A Day in the Life of a Wife Led Marriage

wife led marriage Some of my readers have asked for a post about living in a Wife Led Marriage from my husband Alice’s point of view. So for today I will turn the keyboard over to Alice to recount her own story of what it’s like to live as a submissive feminised housewife in an FLR. 

Here’s Alice’s story from a typical Saturday last weekend.

The Weekend’s here in our FLR

I woke at around 8.15 on Saturday morning. My Mistress Lady Alexa is already awake but she let me sleep. She cuddles into me and takes a tight grip on my clitty. She often likes to hold on to it and grope my pussy area telling me it belongs to her. My nightie, as is usual, has managed to ride up to my waist in the night. It’s a pretty pink nightie and I also have a short white cotton one and a longer white cotton one for winter. Although I occasionally push back against feminisation, I would continue with nighties no matter what as they feel so much nicer than pyjamas. My Mistress tells me it’s time for me to make a cup of tea and to bring it up to her in bed. She works hard during the week so deserves to be waited on.

wife led relationshipI jump out of bed, curtsey and go downstairs in my nightie to make the tea. I return to the bedroom with two mugs of tea, I remember to curtsey again and give Mistress her tea and then get back into bed with my own tea. I rarely forget these days to curtsey following many sore bums which served as stinging reminders.

The day ahead

We haven’t made any real plans for the day, we both had a busy working week. So today will be relatively relaxing although I have some cleaning and tidying to do as I didn’t find time in the week. We decide to go to the cinema and Mistress likes the idea but isn’t too bothered what we watch so allows me to choose. I selected War for Planet of The Apes rather tentatively but she isn’t worried except to say I should be choosing something more feminine. But she let it go.

Many people think that a wife led marriage means the Lady of the House makes all the decisions and the submissive male is little more than a servant. This isn’t true in real life and it wouldn’t be fair on the Lady of the House who would have to think of everything. We’re a married couple and outside of the FLR lifestyle, everything else is the same as a vanilla marriage. My Mistress therefore thinks about my needs too as any spouse would do. My views are usually considered and she uses them to come to her final decision. Since she wasn’t too bothered about what film to see and didn’t feel like thinking about it she allowed me to choose.

A wife led relationship reduces disagreement and argument as I have acquiesced full control to her. I did use the word acquiesce deliberately, the dictionary definition being to accept something reluctantly but without protest. As with my feminisation, I feel some discomfort at being the submissive in the couple but the benefits of our harmonious loving relationship outweigh those concerns. My Mistress says that it’s purely my lifetime of social conditioning kicking in and I need to get over it. I try as I do see her logic.

wife led marriage

The new man’s role in a wife led marriage


The start of a typical wife led marriage Saturday

Mistress always showers first and then I follow her since it’s my job to clean the shower and bathroom afterwards. Mistress generally leaves her nightwear and damp towel on the floor for me to also clear up. After I’ve cleaned up I go downstairs to prepare our breakfast. I put on a bra and my casual red cotton dress. I don’t bother with a wig or breast inserts as we’re going out later so it’s not worth the trouble. (This is Mistress’s instruction since she doesn’t want me taking too long getting ready, or faffing about as she calls it.)

Mistress usually watches the TV news on Saturday mornings and we eat breakfast on the sofa. We only have something light such as toast and coffee. I bring it to her, not forgetting to curtsey and I’m allowed to sit in the sofa with her. It’s a special treat as after breakfast she prefers I sit on the floor at her feet if we take a break or watch something as I’m not permitted on the soft seats. I sometimes discuss this with her as I don’t fully understand the rule but she just says my place is below her, physically and status-wise. She sometimes likes to stroke my head as she’s reading or watching TV so I can see there’s love and affection in what she does. She often likes me to massage her feet so I guess it makes sense to be there for her when she needs it.

I stack the dishwasher after breakfast as Mistress reads the newspaper on her iphone. I wipe down the kitchen and clean the kitchen floor. We have a laminate floor in the living/dining room and I sweep up around the Lady of the House who kindly lifts her feet when I pass to allow me to sweep under them.

wife led marriage

The new man’s role in a wife led marriage


Going out with a male veneer

I buy the tickets to the cinema online and Mistress chooses the early afternoon show as it’s always less busy. Since we’re going out I  change out of my dress and into male over-clothes. I have to wear a bra under my shirt and although it isn’t filled, the shape does show through it a little. I have asked many times that I be allowed to go out without a bra in the summer for this reason but Mistress refuses to allow it.

She insists she’s being kind as she would prefer I wear a dress to go out. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge the social norms. She says that it’s the people in general society who have a problem in not accepting a feminised male like me not her in expecting me to be dressed feminine in a pretty dress in the street. However, she knows it worries me a lot so she doesn’t enforce it, adding “at the moment”. I realise I should be grateful for her understanding but I continue to worry. My Mistress is always annoyed when I change into male clothing to leave the house and it takes a while for her to clam down and relax when we’re out. I’m not sure why it bothers her so much to see me in male wear but she really doesn’t like it.

Her opinion is that I will have to accept it eventually and she has ideas to travel to somewhere more open minded than a North London suburb to start me getting used to wearing dresses and skirts outside with other people around. So far I’ve managed to avoid this but I know it’s a matter of time before she insists. She sometimes writes to another Mistress who has pushed her feminised husband to wear a dress on their holidays and short breaks and she wants me to do the same.


How our FLR works in public places

After the film we go to a coffee bar. Mistress always gives me her order then finds a seat for herself and for me. When I bring the drinks to her I have to curtsey although she’s not a tyrant and allows me to make a small dip with arms at my side rather than the fuller curtsey I perform at home. I’m still uncomfortable but I know she’s being caring and kind in allowing the smaller curtsey. She wants the full curtsey but accepts this just for me. She’s less bothered about this than the fact I am not in a skirt. Although she says nothing today, sometimes she berates me for not being in a pretty skirt when we’re in a restaurant or bar. I can often see it coming in her face, it’s like a dark storm cloud hanging around her. Luckily today it’s sunnier.

wife led marriage

When we’re out she continues to call me Alice or girl. The only concession she makes to this is if we’re with friends (those who don’t know about our FLR) or family when she uses no name at all. We’re not with friends today so when I bring her the drinks and curtsey lightly she thanks me and tells me I’m a ‘good girl‘. Not loud but definitely at normal speaking volume as if it’s a common occurrence, which I guess it is now in our case. I cringe and I scan the room to see if anyone has noticed. I think because she calls me girl so naturally and continues with day to day conversation no one picks it up or thinks they misheard. I’m also expected to call her Mistress outside the home as well which I do.

She also tells me to ‘be a good girl and get her a glass of water’ after a while and again my eyes flit around the cafe. If anyone heard they didn’t say. Thankfully.


Saturday Evening with my Mistress

wife led relationshipOnce back at home I shoot upstairs to change into my new flowery summer skirt and white top as soon as we get in. I know only too well that’s what she expects. Sometimes I dally if there is shopping to put away for example. This is always met with a thunderous face and folded arms and I’ll be told to change into a skirt or dress in no uncertain terms. Today I remember. I have tried to prevaricate and still do but no matter what needs doing, putting on a skirt or dress is the first thing I must do as soon as I enter the house.

Mistress bought this skirt for me a couple of weeks ago. She did her usual thing of holding it up to me in the shop to see what it looked like. Again no one has ever said anything. I think it’s because she’s giggling with delight when she does it and they think she’s playing about. She’s not.

Since we’re staying in tonight I’m expected to put in the breast inserts, put my wig on, wear shoes with heels and put on make up with eye shadow and lipstick. I also put on hold-up stockings as with a short summer skirt on as it can can a little chilly at the moment in the late afternoon/evenings. I sometimes ask her why she likes me to wear false breasts as I’m not a real girl and they are fake. She points out that she’d really like me to have breast implants so I should be grateful she hasn’t pushed this option yet as she knows I wouldn’t want the operation. This reply begs even more questions but I know not to push it.

Mistress had a little work she wanted to get on with, She went up to her study. While she did this I got on with some ironing then relaxed with the newspaper.

Mistress joined me later and asked why I was sitting on the sofa. I told her I assumed it was OK as she was doing something else upstairs. She explained that I’m not permitted on the chairs after breakfast and that she’s disappointed. I knew I shouldn’t but I often push the boundaries and play innocent. It works if she’s distracted but she wasn’t.

Many of her rules have become second nature but this one has refused to sink in for some reason. I’m told to go and get the wooden spoon. Then I’m told to lift my skirt and and bend over. She doesn’t allow me to wear knickers any more unless they are crotchless so my bottom was already bare. She spanked me five times on each buttock and when I complained it was too hard she did two more.

wife led marriage

She then sat on the sofa and told me to continue reading sitting on the floor at her feet. I had to remove her shoes to massage her feet. Later on the told me to prepare dinner and I left her in the living room while I peeled potatoes, chopped the veg and prepared some fish, which she loves.


Dinner with My Mistress

wife led marriageWe always eat at the dining room table as Mistress likes to be quite formal. She often likes to dresses smart while I’m preparing dinner. As it’s Saturday she made the effort and here’s a rare photo of Lady Alexa from last night. She doesn’t like to put her photo on the blog as a rule and I had to blank her face out for obvious reasons.

I laid the table and served the dinner. Mistress has often considered making me eat my dinner on the floor but found it wasn’t convenient for her as she had to lean down to talk to me. So I get to sit at the dining room table.

After dinner I get up and curtsey, asking her if she enjoyed her dinner. I clear away the plates, stack the dishwasher and clean the kitchen while Mistress relaxes.

wife led marriage

The weekend clitty inspection

After clearing up we retire to the living room again. She ordered me to remove my skirt and top for the rest of the evening and she wanted to inspect me. Saturday at some time is usually inspection day as she doesn’t get time during the week and may be tired after getting home or she may be late after an evening out. The reason she inspects my clitty and pussy area is primarily to ensure they are correctly and neatly shaved. She was embarrassed once when a Mistress friend of hers complained that my pubic triangle was untidy.

She inspected it and I passed but I am not permitted to cover it again for the evening, remaining only in wig, stockings, heels and my filled bra.

Eventually we retire to bed and I’ll finish the story there but needless to say we were both very excited by another day living in our wife led marriage.

A wife led marriage is not a game, it’s real life

Some people might think our wife led marriage is strange. My Mistress is in complete control and I have to look and act like a pretty feminine housewife. I didn’t look for an FLR and I didn’t look to be feminised. She is fully aware that without her constant vigilance, I would probably slip back into many male ways as it’s easier. That said there are many aspects of a feminised FLR lifestyle I now prefer to my old life.

It’s easy, comfortable and loving as long as I follow her rules so it’s worth the effort. Her rules are very simple as there are only really two and everything else flows from them.

1, Mistress is in charge. 2, I have to be a girl.

I like a comfortable quiet life and being feminised can be very pleasant. The feel of a soft cotton skirt against smooth legs beats rough trousers on hairy legs any day. That said I would like to sometimes be allowed to be fully male again and just have times when we play that I’m a girl. However, my Mistress says I have to move on and accept the change as it’s not a game it’s real life and there’s no in-between. She says I now need to think and act much more like a girl. I need to leave manhood behind. She says I have improved but there’s still some way to go and the sooner I do this the better it will be for us both. She’s probably right as it works for us. I therefore obey her, it’s easier really.

wife led marriage

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And that really is my husband on the cover. Where did he get those legs? He was destined to be a girl!

feminized husband



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I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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25 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Wife Led Marriage

  1. mrbill says:

    This was a very special view from the perspective of your feminized husband Alice into what it is like to be living in a very special form of female led marriage. It was very interesting to learn what the reaction by Alice to some of Mistress A’s requirements including is, including not quite understanding why, but following anyway.
    A narrative such as this just adds fuel to my developing interest in becoming a feminized husband. I can only wish and dream that my wife had the same interest in making me into her woman, it would not require “force”.

  2. Lady Alexa says:

    Yes I asked her to do it and she got carried away I think. I learnt some things as well reading what she wrote. I was pleased to see that she understands that our relationship is so much better with me in charge. I’m disappointed she doesn’t just relax and accept her future is as a girl permanently. Once I make a change and increase her feminisation she enjoy it but it can be a fight to get her there

  3. whyguys says:

    Mz Alexa…. it is so precious that Your male girl Alice still harbors pockets of residual maleness and that You so charmingly inform her that there is more to come.

    quote: ” I have to wear a bra under my shirt and although it isn’t filled, the shape does show through it a little. I have asked many times that I be allowed to go out without a bra in the summer for this reason but Mistress refuses to allow it.
    She insists she’s being kind as she would prefer I wear a dress to go out. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge the social norms. She says that it’s the people in general society who have a problem in not accepting a feminised male like me not her in expecting me to be dressed feminine in a pretty dress in the street. However, she knows it worries me a lot so she doesn’t enforce it, adding “at the moment”. I realise I should be grateful for her understanding but I continue to worry.”

    Stay the Course… Captain of Alice’s Feminine Fate! You are amazing!

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I’ll stay the course and wear Alice down and she knows it. She’s someone who doesn’t always go with change quickly and I don’t want to hurt her feelings so we go little by little.

      • whyguys says:

        How very send precious and sensitive! Of course You won’t hurt her feelings… being aware of how delicate as the frailer sex male girls are finally admitting to being.

        This in itself shall be a very important fact in Females assuming power permanently.

  4. colly says:

    Mistress what a glorious display of loyaly and love all throughout Alices journal. Both from Alice to You for shaping her (which does look like a growing acceptance that its the right thing for her) and from You for keeping Alice honest in her efforts. I can honestly say it’s a position i can still dream of emulating but for now it is magical that You allow us to witness Alice’s growth in such detail. That it is real and not a game is the clincher for me as to do this then real is the only way to go.

    Btw surely Alice is coming round to having her ears done by now too – and are You serious about boobs for Alice?

    Thank You again for being a true inspiration to inbetweenies like me x x

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Colly. Yes she’s coming round to things and finding herself more comfortable. My point on real not a game is that this is what Alice really wanted, a femdom feminisation game a couple of nights then back to ‘normal’ for the rest of the week. I also witness this as some of the events I attend, it’s a game for many of the males. Well it’s real feminisation and FLR or nothing at all. I don’t do games.As for the earrings, no Alice isn’t coming round but I think I need to push on with this. As for the boobs, that would be an ideal scenario for me but it’s on the back burner as I know that would be tricky.

  5. colly says:

    I understand re the game element for some of the males. Its very tempting to tale part a little and then “go back”. But surely thats not fair on the female in question as all she is then is acting out a part in a game at the control really of the male. Its got to be all or nothing i agree.

    I have to say though that when I’ve read your stories about the femdom nights with other owners and their girls i don’t know whether to be delighted or terrified that there are such genuine people out there after all. I read the stories and said “thats a different world to me” .. but after a while i began to thunk maybe not – with the right genuine loving person then maybe…. alice is truly blessed in that x

    You may have mentioned this before buy even though you “started late” with Alice. Did you always know you wanted to have feminised men in your life? X

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Yes that’s my point just playing at femdom means the male’s in charge and the woman is just playing out his fantasy. I’ve seen it too often. As for real life flr and forced fem. it only works with trust in your partner and love. As for feminised men in my life it only developed with Alice. My bossiness was always there as was my impatience with not getting my way. It was this I wanted and in playing with Alice I discovered forced fem as an effective way to make him submissive plus it was exciting. Not sure if that was seeing him feminised or my power to be able to do it. Probably both

      • colly says:

        Well you are both blessed in that respect. But thank you both for showing me a world that could exist for me. It will never happen i think but at least i know for once where I’d like to be x

          • colly says:

            I know I shouldn’t be negative. I just know i have the desire to get there but i also know i need the guidance of a woman as I’m not strong enough to get there on my own. It’s a void that needs filling. But i already have a happy wife/happy life so i think that ship has sailed for me unfortunately.

            I appreciate that with FLR my needs are unimportant anyway so as long as she is happy then my feminisation is not on the radar. Little does she know however that if we went down a route such as You and Alice, there would be an even better side of me for her to use ( in my male mode I’m the real pub/sport/lads type – screaming for summer dresses and serving my betters).

          • Lady Alexa says:

            And that’s my point, show her what she gains from it.

  6. colly says:

    Fair point! But how do i join up the two without being one of those whos controlling the game and the superior female is actually being played?? The $64M question!! Lol lol

    • colly says:

      I’m very sorry to be seeming to be asking advice from You who are clearly my superior. I have no right to ask anything and I know that. I only meant at the outset to say that you girls are an inspiration to me. Happy to leave it at that and not get into “citizens advice” territory lol.

      As for my situation as they say “if its meant for me then it won’t pass me”

      Thanks again for sharing Alices journey x

  7. Corsetjane says:

    Lady Alexa…thank you so much for letting Alice have her little moment. i have always related to Alice and its so nice to read her account of this wonderful relationship that you both have. Reading of her acceptance and realisation that there will always be another turn of the screw given time, makes me realise how real this all is…Alice is so lucky to be your gurl. As ever, i look forward to reading more of your exploits..and may i say, the photos are lovely…
    jane 🙂

    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Jane. Yes I had a problem with my old camera so didn’t take any photos for a while. I don’t like to use iPhones and the like as they tend to get connected with Facebook and stuff and we don’t want to frighten the family. I finally got another so there will be some more Alice photos and maybe one or two of me although a normal looking woman in normal dresses doesn’t really have the impact of a male in a mini skirt ?

  8. Stacey Anne Smith says:

    Lady Alexa, I enjoyed reading about what “Alice” does on a Saturday from her point of view. She really doesn’t know what a lucky girl she really is to have a women who not only allows her to be feminine at home but is trying to get her to become a completely feminine woman in every aspect of her daily life. My spouse on the other hand dislikes me displaying my femininity so I have to sneak around so to speak in order to femulate which makes me nervous and even though I smoke occasionally which I do to femulate my mother because she enjoyed it and smoked everyday then I end up smoking more. I would femulate and smoke everyday if she would let me. My point is that Alice should bow down and worship you everyday and do whatever you say. Yours Sincerely, Ms. Stacey Anne Smith.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I think the verb ‘allow’ is slightly wishful thinking as Alice doesn’t look to be permanently feminised just to play often. She prefers skirts but wouldn’t if I was lax, wear them all the time at home. So what I don’t do is to allow her to wear anything other than a skirt or dress. Allow would be to permit her to wear male clothing at times at home.

  9. Thomas says:

    You are nice, Lady Alexa.

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