The Feminizing Your Husband Bucket List

feminizing your husbandWhen you’re feminizing your husband, a documented routemap can be useful. A kind of forced-feminization bucket list. I never thought of this but it could be very useful. It helps to consider the goals and the implications for both of you.

My FLR email friend Cathy has her own check list which she discusses and acts on with her feminized husband Mary. Here’s her list:

Cathy has graded her list from EASY to ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS? which is useful to consider the implications of feminising your man and for your target male to consider the implications. I’m going to adapt her list for my own use although I’m someway down on many aspects.

For Cathy and her feminised husband Mary things started with simple things like hair and make-up. For me and Alice we went straight into female clothing and then hair and make-up later.  But we’re all different and the end result and what works for a couple is the most important point.

This has been Cathy’s progression for helping her husband into Becoming Mary (sounds like a book title).

feminizing your husband


FLR and Male feminisation bucket list


> Grow out my husband’s own hair and then for him wear it in feminine styles.

> Wear nail polish on fingers and toes.

> Complete make-up and jewellery.

> Shave his legs and keep them silky smooth every day.

> Wear bra and panties, slips, camisoles, stockings every day.

> Work and live at home all day entirely dressed as a woman



> Natural feminine-looking breasts.

>Go out in public as a woman and pass.

> Show his own cleavage and jiggle in a push-up bra.

> Colour, cut, & style appointment at a hair salon.

> Vintage 1960s foundations lingerie.

> Do the housework in a maids service uniform.

> Wear sexy bras, panties, corsets, garters and stockings, and other silky lingerie when we’re intimate.



> Put a tampon inside him.

> Use a maxi-pad in tight panties all day.



> Do a bra fitting/sizing at a department store.

> Go to a bridal boutique and try on wedding gowns with Cathy acting like my maid-of-honour, or sister, or best-friend.

> Go together to an employment agency looking for office-secretary job openings.

> Go to an elegant New Year’s party as two women?  Dance with men if they asked us to.

> Go to a day-spa have a female masseuse do a 90-minute Swedish massage. Be silky smooth shaved, nails polished, and obvious bra strap indentations in skin on shoulders and deep bra band and strap indents across back. Show cute pink lace panties edges on his hips when she does his legs.

> Schedule a formal psych-counseling appointment presenting Mary as a transitioning TG woman?

> Volunteer together at the church’s Christmas craft-fair as two girls at one of the food tables, or front desk admission, or assist with another girl’s craft booth.


> Get  breasts to where he can lactate.

> Wear maternity bras and use a manual maternity breast pump.

> Wear/use an electric double breast pump?

> Appointment with a lactation consulting-nurse?

> Wear pink lacy dildo panties and pleasure Cathy

> Cathy to wear them to pleasure me?

I’m sure I have some others for  my own Alice feminisation bucket list and some we wouldn’t need. For example I’d like pierced ears for my feminisation bucket list for Alice, probably under NOW WE’RE GETTING DARING. Whatever suits each FLR couple.

It would be interesting to hear from others as to what you’d add to the list and the degree of difficulty into which you think they would fit. Might help me.


About Lady Alexa

I'm an author and blogger of female domination, forced feminisation and erotica. I live in London with my feminised husband Alice in a Female Led Relationship.
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21 Responses to The Feminizing Your Husband Bucket List

  1. Cathy Peterson says:

    It’s fun to see this posted, Alexa. For your readers/followers, this list has almost always started with my husband asking the question: “I wonder what it would be like to ….?” and his curiosity started with our original in-home spa day when make-up, hot oil hair treatment, facial masque, nail polish, shaved legs, a little make-up, flat-ironed hair, wearing my clothes were at that time ALL so daring for our 1st times. I laugh to think of them now as all fairly not daring and pretty basic starts. Over the years he has asked about almost everything I do or have done as a woman over my 50+ years, from tampons and pads, to 1960s/1970s vintage lingerie, to breasts and breast pumps and nursing bras, and all kinds of ‘daring’ excursions our in public (with me along of course to make sure he’s not solo under the spotlight and has got a gal-friend along – me). I 100% agree with Alexa, that each couple will find their own “basic” starts, different things to try, and their own “very daring” over time. I never push or press for more, but let it come from him in due time, then assure him “hey it’s just us right?” and we try it out together.

    • Lady Alexa says:

      I love the idea of my Alice with a 1960s big female hairstyle. Although I prefer her in normal female wear I do enjoy her in something VERY feminine. Pink hair ribbon, pink nail varnish that type of thing. I’m not sure why but I enjoy the little touch of extreme femininity on a male.

    • Allana says:

      Oh my are you sure about this…..
      This is the section where I would like to truly experience with the help of my Mistress, the arrival of the ultimate part of being female…..oh how I envy your husbands having to conform to your bucket lists….

  2. sindee says:

    very cool idea

  3. Cynthia Wilson says:

    I don’t have a bucket list. For now I am trying to coax, cajole and convince my hubbette (my pet name for my feminized ex hubby), to have a boob job thru surgery. I don’t believe in using force or compulsion. Although she is almost always obedient and compliant to my desires, she is still hesitant about surgery. I am making progress because now we discuss her tit size rather than whether she should go for enlargement. I am inclined to acquiesce her plea for a moderate 32 inch bust. However I do intend to instruct the surgeon, who I know very well, to give her extra long nipples. I want her nipples to proudly poke out even while she wears her bra. Sometimes I intend to maker go bra less and watch her squirm in embarrassment as her breasts jiggle while she walks.
    Hubbette had quickly got accustomed to panties but often bulked at donning a bra in public. Post surgery I expect her to beg me allow her to wear her bra all the time.
    In my opinion feminization is more fun when hubbette turns crimson with shame and embarrassment. I do enjoy her blush and the weak smile when I out her in public. It may be something verbal like calling out her name or pinching her bottom,to which she reacts with a feminine squeal (she is trained to only use her high pitch female voice now); make her courtsy to me in public, or even whisper to do a small cat walk swaying her hips .


    • Lady Alexa says:

      Hello Cynthia do let us know what happens with the surgery. I do love to see males with tits

    • Natasha Belle says:

      I was led down this path by my ex-partner but am now going it alone, scary but she got me so hooked I must do more.
      Regarding Hubbette’s boobs after surgery if you’re not happy with the size get him on hormones. That will increase boob size and make the nipples much more sensitive. Then he will certainly want to wear a bra.

  4. Thomas says:

    Could Mike/Mary really lactate? That would be interesting – he could offer his/her milk then for laboratory analysis to see whether its quality would be suitable to feed a baby. Perhaps lots of couples, many men would choose growing male tits if they knew this means a reaal possiblity to feed babies. This way many men could enrich their gender with this possiblity and many young couples of the future could share this feminine basic feature. (I prefer to use “gender enrichement” to “emasculation” or “transitioning” because I think that feminization does not simply deprives men of masculinity or turn them into real biological women just give some plus valuable feminine possibilities to them.)

    • Cathy (and Mike) Peterson says:

      Hello Thomas, Mike’s combination of very low T (with chronic ED) and elevated levels of estrogen were discussed with his physical at last November’s annual physical. Dr. K. said it’s a combination effect of his age (59) and normal male body changes, with a strong added effect of years of Fenugreek capsules plus the daily progesterone skin massage. Along with daily use of a maternity breast pump provided enough stimulation of the alveoli, mammary glands, and ducts to produce some modest lactation. Mike did drop off at the clinic’s diagnostics lab about 2oz of the cloudy liquid he expressed in a typical pumping session and it was confirmed as “breast milk with very typical levels of protein, fat, enzymes, sodium, potassium, and immunoglobulins”. It was awkward and bit embarrassing for him to have the complete conversation with his Dr. about “WHY” he’s doing the pumping, but suffice it to say, the Dr. is quite progressive in his politics and bedside manner, and simply said Mike could probably continue to produce if he stays on Fenu and progesterone and keeps pumping on a daily basis, as the nipple/aureola get into a routine of regular stimulation.

    • rene says:

      This recent article in the New York Times shows that male lactation is possible:

      The comments on the article suggest that many are not ready for males to breastfeed.

  5. Thomas says:

    Wow! :-O
    I don’t think I will make this thing ever but I envy him a bit 🙂 This is tantalizingly interesting to me. You are kind of explorers – not of the jungle or deserts but of gender and biology (and even of psychology and culture, I think). So is Lady Alexa with her Alice – with Alice’s nice legs and planned hour-glass figure.

    So his milk would probably be suitable for a baby. And he could produce more. Then it would be interesting to find a baby whose mother needs this and does not mind the origin. Perhaps a simple and easy-going woman or a curious, intellectual and daring one. But perhaps it would be too hard to find such one. Anyway, this sounds an exciting experience to me even with his milk production this far.

  6. Cathy Laura Peterson says:

    Hello Alexa, Quick check in with you that maybe my last few emails did not make it to your INBOX (maybe spam/junk box?), so I thought I would try here in the Reply section of the Blog Posts. I do hope you find my recent emails, if not, email me and I will re-send them. Thanks my dear, -Cathy

  7. Cathy says:

    I will look into that ASAP, so sorry for that.

  8. Natasha Belle says:

    Thank You for the reply Ma’am. I shall certainly be reading through all the posts. This looks a most interesting place.

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