is 100% correct, that it was quite a “tease” for my Mike to sit with me, walk with me, dance with me, and have his hands on me as I enjoyed wearing MY pink dress, knowing he had just been in it and was wishing/thinking all night he could have worn it on our dinner date with the other couple (good friends who know NOTHING of our FLR fun).

      • colly says:

        Must have been a super night. Did You enjoy that night more or the lunch you both went on with Mike in that lovely grey outfit?

        • Cathy Peterson says:

          Colly, I still very much love being a woman, and being married to Mike, always have, always will. This FLR (thanks Alexa, as I did not know it as such till I found you online) has been a complete adventure. I enjoyed giving him a half hour to enjoy wearing my Valentine’s dress, but we have our agreement about his clothes and mine. The real fun was out on our double-date, as he looked great in his jacket and bow-tie, and was such a gentleman all evening with me and the other couple. I said a few fun-playful reminders to him, especially as we danced, about did he still wish he was in my dress. Regarding the other photo of him working from home (office is above our garage in back), we were simply sitting on the patio having lunch, and I liked his casual “look” with skinny jeans and low gray boots, cute top and sweater, hair up in a lacy scrunchy. Seeing him enjoy dressing and acting so feminine and relaxed is such a wonderful aspect of our marriage in FLR mode. He’s so tender, soft spoken, kind, listens well, and I truly enjoy seeing him in gal mode head to toe and underneath his cute outfit. Over these last few years I continue to enjoy either giving him a hug or a few quick rubs/hand scratches across his back when we’re sitting and then feeling the bra band and shoulder straps on his back under his top or dress … very fun!!! and I say to myself “who’d have ever thought we’d be here?”

          • colly says:

            Hi Cathy

            Still a wonderful thing to see you both so relaxed in your for and Mike in “gal mode” as You put it. I think both her outfits looked great but almost prefer Mike in her normal work attire – shows her true self as opposed to trying on Your Valentines special outfit (though I’m sure You must’ve looked a million dollars in it much to Mike’s chagrin!)

            You and Alexa with Alice are an inspiration X x

  6. Cathy Peterson says:

    To all of Alexa’s followers online, a quick reminder that the photo is my husband Mike trying on MY pink dress before we went out. I let him put on all his own underthings and jewelry, hair up in a twist and scrunchie, with MY dress being the only thing that was not his. I’m sometimes a 10 but mostly a 12 (Misses), and he’s generally that same 12 and sometimes a 14, depending on the style. I’m 6’0″ 168lbs and he’s 6’2″ 180lbs. I wear women’s (US) size 10 1/2 or 11, and his gal shoes are all women’s (US) 12. But we agreed a few years back that we don’t share each other’s clothing, but have all our own clothes/styles/fabrics/looks that we each choose for ourself. So it was fun to know he looked great and fit so nicely in MY dress, but had to take it off and see me in it all evening.

  7. Cathy Peterson says:

    Hi Colly- My husband of 25+ years is just great, but since the empty-nest opened up several years ago and I got playful with our no-one-else-in-the-house freedom, he has told me there’s something very freeing in being able to step away from traditional roles and for him to try something completely different that let’s him take a secondary role to me leading, and he says it’s just great to switch into that position, waiting on me to make decisions and direct what we’ll do/where we’ll go. He says it’s become very relaxing and totally normal now to add to that mindset the perfect complement – dressing and acting like a woman . . . something he never got to do/try EVER in any way shape or form until we experimented. And I agree with some of your comment, that while I get very excited to see him all dolled up in cute dresses, skirts and blouses – it’s the everyday “new normal” that has become so fun and very pleasing for me (and him too) – just sharing the house with this kind, subdued, relaxed, patient, very low key “gal” who I see in the bathroom and bedroom each morning in bra, panties, primping in the mirror, and just plain not rushing/taking time/doing a slower pace in blowdrying and flat-ironing her hair, attention to lotion/moisturizer, some make-up, some jewelry, and SO MANy different cute clothes to wear (unlike the boring daily “uniform” he used to wear All the time). And I’m now completely in the mode of seeing “her” wait on me for what we’ll do, plans for the evening, or the weekend coming up. This never used to happen, but now I can come into the kitchen and find my husband in complete “her” (Mary) mode making ME some coffee or toast or eggs, or a sandwich, salad – again taking time, slowing down, attention to detail, un-rushed, and the complete clothing, hair, jewelry, make-up, nails, perfume appearance transformed lets “her” be a completely new and different person. Just the best!!

    • colly says:

      Magic! I cannot thank You and Lady Alexa enough for showing me a side of love and respect i just didn’t dare believe was true. X x

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